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  1. On which platform did you play? Did you decide to play morally or as a dishonourable character in the game? Why? Did you accomplish any missions or stories? Tell me what you achieved in Skyrim and what your planning to, please.
  2. Whats the degrees of the atmosphere around you? 30, 40? How's your day been going? Did you get up to much?
  3. Thanks for the advice. Seems obvious, though I never thought of that! I'll have to attempt this as it's the start of summer here in England! What else has worked with you?
  4. Are you sure your Samsung TV is 75 inches - that's 190 centimetres! What do you favour most: 4K or 3D for gaming? Why?
  5. I was crazy about Minecraft when I was a child. Don't even ask me how much of my time was devoted. I've lost count of how many hours I have played on Minecraft. This particular computer game has some fantastic gaming memories and was fun short term but personally ir soon became boring to play after a couple of months.
  6. It's happening with all Disks on my console, unfortunately I don't have a spair to try this on. How would I go about fixing the Laser and having this technical issue diagnosed? What retailer would you suggest for repairs?
  7. No. What happens if my Internet crashed for more than 12 hours or let's say I have a slow connection due to my Broadband package? A digital console wouldn't work out so well as there would be no ability to play offline. My personal preference is Physical Copies of computer games anyway, so I'd rather have a normal console as then I can have the best of both.
  8. Sorry about double posting. Although, I can't stop celebrating. I have just achieved 3,000 points so I believe I'm now the richest user of VGR forums!
  9. Which would have to be your favourite version? One or Two? Why? If you enjoy running video games, you may like playing Run 2 on a website known as Cool Maths. It's a browser flash amusement.
  10. I understand. Would opening a gaming store be something you'd be interested in doing though? Opening a business seems scary and daunting at first. However, if you break down each challenging factor you face in launching a new company, the undertaking issue will suddenly appear not be as big if you choose focus on one problem at a time.
  11. Enjoy the match? Did you win Battle Royale or alternatively, did you come in The Top 10? I've heard of PUBG but never got round to playing it. Would you recommend the game to me?
  12. Where do you store all of those games? Even if they are Digital Copies, where do you find the memory to keep them all? That's one big collection of computer games you've got there.
  13. 4G of data is already included in my Phone Bundle Package. 4,000MB is more than enough for the mobile games I play. Most of the time when I travel around, there are three WiFi hotpots which I hook up to so running out of 4G isn't a worry for me.
  14. Sounds an amazing offer and definitely better than my Pay as You Go with Tesco. I'm interested to find out more about this. How long is the contract for? I'm guessing you don't get a phone as part of the deal.
  15. Good evening everyone from the UK. How's everyones day been? Today, it has been gorgeous weather in the south of England.
  16. 750 forum posts. Just 250 more and I'll be at 1,000. Three quarters of the way there.
  17. I recently watched this film on Netflix. Pixels is a movie released in 2005. Aliens invade earth using Pacman and other characters from well known Arcade Games. Who else has seen Pixels? If not, what do you think of the trailer? Is this something that your now interested in watching? https://youtu.be/XAHprLW48no
  18. No. None of the video games I've ever played have been easy to beat. Each amusement has its own challenges to overcome and accomplish.
  19. Voted. Everybody that has been nominated deserves winning but unfortunately there can only be one. Good luck to @UleTheVee @kingpotato @The Blackangel @LadyDay and @StaceyPowers
  20. A great community for Gamers. I can't complain or give you any criticism regarding your forum. There has been some interesting discussions and you don't see this on every gaming forum. We as a community feel like a real family, weirdly. This is what makes VGR forums unique and individual
  21. Okay, cool. What video game are you mainly planning on streaming to your viewers? What's your Twitch channel called? I'm thinking about watching your live content so I may come along and support your stream.
  22. Let's talk about the video game, Minecraft today. Share below some of your best creative designs you did from scratch. How long did the structure take you to build?
  23. No, not yet fortunately. I will always research a computer game before I buy, reading reviews and watching gameplay is the best way forward to see if I would be interested before you purchase. Luckily, every single amusement that I own, I absolutely love playing. Some great entertainment and fun!
  24. Yes, it is normal for a few streamers to own larger audiences than other content creators. I was a Streamer, myself on Twitch TV although I ended giving up because of a lack of live viewers. I'm planning on revamping my channel but before I do, I need to plan on how I'm successfully going to grow.
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