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  1. For me it used to be Fortnite but I soon got bored of it. I recently got access to the Xbox Beta of Realm Royale and I will admit that I am liking that a lot more for a Battle Royale game. It has a completely different feel to it and I am enjoying it a lot more than I think I ever enjoyed Fortnite.

    PUBG has to be my worst Battle Royale mainly because I found it too slow when playing a game.

  2. Tony Hawk and the Skate games were always my favourites but we haven't had any in years and it's so annoying! It's like they all of a sudden decided that they didn't want to do skateboard games anymore or like they decided there was no interest for them anymore. I can confirm there is still a whole lot of interest for them, my boyfriend is always going on about how he would love to see a new Skate game or even a new Tony Hawk game and then we get into a conversation about the older games and how much we loved them.

    Who know's, maybe we will one day get one when we least expect it, we can hope!

  3. Whenever I am gaming it has to be headphones, it can be nothing else. When I am gaming I like to get into the swing of things and feel like I am in the zone, with headphones I can get into that zone with no other sounds and such just the game sound and maybe a little background music if I wish. 

    If I play a game without headphones I always end up missing something and it just annoys me. with headphones I can hear everything from the slightest foot step to the biggest explosion, it's amazing and gives a whole different experience to gaming.

  4. I was never a full on fan of the Fallout games if I am honest with you. I have seen many streamers playing it and as much as it does look like a good game, it's not making me want to jump up and buy it right now. With the reviews and the problems adding onto it right now as well it's really putting me off wanting to bother at all.

    I believe the last game I played was in terms of Fallout was Fallout 3 and that was a long time ago now and I could never get into that game.

  5. On 11/23/2018 at 7:22 AM, Jerlene said:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. I believe the reason UK does not celebrate it is because it's a American holiday. Lol. On that note I spent my Thanksgiving with the Mrs. and our cats. We're going to spend it tomorrow with the rest of the family. 

    It is because it's an American holiday, yes but what I mean is the meaning behind it doesn't justify why only the US celebrates and Canada as well a little earlier. When it comes to things like holidays and celebrations though I guess it's down to the government on what happens and when and knowing the UK government I can honestly see why they wouldn't, they are just spoil sports. I did read that apparently the UK did not have to be thankful for their new land whereas the US did, however, thanksgiving is about what you are thankful for now and everyone all over the world is thankful for something and at the same time.. I guess we are all thankful for our Country otherwise where would we be now? 

  6. I remember when I was younger, I used to hang around with a group of friends who loved skateboarding and got into it myself for a little while. I was no way good at it and ended up on my butt more times than I could count each time I tried, much to the humour of my friends! Since I got older though I have never thought to go back and try skateboarding again. My brother has a skateboard and often practices outside when the weather if nice with his moves and such and seems to enjoy doing it but it's never something I thought to go back to. 

    One move I did try to get right over and over was the olly, never managed it though and was lucky I didn't cause myself any serious issues! 

  7. Today is Thanksgiving for those of you who are in the US! For me, living in the UK I will not be celebrating Thanksgiving as we do not celebrate (never understood why) but I do have friends and my boyfriend also celebrates.

    Are you celebrating Thanksgiving today and if so, what are your plans? Will you be spending it with family?

    I have heard of some people actually spending it alone which I really feel is a shame if I am honest, I would hate to spend it alone especially when so many others are spending it with family.

  8. Yes! I do sometimes get burned out on gaming and have to move my interests over to something else for a while until my interest in gaming comes back and I actually feel like gaming again. This has not happened for a while for me however I remember earlier this year I got so burned out when gaming that I ended up going off and watching movies and TV shows just to take a break away from games for a while. I think now because I look back and remember how burned out I got with gaming, I pace myself more and spend less time gaming and more time doing other things so that I avoid being burned out again, so far it seems to be working so I am hoping that I have a balance.

  9. Most new video games now range in different prices with some of them ending up being around £100 ($130) just for one game because it's a digital deluxe edition or something. I think the most recent two games that came out that I can think of, Battlefield V and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 were ranging anything from about £59.99 - £100 depending on what version you went for. If you went for the most expensive you would end up with early access to the game or with something else extra such as COD points, access to the DLC without paying extra or some other perk that someone who bought the least expensive would get.

    I personally think when games do this though and charge different prices they split the gaming community for that game especially if one person gets all DLC and someone else can not quite afford that DLC.

    Are the prices justified? Definitely not.. all you are paying is for the game files and some extra perks, I am pretty sure a lot of companies over charge just to make that extra buck because they know people will buy it.

  10. The first one that comes to mind for me isn't a game I would say I regret buying because I didn't like it but instead because I really never played it from getting it, despite the fact I was excited to play it and that is Sunset Overdrive. I have had this game now since it came out on Xbox One and I think I played it maybe once or twice after purchase and have never gone back. I still have the game now so I could go back but just  haven't had the time.

    The second one which is definitely a "I wish I never bought this game" regret and that was Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. The game was just awful. I remember one day in November not long after it was released I play it for 2 hours and never went back to it. Unfortunately I got burned as I bought it digitally and not physically which was a huge mistake on my part!

  11. There have been so many awesome games this year and way too many to be able to get them all but I would say my most favourite out of the list would definitely have to be 

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4
    Battlefield V
    Pokemon Let's Go
    Forza Horizon 4

    Monster Hunter World was another I picked up, however, I never played much of it so I do need to get back on that.

  12. I remember when South Park first came out and jeez that seems so long ago now! It was fresh, new and something different that everyone could say "Wow! I love this!" I remember I was the same and used to watch it as much as I could, however, now it really feels like they are over doing it and really running out of ideas. I can not remember the last time I watched an episode of South Park on the TV, I always opt to watch Family Guy instead as I feel that keeps me a little more hooked and interested and even with each new episode and season they have something new to bring.

  13. 1 hour ago, Jerlene said:

    Wow, really? 6 years? I never heard about this show until I started watching Hulu religiously, which was only this year. 

    It's nice to see another show that's sticking around. I hate getting attached to a show then having it get canceled. Happens too often these days.

    I know that feeling only too well! I remember a TV show a friend I have in the US told me about called Lie To Me and I got hooked on that from Season 1 into Season 2 and I believe it was after Season 3 they cancelled it and I was gutted! It wasn't like it was a TV show that wasn't popular either as there was a huge uproar after it was cancelled from people who were confused as to why it was cancelled. I myself thought Chicago Fire wasn't going to be around as long as it has been but the writer definitely seems committed to this and also the other shows linked to Chicago Fire which are Chicago Med and Chicago PD so that is something I am super happy about.

  14. The game is already out now, it was released last Friday I believe but the one game I was excited for and have not been able to jump on yet is Pokemon Let's Go! I have been watching so many streamers play this game and the more I watch them play the more I want it. Unfortunately I probably will not be able to purchase this game this side of Christmas which is a shame but it's definitely something to look forward to in the New Year that is for sure. I guess the only decision I need to make is whether I want Pikachu or Eevee! 

  15. I have played Fortnite, yes. I wouldn't say that I play it as much as I used to but I do still on the odd occasion jump on to play Fortnite when the mood suits. Usually the main reason for me to jump on is to complete my challenges but just recently I haven't even felt like doing that. Many people love this game and can spend hours on it but I find after around 1 hour I have to take a break, it being the same thing over and over I find it doesn't keep me as interested as other games tend to. 

    One thing I have never been able to get the hang of in Fortnite and even now I still struggle is building.. when I build it goes everywhere! 

  16. I have been a fan of Country Music ever since I can remember and it was after a friend I met in the US told me about other Country artists and I started to listen to more artists and my love for Country Music grew stronger. Many people I know think I am crazy because I love Country music and even my boyfriend jokes around about how much I like it, it's never actually put me off listening to it though and I love it just as much.

    Are you a fan of Country music and if so, who is your favourite artist?

    For me I can never pick one artist because I love so many but here is a few that I do enjoy and they are Luke Bryan, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Chris Young, Florida Georgia Line, Carrie Underwood. 

  17. When I was younger, one of my absolute favourite bands was 5ive. I used to have all their albums, my bedroom was covered in their posters all around my walls and I also went to see them twice in concert! Once they split and were no longer making music, Nickelback was a band that I turned to and began to like. So far I have listened to all their albums but I have not been to see them live. I have quite a few friends that have been to see Nickelback live and absolutely loved it so I am eager to one day go and watch them live just to have experienced it.

  18. Touch screen monitors never really interested me if I am honest. I have been using PC's for years and I am so used to the keyboard and mouse method that even if I was to have a touch screen I probably still wouldn't use it so it would be a waste of money for me. 

    I know some people who have touch screens and they got one just to say they had one but again, don't really bother using it and use the keyboard and mouse method so I'm thinking to myself, why? It really was a popular thing for a while and then died out like most things. 

  19. I honestly never knew Night Mode was a thing if I am honest so this is news to me. What exactly does night mode do, I am very curious, does it make the screen less bright for night time? I guess this sounds like an ideal thing for me to use but it seems that the colours do not look the same when you use it which I feel would be what would put me off. 

    I may try it myself as one point to see how well it works out for me and whether or not I prefer that to just normal mode.

    Thanks for this, you do learn something new every day! 😄

  20. I don't buy PC games all that often but when I do I  tend to go to either Humble Bundle or Steam depending on which place has the best deal. With Humble Bundles monthly charge it's an amazing deal and you get a great amount of games for that price saving you a lot of money. Steam is one I will purchase from if there is a game on there that is on offer that I really want.

    I have also been known to get PC games from my local game store as well when they have them on offer but that is not also all that often and usually when they have something on offer, it's not always something I want. 

  21. I definitely don't clean my PC out as much as I should do if I am honest but when I do remember I tend to do it straight away. I used to aim for once every couple of months but I get so busy it's something that slips my mind. With mine being on a shelf under my desk it is crazy how much dust it may collect and would really benefit the clean out.

    The amount of times I have had issues where someone has said to me "have you tried cleaning it out" when I have had an issue with my PC and each time I tell them no and they give me a look is ridiculous. I really should set myself a reminder message for once every few months to let me know, it would help the life of my PC greatly as well. 

  22. Being that I live in the UK, the only streaming service available to me out of the two that you stated is Netflix so I guess that would be my choice. I have just recently cancelled my subscription to Netflix though as I wasn't too happy with a lot of what was coming to the service just recently so I didn't justify paying the monthly price anymore. I understand that there are many laws which prevent them having access to a lot of movies and TV shows that get shown on there but I would love to, especially this time of year love to see more classic Christmas movies such as Home Alone, Elf and such available on the service. 

  23. On 11/16/2018 at 12:14 PM, Jerlene said:

    I always see this on my Hulu suggestions but I've never watched it. Looks and sounds good but there are just way too many shows just like it out there so I rather watch one of those than get into a new one that probably won't last. 

    Chicago Fire has been going now for around 6 years and the writer of the show has said it will go for many more years to come, maybe as far as even 10 more seasons which is just amazing! With a TV show like this there are so many story lines that they can do that it could go on for years and years to come. It's definitely a TV show I would recommend to people to try and give a shot. There are 7 seasons so far for new people it would take a while to get to where they are now in terms of the season so definitely wouldn't be a waste if it was something you enjoyed.

  24. I don't have many sports that I love to watch but I do have a few that I enjoy watching on television. Tennis and Snooker are two sports that I love to watch each year especially when they do the huge main events such as the Snooker World Championships and Wimbledon. These are two events I would love to go and watch in person live but they are so expensive to get tickets for that I never bother to go or attempt to get tickets. 

    One other sport (if you class it as a sport) that I love to watch weekly and have been to see live is Wrestling. Many people don't class that as a sport however with it being on the sports channels where I live and it being something where people are active, I guess it can be classed as a sport to some extent.

  25. All my friends were always huge fans of football and all had football teams they supported but I was always one that never really supported a football team and just kind of went along with it. I remember when I was younger it was always LIverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City that were always the biggest ones that my friends chose to support but whenever I was asked I never had one, much to their shock!

    If I really had to choose a football team to support it would probably be from the Country I am from which is England, so I guess I support England! 

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