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    killamch89 got a reaction from Withywarlock in New game coming out for the Game Boy   
    Yay? *looks around* Were these developers in some kind of cryogenic chamber for the last 31 years because they do know there's a device called the Nintendo Switch right?
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    killamch89 reacted to Withywarlock in Ghost Of Tsushima fans raise $250,000 to repair real life Tsushima Shrine   
    Good on them, I say. This is the only sort of hot-blooded passion I'll excuse (and encourage) in video games, where art inspires not death threats and ranting, but awareness of a real world problem and the drive to fix it, even if it's just donations to those doing the work. Well done!
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    killamch89 reacted to Crazycrab in Games that are harder on console (or PC)?   
    The Sims and most other games with that kind of RTS isometric design are better suited to a PC interface.  The experience on console can feel a little cumbersome.  In case of Skyrim and similar games (especially from Bethesda) you can use debug consoles and/or mods to bypass certain issues or make the game easier.
    Beyond those two situations and bad ports aside (like Arkham Knight on PC for instance) I can't really think of any other situation where playing on a PC (or a console) makes the game any easier.  For the most part it doesn't make any difference.
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    killamch89 reacted to Kane99 in Most progress you ever lost in a game?   
    After my save was erased, I decided to replay it with cheats lol. I don't think I did it for long, as I eventually just got back to playing it normally. So I guess I can say I replayed it pretty fast lol. 
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    killamch89 reacted to The Blackangel in New game coming out for the Game Boy   
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    killamch89 got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in Ghost Of Tsushima fans raise $250,000 to repair real life Tsushima Shrine   
    I read about this the other day and honestly, we have been hearing about gamers in the news recently and not for very good reasons but this shows the good that gaming can do in terms of bringing awareness to real-life issues and teaching us about the history of other countries. What do you think of this?
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    killamch89 reacted to StaceyPowers in Monogamy in games   
    I can’t think of a game I’ve played with romance or marriage options that didn’t ultimately force me to pick one person or nobody. Anyone else find games to be overly monogamous?
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    killamch89 reacted to staticradio725 in Not using items ever to conserve resources   
    You've suddenly triggered in me a very vivid memory of crawling on my hands and knees across the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout New Vegas trying to get to a vendor because I can't afford to just drop loot on the ground, but raiders are shooting at me from all directions and a popup keeps flashing in my face telling me, "You are overencumbered and can't run!"

    I'm a big hoarder of health items, because in every game I will inevitably get to a boss fight that I just can't beat for the life of me, and I will need every health item I can get. And even then it might not be enough. Every time I play Dragon Age Origins, I always save the Broodmother boss fight for last so I have practically the whole game to stock up on health potions. Luckily they don't take up inventory space and you can theoretically get your hands on an infinite amount of them.
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    killamch89 reacted to Patrik in Not using items ever to conserve resources   
    What i hate, is that sometimes i finish games with unused items which is really annoying, i mean, i keep saving them to use them when i really need them, but i found out that it's not worth saving them
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    killamch89 reacted to staticradio725 in How do you keep frustration at bay?   
    I set the game on the easiest difficulty level. And then if I still somehow encounter a boss I can't beat (it happens), I ragequit and look up the ending to the game on YouTube (because it almost always happens towards the end of a game). Looking at you, haunted bulldozer in Alan Wake!
    My Fallout 4 player character who currently has a rainbow of pixels instead of a face would agree with you. If he could talk.
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    killamch89 reacted to Kane99 in Betting on games   
    I've never bet anything when playing games, and honestly, I'm too cheap to even try it lol. I know I'd end up losing, and then lose my bet, so no thanks lol. 
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    killamch89 reacted to Patrik in Does gaming affects one's behavior?   
    (in my case) I can confirm that online gaming made me get annoyed/angry quicker than i used to, thanks to the toxic kids & cheaters, but i learned how to get over that by ignoring them 
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    killamch89 reacted to Kane99 in New game coming out for the Game Boy   
    Yeah, as interesting as a game boy game can be, considering the limitations. 
    I don't look at ebay for pricing, as the prices are heavily inflated because people think they have something worth more than it really is. If I really want to grab a game boy, I'd look at thrift stores, game shops that specialize in the sale of retro games and consoles and so on. You're bound to get a much better deal, unless they look at ebay and price that way. First key, don't use ebay to find your price. Use something like pricecharting, as you'll at least get a better picture of what it's going for on every site. 
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    killamch89 reacted to Kane99 in EA loses Star Wars exclusivity deal with Disney. Ubisoft to develop new open world Star Wars game   
    Here's hoping this results in other properties moving away from EA, because I would love to see The NFL take their license elsewhere after the recent years of Madden NFL, or even the various other sports games they released. What other licenses does EA have? 
    Even so, I wouldn't trust Ubisoft with Star Wars either. 
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    killamch89 reacted to Shagger in What does EA need to do to win fans back?   
    EA's problem isn't that they aren't the same company they used to be, it that's they're same company they always were. I think it was Will Smith that said, "Racism isn't getting worse, it's being filmed." and it's the same with EA and their business practices. The only thing that has changed is that the modern world has helped people see them for what the are. 
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    killamch89 reacted to staticradio725 in What does EA need to do to win fans back?   
    What EA needs to stop doing is charging me $40.00 for a Sims 4 expansion pack. Forty dollars! For one expansion pack! I don't even think I spent that much money on the vanilla game omg. I don't even think most video games are worth forty bucks.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from Family sedan in What does EA need to do to win fans back?   
    I think that most of the things you listed basically answers your question but what I would add is them actually putting some effort into their games. Not the same old re-skin every year and call it a new game.
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    killamch89 reacted to m76 in Unpopular opinion: Games can be for more than entertainment   
    I think games should be authentic period. If you aim to do a game set in a fictional future, don't drag commentary on current real world events into it.
    Sure games can be educational, and should be. They can build skills etc. But hiding propaganda in them is a disservice, and outright malicious. Especially in games aimed at children. 
    The developers should always be very clear and transparent about their intentions. Never use games as a platform for piggybacking controversial messages.
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    killamch89 reacted to Shole in Unpopular opinion: Games can be for more than entertainment   
    I don't think it should be an unpopular opinion, I am a coach and I always tell the parents it is not bad in moderation and to make sure they play games that will help them 😄
    But I hate whne people say ugh its so damaging, well bruh everything is. Me playing pro basketball hurt my leg for the rest of my life. Doing things has risks, everything has risks god...you can't just pick something is good and something is bad all the time. There are so many millioners because of games XD
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    killamch89 reacted to Empire in How do you keep frustration at bay?   
    I particularly like the idea of treating the frustration and anger as a work colleague, allowing it to play out but taking it with a pinch of salt. As i will get to the isolating phase and then not know what yo do with this ball of emotion. In gaming, just think to yourself that it's not worth the energy and end of the day it's just a game and just chill out and do something else. Yet after so and so break you get back to it and you get to pass and complete and be happy, taken that break away helps.
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    killamch89 reacted to m76 in Not using items ever to conserve resources   
    Yes, all the time. You carry and seve the "bestest" weapons for whatever and you end up finishing the game with a pea shooter. I think this just goes back to bad game design. Like the typhoon in deusex human revolution. You find maybe 3 shoots for it through the entire game.
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    killamch89 reacted to m76 in Most fun weapons of all time?   
    Most fun weapon was the flak cannon from Unreal.  Two distinctive firing modes, one explode on impact the other bounces off walls and objects.
    Another fun one is the grenade launcher from quake for the same reason.
    Sadly no recent game has similar weapons.
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    killamch89 reacted to Shagger in Ever think Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will work together?   
    I hate to break it to you, but that's a mixture of promotions and allowances that are very indigenous to specific games and some wishful thinking on your part. There is nothing there to suggest a meaningful collaboration between the two brands. What you're describing is more about a third party that working with both console brands more than anything else. 
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    killamch89 got a reaction from Family sedan in How do you keep frustration at bay?   
    I go in with absolutely no expectations because if I get too hyped and the game disappoints right off the bat, I may just stop playing it all together. The low expectation allows me to take everything in stride.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from StaceyPowers in Are you ever glad you saw spoilers?   
    Spoilers are very good but I usually don't overdo it. Let me explain - all I want to know is how the game plays, if there are a lot bugs and have an idea of how enjoyable it is. I don't really watch story spoilers because I want to enjoy it. However, I'll take a short summary as in if it's trash or not.
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