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    killamch89 got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in What are you listening to right now?   
    So true - the late 80's to the mid 2000s was the best era of hip hop/rap. It's gone steadily downhill since then. Nowadays, I'm turned off by mainstream hip-hop/rap. It's so boring, generic, talentless and mind-numbing.
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in The Fallout TV Series is Awesome!   
    I just started watching the series with my wife this afternoon, we only watched the first episode so far so I scrolled past the majority of the post. We're both enjoying it so far and will definitely continue watching it! I never played the games before, but I know a little bit of the franchise so I see things here and there that make me go "oh look, there's Nuke Cola!"
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in What's your general outlook on life?   
    I've learned to not worry about the things I cannot control. Honestly I've been quite a angry person for a while, but the past few days I have felt more alive and less angry than I ever have. I did cut out Facebook of my daily routine a few weeks ago, and honestly I've felt much better now that I don't have to browse that toxic site! Perhaps that's the reason why I've been in a good mood lately lol.
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    killamch89 reacted to Reality vs Adventure in What Kind of Music Makes You Relax?   
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in Music channels on TV   
    Nope I don't watch any music channels anymore. I don't have cable or satellite, I do have Hulu but I am not even sure if the music channels are part of the package I have. I used to watch MTV and VH1 when I was growing up. I didn't have digital cable so I couldn't watch MTV 2, or Fuse. I never cared for rap music nor country growing up so I never watched BET or CMT.
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in Pokemon Go's New Avatar Customization Has Players Upset On Twitter   
    For those not aware, Niantic recently updated the avatar customizations in Pokemon Go yesterday. Many fans have been complaining about the changes over on Twitter lately, and many people are begging Niatic to bring back the old avatar system. As someone who plays Pokemon Go the new avatar customizations don't bother me too much, in fact I think it's cool that it represents different body types now rather than just one body type for male/female avatars. In fact, the avatars are more gender neutral in a way, and I think that's why so many people are upset over it. Other reasons though are the models themselves looking a bit janky and not as polished as they used to be.
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in Oops! Dropped My Phone in the Toilet! What To Do?   
    I thankfully never done this myself! Though if I did happen to drop it in the toilet after I flushed, I would try and use the rice treatment to get the water absorbed as much as possible. But if I dropped it like The Blackangel did, then too bad it's getting thrown away and I'll get a new one lol. I already do not like looking in the bowl after I take a shit, I don't know why it's just one of those things that weird me out so I just close the lid after taking a shit lol.
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in Revive the Retro: Which Trend Do You Want to See Make a Comeback?   
    I want forums to be the primary place people hang out online again. Discord really isn't a great place to get information and gather, because you still have to rely on outside websites like Google Docs to keep things organized. Plus it's difficult to locate old posts, at least now you can actually search for keywords in direct messages. Also I want frosted tips to come back in style too, I was never allowed to have them growing up as a kid lol.
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in Remember Burning CDs?   
    I didn't burn CDs that often because back in the day I didn't have a computer. I remember going over to a few of my friends houses who did have computers and watching them burn mix cds. I had a friend back in the day give me a burned copy of Green Day's American Idiot, and I remember listening to it off and on growing up. I even found a burned Yellowcard Ocean Avenue CD once in the field down the street from my house when I was a teenager. It barely played though since it was super scratched up. :V
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in What's the priciest game in your collection?   
    Mine is my complete in box copy of Knuckles Chaotix. My wife got me it for my birthday way back in 2010, long before the price of the game went up. She got it for $40 on Amazon of all places. According to price charting, the game goes for $254 complete. As a die hard Sonic fan, I will never sell this especially since Sega has yet to re-release the game on any other platform. (It was released on Gametap in 2007 but that's the only other time it's been re-released on any official platform.)
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    killamch89 reacted to Knight Barida in Games you've been excited for only to be disappointed with them on release   
    Cyberpunk 2077 was a huge disappointment. I remembered Charles, my work colleague, who preordered that game still regretting tull today. I mean, that game made me never to trust preordering games again. 
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    killamch89 reacted to Ravenfreak in Childhood Shenanigans: What's Your Sneakiest Moment?   
    When I was a teenager, my best friend and I went around and kicked over lights that some people had around their sidewalks late at night. The next day, there was a couple who drove around my neighborhood and happened to see me outside riding my bike and asked me if I knew who knocked their lights over. I said "No" and they thanked me and told me if I seen anything out of the ordinary to let them know. Needless to say we never got caught lol.
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    killamch89 reacted to Reality vs Adventure in Let's Share: Where's Your Happy Place?   
    I have a happy place I built out into a field where I keep rabbits. I go out there and let them loose to graze. It's amazing watching them run free and hop with a twist in the air. 
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    killamch89 got a reaction from Family sedan in Which Video Games Have You Bought Several Times?   
    That's so true. I remember those NHL games in the late 90's and it did feel like the skaters you controlled were slower for some reason.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in What's your general outlook on life?   
    I've learned not to worry about the things I can't control. Instead, I deal with what I can control - I'm hella calm nowadays no matter what's happening.
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    killamch89 reacted to Family sedan in Which Video Games Have You Bought Several Times?   
    I got NHL '99 once as a teen.  I lost that copy and years later bought another one.  I've actually come to hate the game because I feel like my skaters are slower than those of the other team.
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    killamch89 reacted to Knight Barida in Remakes/Remasters You Want To See.   
    I am looking forward to the remake as well. I've seen a couple of gamers become optimistic about the remake of MGS 3 being a good one and I hope Konami don't disappoint.
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    killamch89 reacted to Knight Barida in Have you ever attended a gaming convention or event? What Was The Experience Like?   
    I was a part of one local gaming event in my town many years ago. It was organised in a way to ensure that the Xbox gaming community know more about their products. I connected and made a couple of friends, but that was many years ago.
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    killamch89 reacted to kensonplays in What's Your Favorite Video Game Genre   
    Single-player story games, if the story is well written. Otherwise, I prefer co-op games like Monster Hunter, etc. I'm an extremely chill and laid-back gamer. I don't play PVP too much. There's only 1 game I play that is PVP currently, and that's Gigantic (I have a thread on it here with the trailer and whatnot).
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    killamch89 reacted to The Blackangel in Animated Movies: For All Ages or Just Kids?   
    This is like saying gaming is just for kids. It's not for everyone, but it is for someone. A lot of adults watch cartoons. And I don't mean only things like Family Guy or South Park. I still watch Popeye, Felix the Cat, He-Man, TMNT, Looney Tunes, and tons of others that I grew up on.
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    killamch89 reacted to The Blackangel in Oops! Dropped My Phone in the Toilet! What To Do?   
    Thankfully it was a tracfone. I just left it and bought a new one because it was sticking out of a fresh pile of shit that I hadn't flushed yet.
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    killamch89 reacted to Debashis in What's the One Quote That Truly Speaks to You?   
    "Never Give Up!" - John Cena
    Being a fan of John Cena since childhood, I've got this nailed pretty well in my brain. These 3 words, define who I am when it comes to hardships in life.
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    killamch89 reacted to Debashis in What's Your Go-To Hiccup Cure?   
    My go-to hiccup cure is to drink lot of water. If it doesn't work, I take a heavy breath-in, hold for 10 seconds and then slowly release. Repeat it 5-10 times. And then it works.
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    killamch89 reacted to Debashis in Embracing the Wisdom of the Ages: What 'Old Person' Habits Have You Adopted?   
    The only old-person habit I have adopted is working hard. I know it and it is really a fact that hard work pays off. These days people are scared of working hard and try to find shortcuts to make a living but that doesn't work. 
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    killamch89 reacted to Shortie in What the Golf? - Anyone play it?   
    I can't say I ever played this game and it is the first time I am hearing about it. After seeing the video above for it thought it looks a lot of fun and something I would for sure play when I have the chance. 
    Golf with Friends is a ton of fun. I have not played it in a while but given the chance and having some time, it is a game I could spend hours on playing with friends. 
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