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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in Mark Cerny revealing PS 5 Specifications   
    The XBox has a slightly faster clock on the CPU and more Compute Units on the GPU, PS5 has a faster clock on the GPU and a faster SSD.  It's all swings and roundabouts, the difference between the two in terms of performance will be minimal if it's even noticeable at all.
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    kingpotato reacted to SaucyPastaTho in Mark Cerny revealing PS 5 Specifications   
    That does sound like a good idea. However I feel like there won't be much of a key difference, maybe 1 or 2 more teraflops not to even match the new xbox.
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Best games to play during coronavirus outbreak?   
    Resident Evil would probably be a good representation, or Plague INC.
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Ask Dead2009   
    Sonic The Hedgehog, easily
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    kingpotato reacted to DylanC in Favorite Horror Movies   
    The Thing
    In The Mouth Of Madness
    IT (2017)
    The Mist
    Silent Hill
    The Void
    The Shining
    Train To Busan
    The Blair Witch Project
    I've got plenty more recommendations but those should keep you busy! 😉
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in Favorite Horror Movies   
    Saw series
    Dead Silence
    Halloween (Rob Zombie versions)
    The Devils Rejects
    The Curse Of La Llorona
    The Bye Bye Man
    The Midnight Man
    Truth Or Dare
    Rose Red
    Storm Of The Century
    Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in The Last of Us HBO Show   
    So the irrelevance makes it, well relevant.  That's actually a great point. Ellie being gay doesn't make any difference and that's the way it should be.
    I would say it would be great to have to these barriers break without the world ending but let's face it!   In just the first few months of this year, the US tried to start World War 3, half of Australia has been on fire and now there is a global pandemic where people are going bonkers over bog roll.
    I think it's time all people, regardless of nationality, political standpoint, religions beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or race stand together and declare in one voice!......(LINK)
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    kingpotato reacted to StaceyPowers in The Last of Us HBO Show   
    Actually, to me, there's arguably no better way to make such a point. Because we do have real problems as a species to deal with, and it's time that those stigmas broke down IRL. Seeing how absolutely irrelevant Ellie's sexuality is in TLOU actually is a great demonstration of how irrelevant that stuff ultimately should be IRL after everyone drops their stupid prejudices.
    Anyway, very nice post :)
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    kingpotato got a reaction from DylanC in Favorite Horror Movies   
    -A quiet place
    -Blair witch project
    -IT (2017) the original one seemed cheesy to me, the remake did scared the shit out of me
    -the descent

    Those are first that came to my mind right now
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    kingpotato got a reaction from StaceyPowers in The Last of Us HBO Show   
    But Ellie is gay 😆 Have you played the Last of Us game ?
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    kingpotato reacted to Shagger in Mark Cerny revealing PS 5 Specifications   
    So the spec's have been revealed and, whilst this looks promising in alot of ways, to be honest one or two things are giving me cause for concern.

    The positives. I like the CPU. The weak CPU's on the PS4 and XBox One were problematic right from the start so glad to see a major upgrade there. I also like that it has the Blu-ray drive, we've not gone fully digital, and that's good. What I'm not sure about is storage. Good speed on that custom SSD, but that's a very strange size and I feel that's too small. The drive also can't be removed and swapped out like previous Playstation consoles. Instead you get expandable storage through an empty NVMe slot, and that's gonna make upgrading the storage more expensive that it really needed to be. Also, compared to the Series X;

    The PS5 has a weaker GPU, the same CPU, less storage as standard and more flexibility when it comes to storage upgrades.
    Overall Sony, I'm not that impressed. Still have high hopes for the console as the line if launch games I think will be stronger, but especially with the retro compatibility confirmed I actually believe the Series X looks like the superior console at the moment.
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    kingpotato reacted to skyfire in Mark Cerny revealing PS 5 Specifications   
    As per the update from the tweet, there is going to be specification reveal in the blog soon by Mark cerny. You can check out the tweet and official blog for further info. 
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Playstation 5 Specs Revealed   
    As part of Sony's big PlayStation 5 information blowout during a GDC livestream, the company officially announced the specs for the next-generation console. In short, it's a very powerful machine.
    PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny is discussing the PS5 hardware as we speak, but during the stream, Digital Foundry published a feature revealing the system's specs. Its CPU features 8 Zen 2 cores, and its GPU--using custom RDNA 2 architecture--offers 10.28 TFLOPs of power. It comes with 16 GB of memory and an 825 GB SSD, and it allows for storage to be expanded with an NVMe SSD slot.
    For comparison, the Xbox Series X will feature 12 teraflops of performance, built off AMD's new RDNA 2 architecture. The GPU will feature 16GB of GDDR6 memory across a variable memory bus--10GB will run at 560GB/s, while the remaining 6GB will run at a slower 330GB/s. The Series X will support two types of external memory, allowing you to expand SSD storage with a proprietary drive from Seagate or store games on an external HDD (in the same way as the Xbox One).
    Cerny shared many new details on the PS5's system architecture, and he spoke about how Sony plans to push the future of games with this new hardware. One part of this is the PS5's new SSD, which speeds up loading times (see the Spider-Man comparison here) and offers a number of other benefits to developers.
    The PS5's new system architecture will allow for faster rendering, which means more environmental objects and textures will populate at a faster rate. Like the Xbox Series X, the PS5 will also have ray tracing support to help developers make better-looking games.
    The PS5 also has a new controller that features haptic feedback instead of the standard rumble technology used by many companies for years. As an example, crashing a car in a racing game will feel different than making a tackle in a football game. The new PS5 controller also has "adaptive triggers" that can be programmed by developers.
    We also know the PS5 will have a disc drive for physical games and 4K Blu-rays, and that disc capacity will be 100 GB. The PS5 will also require players to install their games, but with the option to choose what part of a game to install.
    The PlayStation 5 is due to launch this holiday, though a price point and official games launch lineup have not been announced yet. For its part, Microsoft is also releasing a next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, this holiday season with Halo Infinite as a launch title.
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    kingpotato reacted to Dead2009 in Movies you just hate.   
    Any of the Twilight films. Vampires dont sparkle.
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    kingpotato got a reaction from DylanC in Last Game Played   
    Started the Witcher 3 once again on Death March
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    kingpotato reacted to Crazycrab in XBox Series X preview, Austin Evans   
    Yesterday Austin Evans (who I hadn't actully heard of untill now) posted an video where he got hands on with and did an analysis of the XBox Series X.  I give Microsoft some credit they really did alow this guy to "bare it all" with the release still months away.
    It's a lot of information that you should see for yourselves but here is some of the points I found interesting:
    As we already knew the CPU is an 8 Core AMD ZEN 2 but what I don't think I knew before is that developers have an option to either enable the SMT treading for more threading for more threads or they can disable and get faster clock speeds which should help with optimization. The CPU is an AMD RDNA 2.0 with around 12 TFLOP's of performance, about what we expected. There is a 1TB custom SSD onboard and also as it turns out that port in the back is for is a proprietary external SSD that slot's in a bit like a PlayStation 2 memory card for storage expansion, my spider-sense tells me they will be quite expensive though. The new controllers aren’t much different, a few small ergonomic changes here and there but they are fully back-compatible with the XBox One Controllers (which are also forward compatible) and you can even use the same rechargeable battery packs so that's a plus. Like many, I was a little concerned about the shape but he shows in the video how it all fits together and cools and it actually makes sense.  
    There are some other things about Ray-Tracing and HDR but it’s better explained visually.  It's also interesting to note that today Sony announced that they will be doing a "Deep Dive" presentation into the system architecture of the PS5 so it will be interesting to see how the two stack up when put against each other.
    So what are your thoughts on Next Gen?
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Shagger in The Last of Us HBO Show   
    But Ellie is gay 😆 Have you played the Last of Us game ?
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in The Last of Us HBO Show   
    But Ellie is gay 😆 Have you played the Last of Us game ?
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    kingpotato got a reaction from Crazycrab in Rumor - Sony wants to buy Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevenia from Konami   
    I actually support the idea only because Konami is not interested in making anything else other than mobile games, If we want to see another Silent hill , MGS or Castlevenia game we need for Konami to sell these franchises. Unless our prayers are heard and Konami starts making good AAA games again.
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    kingpotato reacted to MeowsePad in PS5 might not be fully retro compatible   
    That's why PC is the way to go. Pretty much every game ever released for PC can be played on Windows 10. It might require some workarounds or patches, but it's possible. Console manufacturers, however, can and do arbitrarily restrict games from running on their latest hardware.
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in PS5 might not be fully retro compatible   
    I can't argue with anything you said. But there's one thing you did leave out. A lot of us are on an extremely thin budget and even with trying to save up, simply can't afford a decent PC to game on. My PC is a cheap all-in-one PC. It's all I could afford, and is absolutely horrible for gaming. But with consoles you can get a used one for a lot less money than a new one, and don't need to keep upgrading your console to keep up with the games released on PC. They release games to fit that consoles capabilities, until they release the next edition in the line. I mean PlayStation doesn't do anything with the PS2 anymore, and Nintendo doesn't do anything with the N64 anymore. They've moved on to bigger things. Now all this doesn't apply so much to me personally, because I'm a classic gamer with a bit of PS3 games in the mix. But still, it's hard not to admit.
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    kingpotato reacted to Juneberry in Last Game Played   
    Played some Pokemon GO for a while with my dad.
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    kingpotato reacted to DylanC in Last Game Played   
    Still having a blast with Blasphemous. Awesome game!
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    kingpotato reacted to skyfire in Last Game Played   
    Playing some linux arcade games. 
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    kingpotato reacted to The Blackangel in Last Game Played   
    Playing Zelda OoT again. I only have to beat the Shadow Temple before I can enter Ganon's Tower.
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