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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Rumor: ‘Resident Evil 8’ Title, More Info Leaked   
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    kingpotato reacted to Roboticist in Newcomer that goes by the name 'Roboticist'.   
    Howdy, Roboticist, 22 years old here-- Nice to meet y'all. The quarantine was killing me so I browsed things out of boredom then I happened to come across this website and decided to make an account therefore here I am. Yeah, stay safe and looking forward to be a part of this big, gaming community, I guess. 😅
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    kingpotato got a reaction from StaceyPowers in Has a new game in a series ever made a previous entry obsolete for you?   
    For me it was GTA 5 over all previus GTA games, I do love most of the main GTA games from GTA 3, Vice city , San andreas and GTA 4 and most still hold up today, but GTA 5 is much better in many aspects (except for the music)and its now hard to go back to any of the previus entries if not for nostalgic reasons.
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    kingpotato reacted to skyfire in Batista’s WWE Finisher in Gears 5   
    New tweet from the gears of war account shows the WWE superstar in the game. 
    You can check out the tweet below. 
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in Last Game Played   
    Castlevania SOTN
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    kingpotato reacted to SaucyPastaTho in Last Game Played   
    Modern Warfare because of the free multiplayer weekend, don't have access to the account that has it on the PS4.
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in Games you bought recently   
    The Childs Sight (DDL)
    Thief Simulator (DDL)
    Blasphemous (DDL)
    Revenge Of The Bird King (DDL)
    Aldred Knight(DDL)
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Games you bought recently   
    Fire Pro Wrestling World
    AO Tennis
    Xbox One:
    Team Sonic Racing
    Fast RMX
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in The Last of Us Part 2 Delayed...Again.   
    The only good thing I can see from the delay is right in what he said.
    "The good news is, we're nearly done with development of The Last Of Us Part II. We are in the midst of fixing our final bugs."
    Every game, despite honest efforts of honest developers has bugs when it hits the shelves that they didn't catch before it was released. So this delay can give them time to weed out bugs that they missed and give the initial release a better game. I'm not trying to shit on anyone. No one is perfect. But, in my eyes, more time to develop equals better results on the finished product.
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    kingpotato reacted to Shagger in The Last of Us Part 2 Delayed...Again.   
    Yes, once again the wait for this hugely anticipated game, like it's the only reason I still live and breath kind of anticipated, has been extended, this time indefinitely due to what Naughty Dog are calling "logistical issues".

    Translated, because the world had gone to hell they can't ship physical copies of the game in an effective, timely and predicable matter right now, even though the game itself is actually finished. They could release the game digitally, but they reckon that wouldn't be fair to those who want, and especially pre-ordered, the game on disk. A strange situation that Naughty Dog's characters can handle a shitty situation like this better that they themselves can.
    But still, it's hard to blame them. It was inevitable that stuff like this was going to happen as a result of what's going on in the world. This game will not be the only victim of this, just one of the more high profile ones. Hope they keep trying, within reason, to sort this mess out, so we can have the game soon.
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    kingpotato reacted to StaceyPowers in Has a new game in a series ever made a previous entry obsolete for you?   
    @The Blackangel asked in another thread if those of us who play Skyrim will stop once ES VI comes out.
    This made me curious how common this behaviour is. Has anyone here abandoned all previous entries in a series upon getting the newest game in that series? Like never played Fallout 3 or NV anymore after getting Fallout 4, or never playing Oblivion or Morrowind again upon getting Skyrim?
    I wouldn’t expect this to apply to linear games, but I figure with open world games, maybe some people do have this play style.
    For me, new entries in series don’t make old entries obsolete unless those entries were already very weak to begin with. They just add on to the existing world and give me more content to explore.
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in PS5 might not be fully retro compatible   
    But that's precisely my point. The console IS meant to do only one thing. As such, they are able to concentrate more on the game itself, because that's all the console is crafted to do. Whereas a PC is set up to do hundreds of other things on top of gaming.
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in PS5 might not be fully retro compatible   
    I just realized I had the wrong game in mind. I was thinking Elsweyr, not Elysium.
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    kingpotato reacted to DylanC in Last movie watched?   
    The Platform - 8/10
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    kingpotato reacted to Shagger in After 10 years, NieR is getting finished   
    NieR Automata came out a couple of years ago to huge acclaim from both gamers and critics alike, and very much deservedly so. It's a superb game. It was a sequel to the original NeiR but, at least in terms of story, held pretty much no connection to the first game at all. This was a good thing because the original NieR was the slowest selling consumer good since the DVD launch of Pearl Harbour. There was no point in continuing a story with characters that the gaming community had barely heard of. The game I've posted about is a "remake" of that original game from 2010. 
    As I said in the OP, I did play the original back in the day on the PS3 and it was a good game... well, at least the portions of that had actually been developed. Whether working on this game brought about the collapse of the developer, Cavia, or the collapse of Cavia brought an end to development of the game, who knows. Either way, Square Enix patched up the holes in the parts of the game that hadn't been made with sticky tape and quietly released it with little to no promotion, probably because they were too embarrassed to release this raw Chicken Kiev as a game. I don't know about other remasters, but this one I would not be shocked to find the "remaster" took a long time because before you can remaster a game, you have to at least finish it first.
    The fact NieR Automata was made I found really strange at the time because, why bring this back? It was like someone funding a Hollywood movie for a Chechnyen superhero that nobody has heard of. NeiR was loaded with potential and I'm glad they brought it back with NieR Automata and even more glad that Square Enix are finally going to give the original game the treatment it deserved. Despite the problem this game had, I enjoyed it a lot. I will so be picking this up in the hope they actually make the game should have had a decade ago.
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    kingpotato reacted to SaucyPastaTho in Last Game Played   
    Warzone even though it's BS I love it and would prefer it over other BR games.
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in I'm gonna pop my cherry   
    Yes its actually real xD, you can play it on Alexa echo, but its more like dungeons and dragons version, dont expect the actual game on it
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    kingpotato reacted to DC in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020   
    Please cast your vote in the poll above for this month's Member of the Month. The winner will receive 500 Points which can be used to Bid for Rewards like giftcards, cash, video games, and gaming consoles.
    Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community.
    Voting closes April 5th at 10pm EST.
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    kingpotato reacted to StaceyPowers in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020   
    I think this might be our largest pool of nominees yet. That's awesome!
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in Recommended build for Desktop gaming   
    I still think you should wait, but If you insist a can prepare a build for you on PCPartPicker.  I just need a few bits of information:
    Location:  To get accurate pricing and availability your local currency I need to know roughly where you are.  Send me a PM if you don't want this public. Budget: How much are you willing to spend?  Including essential peripherals like mouse, keyboard and monitor(s) in the budget if you need them.  If budget isn't a concern then let me know about... ...Performance:  You say you "want to be able to run graphics smoothly and have the ram and space needed for speed and being able to have digital copies of games" but this isn't very specific.  If you can give a bit more detail about the resolution and refresh rate of the the monitor(s) that would be helpful.  If you can't I'll match your budget as best I can. NAS Storage:  You say you are willing to buy and run your games from Network Access Storage, but I don't recommend this for gaming since as it can slow up load times and some clients might not be compatible.  If you do decide to go for it how much storage do you need?  You may also want to consider the state of your home network as I defiantly don't recommend doing this through WiFi, at least not for you main gaining rig.  You will also to consider this in your budget and there are alternatives like Steam Link if it is ultimately impractical. Is it JUST for gaming?  Judging by what you have said so far I'd assume yes but if there is anything else you would use it for (work, video editing, streaming ect) let me know. Space:  I'll assume again based on your earlier posted that you do have a space for it but is it limited in any way?  Like the size of your desk and anything else already on it. Astetics:  Do looks matter and if they do describe how.  
    Well I think that covers it.  You can replay or let me know through a PM.
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in I'm gonna pop my cherry   
    You have conclusively proved (at least in part) the proplem with everyone who uses that pathetic hashtag.  They are some of the bias, ignorant and arrogant fanboys on the internet and see their shite everywhere.  The are abusuve, insulting and constantly lie through their teeth about PC and consoles in attempts to prove their absolute nonsense.  Not to mention the "joke" is a parody of a fascist regime responsible for the deaths of millions.
    Before you go off on a tirade calling me "Console Peasant", I game primarily on a custom built water-cooled PC with a 1080ti and a 1440p 144Hz GSnyc monitor and I I've forgotten more about PC technology than most of the posers on that reddit page will ever even know, and I don't even consider myself an expert.
    My apologies everyone especially @The Blackangel.  I don't want your topic to go off the rails but "PCMaster Race" is a trigger for me.
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in I'm gonna pop my cherry   
    Your kidding right?  It's been on consoles since day one!  How could you have possibly not realised that?  There even exist numerous memes and jokes about the sheer number of platforms that the game has been released and re-released on like...
    ...Ok, Is that legit?  I thought it was a joke that Amazon and Bethesda made for E3 on the expense on how many times it's been re-released.
    I hope that does (and it should) work better for you.  From what I've read the Switch version still has the usual minor hic ups that exist in every port like floating NPC's and some audio issues but most of the truly game breaking bugs have been ironed out.
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    kingpotato reacted to skyfire in Last Game Played   
    League of legends, team fight tactics. 
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    kingpotato reacted to DylanC in Last Game Played   
    Zombie Army Trilogy on Switch, Blasphemous and Modern Warfare on PS4.
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    kingpotato reacted to JoyFreak in Last Game Played   
    Pokemon Shield. I love this game, brings back so much nostalgia from the gamebody/ds era.
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