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    kingpotato reacted to Photon Guy in Last Game Played   
    Mass Effect 2 which I've been playing quite a bit today on the X-Box 360. Im taking a break right now but I will go back to it soon.
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Recommend Fighting games   
    It goes for about 20 bucks so you wont be breaking the bank if you got it now and no, not really, although there are some characters that have crappy attacks.
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in I'm gonna pop my cherry   
    You can even play Skyrim on Amazon's Alexa 😆
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    kingpotato got a reaction from StaceyPowers in In what video game location would you most like to eat a picnic?   
    Due to security reasons on any Animal Crossing Game xD and really far way from any Dark Souls location.
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Recommend Fighting games   
    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is pretty fun once you get used to the controls.
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    kingpotato reacted to SaucyPastaTho in Recommend Fighting games   
    My only recommended game would be tekken because that was the only game I ever liked. I played it on the PS2, never played the new one though.
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in Recommended build for Desktop gaming   
    I personally would advise against buying/building a gaming PC right now because next gen consoles are right round the corner.  You don't want to spend $1000 on a PC and then 6 months later a $500 console arrives on the market that out-performs it.  You will get better parts or at least the same parts cheaper if wait a little longer.
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in Power Rangers videogames   
    This is a great video from the Nerd 😆, hopefully someday better a power ranger game will be made.
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    kingpotato reacted to DylanC in Last Game Played   
    COD: Modern Warfare
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    kingpotato reacted to StaceyPowers in Elder Scrolls or Fallout: which do you like the most?   
    So, this could be seen as an apples to oranges question, but to me, Elder Scrolls and Fallout are similar franchises with games that play almost identically in many respects. For those who enjoy both, do you have a preference overall for one series or the other, and if so, which and why?
    For me, it is a pretty tough call, as I really like both. But I think that Fallout appeals to me most by a narrow margin, despite the fact that Elder Scrolls is arguably a prettier world (I mean, it has trees, come on).
    If I were to try and figure out why Fallout seems to have more of a pull on me, I can come up with a few factors:
    -Sense of humor. Skyrim and Oblivion seem to lack a sense of humor in many respects (I can’t speak for Morrowind, haven’t played it). Not entirely, but the black humour that is all over Fallout is appealing to me.
    -Better “dungeons.” One cave in Skyrim is much the same as another for the most part. But the Vaults in Fallout tell stories about their histories that you can follow as you explore, which really adds to the experience to me (despite them being built like mazes). I love how each feels like a mystery you are “solving” as you go.
    -Better companions (in NV at least). The companions in NV all have stories and quests and feel more individual to me.
    -Art design elements. This is totally subjective, but I love retro design, and Fallout is filled with it.
    -More varied quests. I think that the overall variety of quests in Fallout is a bit more broad-ranging than those in the ES games I have played.
    -Cool DLCs. Skyrim has awesome DLCs too, but I just like the way that Fallout’s function as experimental mini-games in some respects.
    -Fallout NV is my overall favorite of these Bethesda-published games. That does tend to sway my overall outlook on Fallout in a positive way.
    What about you? Do you prefer Fallout or Elder Scrolls, or do they rank the same for you?
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in Power Rangers videogames   
    I haven't played them myself but far as I know most fans seem to agree that the SNES game is the best entry.
    Beyond that I have nothing to contribute aside from beating @The Blackangel to the inevitable post of the AVGN episode!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA HA... HA!
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in If you could create a video game what would it be?   
    There have been a number of games based on The Last Airbender and one based on The Legend of Korra (which I have played) and well... they mostly blow.  But there is one unofficial project being made in Dreams on PS4 by a guy called "Elca" and in terms of concept, it's pretty close to what you’re saying!
    I don't have Dreams so I don't know far it's come but looks very promising.
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in If you could create a video game what would it be?   
    Here is a videogame idea for Avatar the last airbender TV show , I have not played any videogame based on this cartoon before so I'm not sure if this has been done before.

    So basically it should be a single player open world game with some rpg elements such as leveling up and learning new techniques, you can follow the main story of the original show and at the same time you can do sidequests based on the TV show as well. The gameplay will be a beat'em game, nothing fancy or complicated just straight up beat'em up.

    You will have your standard health bar and chakra bar for the elemental  techniques, the action buttons will have light attack, Heavy attack, block and varied techniques depending on the character such as cure, traps, etc.

    You can switch and replace new techniques learned (kinda like pokemon) as the more you level up you will learn more powerful techniques, this cannot be done during combat so will need to have the techniques assigned to your controller in advance before combat.

    Aang will be the only character to learn techniques from all 4 elements, although some techniques will be character specific like water cure for Katara and metal bending  for Toph. Aang will also be the only character to go into Super Avatar mode.

    You will be able to play as other characters as well, specifically the members of Team Avatar with Aang being your main character and the strongest of course. During the gameplay you will be able to select teammates for missions and switch between them during combat, as well you can level your teammates  to a certain degree. Main story missions will require you to play as certain characters  but you can freely select or switch between your teammates on other side missions or side events, note that Aang must always be included on your selected team.

    Since its an open world game exploration will be rewarded, you will able to find costumes that will grant you a special skill or advantage for your characters, as well as scrolls thats will contain techniques to learn and obviously health and chakra upgrades.

    As you progress through the main story you will unlock new areas on the map to explore, you can play side quests and some will be specifically for certain characters. Some hidden places will have doors to the spirit world where there will be more challenging quests or activities and special rewards

    Appa the Flying Bison will be your main transport.

    You will have your camp base where you can rest, switch between techniques , costumes, do some training and other activities.

    Boss battles will be different, from the most popular antagonists of the show , Huge beasts and of course the Fire Lord himself.
    As a post game extra, you will be able to use Aang to go into the spirit world and challenge the 4 previous avatars, they will be 4 different boss battles, they will be among the most difficult bosses of the game since they will have top tier techniques and the ability to go into Super Avatar Mode.

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    kingpotato got a reaction from Shagger in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020 Nominations   
    I nominate @Crazycrab, @Shagger @The Blackangel @StaceyPowers
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020 Nominations   
    I nominate @Crazycrab, @Shagger @The Blackangel @StaceyPowers
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in Who will win the next Console War PS5 or Xbox X series ?   
    They are probably going to be between £450 - £550 ($500 - $600) and considering the tech that it is in them, that's not at all unreasonable.  The equivilent PC right now is about £2000.
    As for who will win the next Console War?  I think it's going to come down to who has the better lineup of games within the first year.  If Sony announces backwards compatibility that could make a big diffenrce to.
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in Who will win the next Console War PS5 or Xbox X series ?   
    Considering the design of the Xbox, PS5 has this one hands down. I don’t need a cement block plugged into my TV. Microsoft screwed their self with that bullshit design. I just hope they grow a brain cell or two and change it before launch. Or they’re gonna be lunch.
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    kingpotato reacted to Cameron Taylor in Who will win the next Console War PS5 or Xbox X series ?   
    I'm definitely voting in favor of the PlayStation 5, as I saw a preview of it the other day. It sounds impressive, but I feel like they are going to end up putting these new consoles at the price point of a high end gaming computer, and I'm not a fan of that. 
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    kingpotato reacted to Shagger in TLOU: Is there any chance Riley and Marlene could be related?   
    I can confirm that it's cannon, Riley and Marlene aren't related. I believe it is the American Dreams comic that confirms this, but I'd have to check it out again to point out exactly where and how.
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020 Nominations   
    Thanks @The Blackangel!
    I nominate;
    @The Blackangel
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020 Nominations   
    I nominate
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    kingpotato reacted to DC in VGR Member of the Month - March 2020 Nominations   
    This is the official Member of the Month - March 2020 Nominations Thread. The winner will receive 500 Points which can be used to Bid for Rewards like giftcards, cash, video games, and gaming consoles.
    Last month's winner was @kingpotato and thus is not eligible for nominations for March MOTM.
    Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community.
    Nominations end March 31st at 10pm EST.
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    kingpotato got a reaction from DylanC in Silent Hill Series Getting 'Soft Reboot' With Two New Games, Report Says   
    Konami just made an announcement that the rumors are not true 😭😭😭
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    kingpotato reacted to StaceyPowers in Opinions on Marlene in TLOU?   
    I finished my second playthrough of The Last of Us last night (about to start Left Behind again). On my first playthrough, I leaned toward supporting Joel’s decision at the end of the game, but I was still very divided on it. On a second playthrough, not as much.
    Marlene’s voice recording and journal entry were very emotional and self-centered. She even mentioned that she was going to leave (the Fireflies, presumably, not just that location) because she couldn’t bear the way the others were looking at her after her repeated failures. She sounded quite desperate for something to grab onto to reboot her organization and her role in it, so her decision-making process to me seemed more emotional than logical.
    What do you all think of Marlene? Regardless of whether you felt Joel’s decision was right or wrong, do you think Marlene was being logical when she made her choice at the end of the game? Do you think she was motivated by the greater good or by selfish emotion (not so different from Joel, in a way)?
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    kingpotato reacted to DylanC in Last Game Played   
    Freedom Finger and Kingdom Come: Deliverence
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