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    killamch89 reacted to Alyxx in Rumors of N64 classic   
    Definitely games by Rare, such as GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini etc.
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    killamch89 reacted to kingpotato in New Batman title in the works at WB: Batman Court Of Owls   
    I will definitely buy it as well if its as good as Arkaham city, but I will also wait for a sale since my expectations are not that high.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from DylanC in Movie/TV licensed games   
    Alien Isolation, Spiderman, Van Helsing, Transformers and the Arkham series are the movie-licensed games I have enjoyed. And then there are the 007 games for the N64 as well as other consoles. Speaking of - why hasn't there ever been an Austin Powers game? 😂
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    killamch89 got a reaction from DylanC in Movie/TV licensed games   
    Gamers nowadays would not necessarily be interested in these types of games anymore because they already how the game is likely going to end and most times, the game can only have a limited number of locations unless it is a loose interpretation of the movie it is based on. And yes, these genre of games tend to be very lackluster in terms of content and overall gameplay.
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    killamch89 reacted to DylanC in Movie/TV licensed games   
    The notion that gaming costs have risen over the years is just a fact.
    Yours and my expectations for games has gone up over the years/generations since you and I started gaming, but the price of games has pretty much stayed the same. So, the complexity of making a modern game that will be profitable and successful is MUCH harder these days. That's just a fact.
    Look at it this way. The price of a chocolate bar has gone up significantly since we were kids. They're around three/four times the price of what we used to pay growing up. However, our EXPECTATIONS for a chocolate bar has stayed mostly the same.
    Our EXPECTATIONS for games on the other hand have changed DRASTICALLY. But the price of games have, for the most part, stayed mostly the same since the NES days. And because of this, it's cultivated a very risky environment for publishers and developers to create games in, to the point where entire teams live and die by the success of just ONE GAME. In other words, the middle ground has eroded to the point where the environment can only mostly sustain indies and big AAA games. Something's gotta give, right?
    Sure, DLC, Microtransactions, loot boxes etc. are a way to recoup some money for these companies (and sometimes they can be executed in an egregious and exploitative way), but those are not the answer, really.
    I'd consider Hellblade, Spider-Man (which was funded by Sony) and Cuphead (which was part funded by Microsoft, right?) exceptions to the rule rather than the status quo. Essentially, Hellblade was a massive risk for Ninja Theory, but thankfully it paid off. 
    Back to licensed games, and it's still a risky proposition for publishers/developers. Plus, the well has been somewhat poisoned by the raft of poorly executed cash grabs from last generation. 
    Still, I hold out hope that some great licensed video games are around the corner for us... it's just a much harder environment for them to be made in than it was 5/10 years ago.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from UleTheVee in Why is PC less popular?   
    Wow. PC is the best - consoles are for the rest. Consoles are the ones that have taken a beating since the rise of PC gaming in the late 2000s.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from DylanC in Layers Of Fear 2 announced!   
    Since when did Nintendo hit puberty? lol. Anyways, that would be great if it did come out on the Nintendo Switch.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from DylanC in Layers Of Fear 2 announced!   
    I agree. It is quite under appreciated - I doubt Nintendo would add such a game to their platform though. They tend to prefer kid-friendly games like Super Smash Brothers and Mario Go-Kart.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from DylanC in Anyone else excited for a new Alien game?   
    If it's anything like the previous Alien game, I'll play it during the daytime lol.
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    killamch89 reacted to kingpotato in YouTube says people watched 50 billion hours of gaming videos this year   
    The funny thing is that YouTube once created a separated standalone app exclusively for Gaming videos and it was closed recently after it failed to get a decent audience.
    The only Gaming videos I watch are reviews for games I want to purchase , I agree I dont see the point of watching other people playing video games just because.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from kingpotato in That One Game...   
    lol Thank you mate. May Talos be with you as well.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from kingpotato in That One Game...   
    Do you guys have that one game that once you start playing it, you will find yourself playing it for hours and before you know it, it's 1 am in the morning and you wonder where the day went? For me, that game is Skyrim - 7 years later and I still can't put it down once I start playing. What is that one game you can't put down after you start playing?
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    killamch89 reacted to Shortie861 in Raging   
    I can't say that I am someone who rages on a game if I am honest, I may get a little annoyed and it can be heard in my reaction but in terms of raging I never saw the point of it. My way of thinking is, I am playing a game to chill, relax and feel better, raging really doesn't help you feel like you are relaxed and it will only cause you more stress. I have seen so many streamers, youtubers and such rage so bad it's a wonder they are even able to keep going. I never really understood it.
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    killamch89 got a reaction from DC in Hello Everyone :)   
    I am happy to be a part of your gaming community and I will contribute to making this community better.
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