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  1. 2 hours ago, Knight Plug said:

    In general, I don't think there's many "scary" modern horror games, because most of them have too much cheesy action

    If you want an awesome horror game, you should check out Layers Of Fear: Legacy. There's no combat in it, as it focuses more on the psychological terror aspect. If you've ever seen Rose Red, then you'll have an idea what the game is like. It's available on just about all platforms, so you should be able to get it no matter what you prefer to game on. I just went with the Switch trailer because it was the first one to pop up.



  2. One of the biggest causes of the wildfires here is idiots that throw a still burning cigarette or lit match out of the window in their car. I know the cigarette is heat, not flame, but it often sparks things up and the fire is on. The matches definitely spark up a fire. Campfires are also a MAJOR cause of the wildfires. California is devastated every year by some of the most massive wildfires this country sees. Possibly some of the most massive the world would see. Tens of acres are destroyed, and hundreds of people are often evacuated. In the fire their house catches and they lose everything.

  3. 12 hours ago, Bizdustry said:

    I can't eat spicy foods but this is mostly because my tongue feels like it's on fire

    I LOVE spicy foods. I actually eat jalapeño's, habañeros, and dried chili's as candy. Everything I eat has to have something spicy on it.

    If you ain't sweating, you ain't eating!

  4. I would say the most we have spent is around $300. I came across a couple NES games that are pretty rare, and @Rain Dew bought the two of them for me. Aside from that I haven't really spent any exorbitant amounts on any one game that I can remember. Then again, I can't remember where I was or what I was doing 10 minutes ago. It's a long story why my memory is all but non-existent.

  5. I never played PUBG, but there are several that I will never play again. One is an entire series. I will never play DKC again. That is one series that sends me into a blind rage. I'm 41. I don't need my blood pressure going that high. Some others are fan made ROM-hacks. I have 3, all of which are Legend Of Zelda based. I swear by all things holy and unholy, Goddess Of Wisdom was designed specifically to not be beat. I know I've said that 100 times, but it's true. After 5 years of playing it, I had only been able to make it to the third dungeon before I said fuck it. That's how difficult it is. I like a challenge, but that was taking it too damn far. Another one is an entire genre. I won't touch online games. I literally want to throw up at the mere idea. I know a huge portion of the gamers here love online gaming. More power to you, I hope you have a good time. But it's just not for me. I literally feel sick now just talking about it.

    These days, if I'm not on one of my consoles, I'm mostly playing games on my phone or iPad. Games like Sudoku, Word cookies, and a digital "paint by numbers" kind of thing. I enjoy them, and can take them anywhere. I love Sudoku enough that I pay the yearly fee to get rid of ads. I can just sit back and enjoy my game.

  6. Outlast isn't bad. I have Outlast 1 & 2 downloaded on my Switch. They're good games. The problem is that it seems the only reason it's considered a horror game is due to jump scares. At least that's my take on it. But I'm also more into the psychological kind of horror games, so I may be a bit biased.

  7. Is anyone really all that surprised by this? Microsoft is as shady as it gets. They make a lot of asinine moves that literally make no sense whatsoever. This is just another attempt to keep people locked in and paying their obscene rates for their shit. It's part of the reason that I rarely touch my Xbox. @Rain Dew got it for me because there was one game I wanted on it.

    Then later I found the game on Steam so now I play it on my computer.

  8. Typically not so much, unless it's here where I live. We have tornadoes and flash floods quite a bit. Luckily @Rain Dew and I live in a house that's uphill in our neighborhood, so the only flooding we would get was if it was a repeat of '93. In 1995 I watched tornadoes hit a town that was about 10 miles away on the fourth. There were 4 of them that kept coming down and going up. They were F1's and F2's. So they weren't very big or powerful. Enough to screw up trees and break windows. That was about it. I have a video from someone who lived in that town that was outside filming it. Their commentary was somewhat comical, but other than that, it was just another tornado video. Nothing big.

  9. In today’s gaming world, story lines are more important than anything. In the early days, story lines weren’t a big thing. Games were linear, and completely ended with you turned the system iff. Very few held any kind of progress. Yes, games had a goal. But times have changed. Games are bigger, with infinite possibilities and design capabilities. If there was no story, the game would fail instantly.

  10. Also, you have to remember that a lot of times special content is limited only to physical copies of games. For example, there’s a lot of special content in RDR2 that is only available through either the special edition or ultimate edition. It’s the only way to get the code that unlocks it.

  11. The reason I use a GBASP as opposed to the original GB has one main reason. It’s rechargeable as opposed to using batteries. The original GB drained batteries FAST. So, instead of buying batteries all the damn time, I just plug it in and give it time to recharge. 

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