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  1. I wouldn't say I have any sports injuries though. I used to play a lot of sports when I was younger from rounders to tennis and even some football, however, I never became injured from playing those sports. Many of my injuries are from the likes of having accidents when stepping and stepping wrong, for example around 5 years ago now I stepped outside to fetch my cat in and stepped wrong and damaged the ligaments in my foot. Safe to say now when I am on my feet for too long or when the weather is really cold I do suffer a lot. 

    It is quite crazy though to know that people do suffer sports injuries from such a young age and that after that injury you will be affected for life. I guess it's how you manage that injury that plays out how well you deal with it when it decides to flare up.

  2. You know, I understand people have a love for History and that is understandable but what I am not understanding is why people don't see what is wrong with dressing up or dressing someone up as something as offensive as Hitler is wrong. Yes, I agree, Hitler was a part of History but he is a part of History that people would like to forget. Come on though.. to dress  your son up who probably is completely unaware of who he is dressed as or what that person did is definitely the lowest you can get.

    Some people really do need to think and also put themselves into other people's shoes before making decisions like that. It really is disgusting!

  3. When I first heard earlier this year that there were a group of people that truly believed the earth was flat my instant reaction was to laugh and think they were crazy! How can the earth be flat? All through growing up, school and even beyond that when you see the earth or a globe somewhere it's round and not flat.

    What are your thoughts on the earth being flat and the flat earthers theory on why they believe it is flat?

  4. I remember reading that article! When I saw it I thought to myself "How on earth can their be 384 genders?" I was under the impression and I was definitely brought up to believe that their were only two genders. I am a firm believer that there are only two genders and nothing more and I understand that people do sometimes change from one gender to another but even so.. that doesn't give them another name, they are either becoming a man or a woman therefore they are either male or female. 

    We sure do live in a crazy world at the moment and I sometimes do wonder what someone will come out with next. 383 genders is definitely the craziest just recently! 

  5. This is something I honestly never really understood if I am honest as to why people do believe in God. Who know's maybe it's that confidence of believing he is there when times are hard that gets them through the troubled times. I am not a believer in God myself so it is hard to pin point exactly why people do believe in him.

    I have in the past come across people who claim they believe in him, go to church and pray before meals but yet are the most cold hearted people you can meet. Maybe they feel it makes everything better because they believe in God. It's a shame really that they feel they can believe in God but can do the complete opposite to what they preach and make people's lives a misery truly believing that because they believe their is a God it doesn't matter. 

  6. 18 hours ago, Katri Marcell said:

    I want to get it sooooo bad! However, I feel like it's not worth getting it without the pokeball accessory and it's pretty expensive at the moment. I'll be grabbing it when it goes down to like 60-70 dollars 😛

    I agree! Many streamers I have watched since the release of this game have said that getting it with the Pokeball is so much more fun than just playing with the normal controllers. It really is a shame that they are charging so much for something like that but at the same time, I guess they are releasing that many will buy it and it's one way to make that extra buck.

    I myself will be saving to purchase this game with the pokeball but I have a funny feeling it will definitely take a while.

  7. So far I have only played multiplayer and a little Blackout since getting the game and I have to say that Hardcore Team Death Match and Hardcore Kill Confirmed are my two favourite modes on multiplayer. I am yet to try zombies but I am being told that there are mixed reviews regarding the Zombies side of Call Of Duty this year with some loving the mode and others not liking as much as previous games and they feel they tried to do too much to it. I will be trying zombies myself at some point but as it stands right now, hardcore team death match and hardcore kill confirmed are my go to.

  8. Over the last day or so I have been watching streams on Mixer of Pokemon Let's Go which is a new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch. The game is a little like Pokemon Go where you have to catch Pokemon and also fight other Pokemon. The more I have watched the streams of other people playing it the more I have wanted to pick up the game myself. One streamer I was watching had the Pokeball controller and I really feel that bring a whole new experience to the game. 

    Have you picked up Pokemon Let's Go yet? If so, how are you finding it? Streamers I have been watching have definitely admitted to it being addictive that is for sure!

  9. One voice actor that always sticks in my mind is one from Black Ops 2. I remember not long after Black Ops 2 was released I was sat doing something on the PC and someone in my household was playing Black Ops 2 and one voice caught my attention, I knew I had heard it in a television show I had been watching but couldn't pin point it at first. Anyway I ended up googling Black Ops 2 voice actors and it was then that I saw the person who's voice I recognized. It was Jason Beghe who plays Hank Voight in Chicago PD. I think because of the lines used in the game that he voiced that is why it always sticks in my mind, they were just great and always had me chuckling and his voice really made the lines work.

  10. Today I was lucky enough to get into the beta of Realm Royale when they made a decision to give out 500 more beta codes for Xbox One. I was actually quite shocked at how easy it was to enter in to just be given the code to redeem after I had completed what they asked of me which was to follow them on Twitter, follow them on Mixer and visit their Facebook page.

    I have not yet tried it but I may do later on as I have been eager to try Realm Royale and see what all the fuss is about but has anyone here tried Realm Royale? How would you find it compares to the likes of PUBG, Fortnite and even Blackout now on Call of Duty Black Ops 4?

  11. I remember there was a game on Facebook that I used to play with a group of friends (the name escapes me now) but it was a game were you built bases and attacked other bases and such and it was a ton of fun. I remember I had been playing for a good few months and one day I logged into my account to check my stuff and play for a little and I was greeted with a "You have been banned" message and a little message below that said "(Name of company) takes cheating very seriously". Let's just say that I am not one for cheating and it was a little later that I found out that they'd had problems with accounts getting hacked and they were cheating. I disputed my case and they were having non of it so I never bothered to go back after that.

  12. Sony skipping E3 2019 is not something I expected to read and is very much a shock. The question to be asked though is, did they do it because they really have nothing to show at E3 or are they going to be waiting a year and have something under their sleeve for 2020? It does make you wonder. I will admit though, this past year Xbox really did kill it at E3 and was definitely a huge winner for 2018 so I guess it would make sense for Sony to pull out and give themselves a year to try and pull back. PS5 launch definitely does seem like a likely reason for skipping 2019, let's just hope they fix their issues with hacking that they are having with the PS4 before they make a move to a new console.

  13. Being that I was brought up when Sega Master System and Super Nintendo were around, manual saving was always something that was drummed into me when I was playing a game so that I didn't lose my progress in the game. With the way gaming as changed it's more and more frustrating to not be able to manually save but instead have to reach a checkpoint for it to save instead and if your game crashes before you get to that checkpoint then I guess, oh well!

    I would love to see manual saving come back and be available in more games, it would be amazing to see if I am honest and would definitely leave me less frustrated when playing games!

  14. Where I live, Black Friday has already started at some places and I will admit that I have already jumped on a few Christmas presents at a bargain price which is always amazing! For a lot of people though, Black Friday doesn't start for another two more weeks I understand (always the day after Thanksgiving) 

    My worry when it comes to Black Friday is having the money to be honest. With Christmas being so close to it and me not being very prepared it's always a hit and miss as to whether I manage to grab a lot of the bargains that catch my eye. Maybe one year I will be a little more organised and Black Friday will be a huge shopping spree for me! I can only hope!

  15. I remember when I was younger growing up, Alex The Kidd was one of the first games I played on Sega Master System. It was a game that was built into the console itself and even though we were also bought a game with the console, I still found myself spending hours up on hours on Alex The Kidd.

    One thing that always sticks in my mind about that game was not just the huge fist Alex The Kidd had when he punched enemies, but it was also the mini games of Rock, Paper and Scissors that always stick in my mind and boy were they difficult to get passed. I ended up getting past those mini games with the help from my cousin who sat and worked out each combination and wrote them down for me. Let's just say I have fond memories of playing Alex The Kidd with my cousin and having a lot of fun doing so.

    Do you remember Alex The Kidd or did you ever play it?

  16. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been out now for just over a month and I have managed to play quite a bit of it in between IRL and having my time to take a break. Most of the maps on BO4 I do enjoy, they are perfect and a lot of them are very much easy on the eyes which I feel is a must when it comes to a video game, however, there is one map that I absolutely can not stand on the game and it's one that I make every attempt to avoid when I can, that map being Ice Breaker. I feel Ice Breaker is a map that is just overly bright and is not very easy on the eyes at all. When I play that map, I can feel myself getting a headache and my eyes straining from how bright the map is. 

    One thing is for sure with Treyarch and Blizzard is when it came to that map, they definitely did not consider how people would react to it.

    What would you say your worst map on Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is?

  17. Chicago Fire has been a TV show I have watched ever since it started back in September 2012. I remember watching something the television (I want to say House M.D) and seeing an advert for Chicago Fire. Being that I always liked watching a TV Drama called London's Burning when I was younger which was about the lives of firefighters in London, seeing a TV show advertised about Fire Fighters in Chicago had me interested straight away.

    I have since watched every episode of Chicago Fire and with each episode I never find myself getting tired or bored of the storylines or the action that comes out of each one.

    Have you ever seen Chicago Fire? 

  18. Adam Sandler is such an amazing actor and never fails to amaze me with the movies he brings out. Granted he doesn't bring out as many movies as he used to anymore but when he does they always keep me hooked. One movie that was out a few years ago now that I must have watched around 5 - 6 times and never get bored of is Pixels. I think because it's a gaming related movie and I can relate to a lot of the games that are shown in the movie is why I love it so much!

    Have you ever seen Pixels and what are your thoughts on it? Is it a movie you have watched more than once?

  19. Mobile gaming may one day become less and less popular but in terms of it dying out completely, I don't think that will ever be the case. Not every gamer is able to be home and play a game and for times when you are out and about and unable to sit at home and play games, you can always play them on the go. I always find playing small puzzle games on my phone when I am travelling takes the boredom away from how long the journey may be. Mobile gaming has grown and developed dramatically over the years and with the way technology is developing and how fast it's developing it will only be a matter of time before we see more and more games that we can play on mobile devices. Mobile gaming definitely seems to be around for the foreseeable future!

  20. I find when playing games on a mobile device of some kind like a mobile phone or a tablet if it's too small I struggle. My daughter has an iPhone SE and she has Fortnite on it and trying to play that on a device that small is definitely not possible for me. 

    I find myself something around 10" is sufficient enough for me to play a game on and be able to play it comfortably. I have a 10" tablet myself that was bought for me last year that is amazing for playing games!

  21. I remember trying the wheel on Mario Kart a few times, safe to say I looked like a rookie when playing if I was using the wheel. A lot of people seem to think using the wheel gives you more accuracy and makes it easier for you to be able to play the game but I found I was the complete opposite. I find playing with the controllers on the Nintendo console I am playing on helps me out a lot more, I definitely hit the sides and fall off the map a whole lot less when I am using the main controls and not a wheel. I guess it depends on how you grew up playing as to which you prefer. 

  22. My favourite Xbox game would have to be Halo 3! I remember back when I first got my Xbox 360 Halo 3 was one of the first games I played on it and I was hooked within minutes of playing it. I used to play so much of Halo 3 with a group of friends and my brother when we ran a clan and it was so much fun! From there I moved to Halo Reach and Halo ODST and also played those games so much. The only Halo games I was never keen on were the Halo Wars games which I found different and just not something that kept my interest as long as Halo 3, Reach or ODST would do. 

    I think all in all after I got Halo 3 I spent around 6 months non stop playing that game and I absolutely loved it! Having the Master Chief Collection means I can go back and play these games again as well which is amazing!

  23. Something I have always hoped for being a huge fan of Xbox but it's never actually happened is one day Xbox bringing out their own handheld. Could you imagine being able to play your Xbox games on the go using a handheld?! How amazing would that be.

    So far, Microsoft only seem to want to stick with console systems at the moment and does not seem to have ventured over to the handheld side of things like many other console companies have done such as Nintendo and Sony.

    What are your thoughts? Would an Xbox Handheld be something you would like to see in the near future and do you feel we stand a chance of seeing one at all? 

  24. When Fortnite was first released it was something new and fresh for me to play and I enjoyed jumping into games and playing for a while, even from the beginning though I could never play for more than about an hour before I had to move to another game and take a break from it. 

    Fortnite has been popular now for around a year and I really feel like slowly people are getting fed up of the same thing over and over. No matter what Battle Royale game you play it really is only drop, find weapons and survive and for something like that I really feel it will only be a matter of time before it get's too much and people move on.

    Fortnite are trying to change things up a bit with different game modes but even then it's only an objective and it's still the same concept, jump, land and find weapons to survive. I say give it a few more months and we may see it die out a lot more. 

  25. Arcade games are so much fun! I remember when I was growing up two of my most favourite arcade games to play were Donkey Kong and PacMan! PacMan was the one game I became super addicted to though and my parents were never fond of me playing on it too long due to how addicted I got to that game. Safe to say though, all the hours spent on PacMan when I was growing up definitely helped me out as I get older. 

    It's a shame they don't make arcade games like they used to anymore, it would be nice to see something new released in the arcade genre. So many awesome memories!

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