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  1. For me it's pepperoni, occasional hot sausage, and a lot of crushed red chili peppers. I put either salsa, hot sauce, crushed red chili's, or some other kind of spicy element on literally everything I eat with the exception of ice cream. But I do put ice cream in the microwave for roughly 20-30 seconds just to soften it up a bit. I've done that since I was a kid. But back then it was to mix chocolate syrup in vanilla ice cream to try to turn it chocolate.

  2. These days, I've pretty much switched from silver to copper. The reason is amount versus cost. A month ago I bought a 10 pound bar of copper for the same price that 2 troy ounces of silver would cost. Before that I had bought a 5 pound bar for just a little over what one troy ounce of silver costed. Since it's still a semi-precious metal and I can build it up faster, I'm sticking with that for now.

  3. Religion as a whole, is unnecessary. It creates nothing but problems that are almost exclusively born from ignorance and bigotry. One religion hating another for some whackjob reason creates nothing good. Believe whatever the hell you want, but religion is more of a problem than anything. If it was possible to eliminate religion, but keep faith/belief in something other than some meaningless title (Muslim, Jew, Hindu, xtian etc.) then the world would be a much better place.

  4. If I'm listening to music or something by myself, I tend to stick with my Raycons. They have the best sound quality of anything you could buy.

    Now if I'm recording on my computer or in a game (like I'm doing for our channel right now) then I go with a traditional wired headset and mic.

  5. Where do you get the idea that you can't save your mount? You can keep 3 horses in the stables, and have a fourth one out to ride. You also can carry horse reviver in case your horse gets hurt severely so that you can save its life. You can also tame wild horses extremely easily. So I'm missing where you're getting the idea that you can't save your mount.

    The only fights I've ever been bucked off in is with wild animals like cougars and wolves. Never with assholes that want to shoot at me.

    In my opinion, the controls are extremely user friendly. You just need to get used to them. Once you do, they become second nature and you can do it in less than a second without thinking.


    I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just posting one fact, one experience, and one opinion.🙂

  6. This issue has been pissing me off for years. I’m working on Herbalist 9, and trying to get the orchids in the list of plants picked. But there are 2 so far that the game is refusing to let spawn. I don’t know what the hell this bullshit is and I’m starting to lose my shit over it.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the hell is going on?

  7. I've played dozens of snowboarding games, but this one I have never heard of. I watched some videos on it, and it looks like a really good game. I would be willing to pick it up if I was to come across it. The graphics are great for the period. From what I saw the game play seems smooth. All in all it just looks like a lot of fun. I say go for it. If I was still able to get on a snowboard, I would still be competing.

  8. Be extremely careful with this kind of thing. Before you know it you might have lost everything. Playing this kind of thing online often leads to overconfidence, which leads to playing for money, which then leads to having lost everything you owned. Your house, your car, your partner, everything.

    I would recommend staying the hell away from playing it online. Go to Walmart and pick up one of their $10 game discs that contains it, and play against the AI opponents.

  9. On 2/28/2024 at 11:11 AM, HowHammerYou said:

    Definitely the limited-edition PS4 Pro that was made to commemorate the console selling over 500 million units. That shiny, transparent blue shell with bronze logos looks so slick. It looks like a gigantic sapphire. I still dream of adding one to my collection some day.

    I didn't know about this at all, so I had to look it up. DAMN THAT THING IS SLICK! I found several on eBay for a lot less than I was expecting to be honest. I have a lot of bills this month that I have to take care of, or I would pick one up.

  10. I'm not surprised either. Microsoft seems to not really care about employees, but at the same time, buying Blizzard brought in a whole new payroll so I guess in a roundabout way I can understand why they did it. They didn't want to have to pay so many people for shit they were already doing. They just wanted the legal rights to the games that couldn't be challenged of withdrawn. They don't care about much of anything else.

  11. I've loved that movie since it came out and I was a little girl. I had the hugest crush on Suzanne Snyder. She played Debbie Stone in the movie. But it was absolutely hilarious. My parents didn't want to let me watch it, so I stayed up until midnight, and snucked downstairs, and laughed my ass off through the whole movie. It's one of my favorites to this day. Damn it, now I want to watch it.

    Something interesting, is that I met Suzanne Snyder several years ago at Crypticon. She's really sweet. We actually talked for quite a while.

  12. I love pancakes and waffles. For me they have to be swimming in butter. I may as well just inject some fat straight into my ass, but I still love them.

  13. I've printed pictures here at home. I had to take down all the pictures of my baby after she died because it was just too painful to see her and not be able to hold her anymore. The only pictures I have up now are wedding photos from when @Rain Dew and I got married. I have no pet photos up. But we're moving so that may change.

  14. @Rain Dew and I are planning to get a few pets once we get settled in after we move next month. I have to have rats. They're sacred to me, and I have an emotional need for them. We're also planning on a few dogs. She want's a dachshund. I'm getting a Yorkie and a pitbull. All puppies. And finally we're getting a macaw. Not sure what breed yet, but we're fully set up for one. After some time, I'll be looking to bring 2 other pets home. Another hedgie, and another dragon.

    If I could surround myself with millions of animals I would do it. I hold their lives above my own. As long as they're happy and healthy, that's all that matters to me. They eat first, I eat last. They get the clean water, I get the dirty water. They are superior to me.

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