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  1. With Annie Palmer roaming around, it's freaky as hell. Especially with her being buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on the estate grounds of what was formerly her plantation. Yeah, there's that tomb near the house, but that's for tourists that don't know anything about Rose Hall. I would love to come back to Jamaica and go on another tour. If I'm lucky, we'll see the wicked bitch somewhere and I can tell her to eat shit if she gets on my nerves bad enough. This kind of thing is why @Rain Dew and I are paranormal investigators. We love the paranormal and anything that simply can't be explained. Cryptids are also a passion with our paranormal beliefs. There's just too much out there in this world that has no rational explanation except for being a cryptid or paranormal.

    I'm looking for The Rake, and I'm gonna nail his ass!
    Creepypasta, I know, but it's still fun to say!

  2. Easy choice. Neither.

    But if I'm being forced to choose it's another easy answer. The deep sea. There's so much down there to see that it's just amazing. I could also do things such as visit the wreckage of the Titanic. I've seen relics and pieces of the ship, but to actually visit the ship in 80% of its entirety would just be awesome. Then going by the debris field between the two pieces of the ship would leave me speechless. If I had millions of dollars, I would commission a scale model of the ship. But to afford that, I would have to be at a point in wealth where I'm wiping my ass with $100 bills.

  3. Is anyone else into the paranormal? I love the whole subject, especially stories from other cultures. Some of my favorites are Spedlins Tower, the big grey man of Ben Macdhui, the moving coffins of Barbados, Okiku's Well, the duppies of Jamaica, La Llorona, and Monte Cristo just to name a few. There's thousands more from all over the world. The most infamous here in the states is easily the White House. But there's also other places like Hell House in New Orleans Louisiana and the Winchester house. Then there's objects like Annabelle and Robert, the Hope Diamond, and several works of art like The Anguished Man, The Crying Boy, and The Hands Resist Him paintings.

    There's dozens of other paranormal/haunted/daemonic places and objects that I haven't mentioned that I'm a fan of. But I want to hear what everyone else has to say.

    @Shagger and @Crazycrab
    Have you guys ever checked out either of the ones I mentioned? I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

  4. On 4/18/2024 at 9:53 PM, killamch89 said:

    although an avalanche can also occur during ice climbing but you have a better chance of surviving that.

    People rarely survive an avalanche. The force of the snow hitting them isn't much different that a wall of concrete hitting them. If they're not immediately killed by that, they usually tend to suffocate under the snow.

  5. After considering a few things, I would go for the ice climbing. My body is intolerant of heat and if the temp gets much above 65° to 70° I pass out. It's not until I can get taken somewhere that is colder than I come back around. So while volcano surfing sounds like a blast, I would just prefer being conscious while having that kind of thrill.

  6. Either way, here's hoping the answer is a flat out NO. The Switch is not an appropriate platform for AAA titles. It simply takes away so much from the game due to it's size. Sure you can port it to play on a TV, but that still doesn't do them justice. Keep AAA games on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

  7. The worst I've seen was Hayden Christiansen as Anakin Skywalker. He destroyed the role and just made me sick.

    On 3/30/2024 at 6:46 PM, Shagger said:

    Take M. Night Shyamalan, he can take a great actor like Mark Wahlberg and make him look like a complete plank.

    M. Night Shymalan is the worst director in cinema history. It doesn't matter who the actors are, his movies are career enders. The only movie he ever did that was even half decent was The Sixth Sense. Everything else is in the toilet with Adolf trump's integrity.

  8. I know it was a prequel. But I still didn't like how it ended. It ended up causing an emotional connection to the characters (especially Arthur) that I have never felt before. I found a family that I ever had. And losing someone in that manner broke my heart. I didn't cry when my grandmother died, but I bawled my eyes out when Arthur died.

  9. If it's a whole new console in the Xbox line, I think a handheld would be a good idea. Sony and obviously Nintendo have hit the handheld market. Nintendo did it 30+ years ago. Sony had mild success with the PSP and PSVita. Sega had it's handheld consoles, those being the Game Gear and Sega Nomad. So pretty much every game console that has hit the market has had some form of run with a handheld, except Xbox. Of the ones that saw some form of success and became a major contender in the console market anyway. So I'm all for an Xbox handheld. If it's not, and is a home console, then I think it's just too goddamn soon to be worrying about a new console. Give the X/S some time to be enjoyed before forcing people to "upgrade" their consoles.

  10. I must admit, I was surprised to see South Park make this list. The rest I understand, especially Hatred. I play Hatred a lot, and know firsthand how violent it is and why it would be a controversy. One game that I honestly expected to be on that list is Kill The Faggot. I was waiting for that one to come up, but there was no mention of it that I could see. Some of these games should never have been made, or even considered being made. Fuck free speech, and fuck your candyass snowflake feelings. Take your head out of your ass, grow a goddamn brain, and quit making shit like Kill The Faggot and Super Columbine Massacre.

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