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  1. I only played the base game, and only once. I found it good enough, I liked ME3's story more compared to the limited progress that ME2's offered, but the horrible ending and some boring sections killed my interes on the series.And the Prothean character was poorly handled IIRC, he didn't offer anything interesting story-wise. If some day EA remasters the trilogy, I''ll surely play them again with all DLC content.

  2. I used to use a normal HP laptop for gaming a few years back and it overheated it, it was actually described as a "gaming laptop" with AMD gfx and everything but it wasn't all that great. It was running on Windows 8.1. I felt like that had an impact on the performance. I am currently typing off a HP Omen and boy what a great laptop this is, for gaming and for other uses! Not to forget to mention, it runs off Intel, which I personally think is A LOT better than AMD!

  3. The last game I played was Shadows of Colossus on PS4. I never tried the one one PS2 but heard some great things about it. The visuals are outstanding and the graphs is fantastic! Thanks to PS+ I can finally play this game. I'm currently on my 5th boss! 😄

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