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  1. I think they should start introducing less Pokemon each time for sure. Because the further it goes on, the more strange the Pokemon look. Or they look too much like previous ones. Just look at how many look so similar to Pikachu now lol
  2. I had Pokemon Yellow because I was a little late to the party. I was glad though because I loved having that damn Pikachu follow me around as a 6 year old girl lol
  3. Gen 3 was my favorite, so I was all over that lol
  4. As someone who's a pretty big fan of the usual Pokemon games, I felt like Pokemon Go was just watered down too much. Also, it seems like it must work better for people who live in a bigger/busier place, because there would be like 1 or 2 Pokemon max for miles. And there was 1 Pokemon Center in my whole town, and it was a smoke shop which is so inappropriate for kids to be hanging out at like they were so none of it worked out right lol
  5. As you can probably tell already, we love Elder Scrolls around here too lol Welcome to the forum!! 😄
  6. Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  7. I have a MacBook I play games on, but I wouldn't purchase it only for that reason. I just like that I can casually play Sims on it if I don't feel like sitting in my office (where my gaming PC is). Otherwise I obviously prefer the gaming PC. The fact you can't customize most Mac hardware is what really puts the nail in its coffin, even more than the OS these days (since a lot more games than you'd expect give a Mac version, and you can install Windows on a Mac). I have a 2011 MacBook Pro still and I'm so reluctant to upgrade. I have replaced the RAM and hard drive in this one, and I just don't like that you're not able to do that on the newer ones. Those upgrades extended the life of this computer dramatically, and it made it feel like a good investment to me. I just don't know if a new one will feel the same. /endrant lol
  8. I enjoyed Pokemon Snap when I was a kid. I thought taking pictures of the Pokemon was fun and cute. My family owned a photo lab at the time, so I guess I took an interest in it. However, it's not as fun as an adult. It's super easy is really the main problem lol. But it's cute to go back to every great once in a while. My least favorite game is actually Pokemon Colosseum. I just wasn't a big fan of the story, or the mechanic with only being able to capture those stolen shadow Pokemon. Espeon is my favorite Pokemon, so it and Umbreon being the starter Pokemon is what made me want to try it. My least favorite main game would be generation 4 - Diamond, Pearl, Platinum. I don't know what it was but I just remember this game being a slog. It also doesn't have the greatest Pokemon in that generation. The only ones that were super interesting were the new evolutions for existing Pokemon. I feel like it was a series low point when just taking the main games into consideration.
  9. I guess my first was technically a Windows 95 PC. But other than that, a Gameboy Color.
  10. I definitely got an email from Google that they were deleting all of the Google+ accounts XD No one will care is my guess.
  11. I'm not very good at games that require a lot of precision movement anymore. Once I injured my wrists and hands, I just couldn't do it anymore. Not that I was ever amazing, but I was much better than I am now in the past. So I like to watch people play games I don't think I'd be good at myself these days (mainly shooters and platformers). I'm still good/decent at things that don't require that. Like strategy games, or RPGs with non-action combat. I always liked those genres before, but I think my physical limitations made me lean into them even more.
  12. I usually finish everything else I want to accomplish on a character before I finish the main quest of the game. But I love making new characters in almost every game I play, so I like doing selective playthroughs where I only do certain quests on certain characters. For instance in Skyrim, if I create a warrior character I'll do the Companions' quests, but not quests for the Thieves' Guild. I'll do those on another character where it fits.
  13. I can't find anything that says it's ending. I did find this: https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/29/18116154/youtube-premium-free-ads-subscription-red This article basically says that they aren't going to be giving people with YouTube Premium exclusive content anymore, but it will give you offline viewing and no ads still. Which those last two things are the only reason I have it. I haven't watched any of their original crap lol
  14. Ugh yes that's my problem exactly. It's why I go through so many "phases" were I'll be really into something for a few months, and then won't pick it back up again for a few months or years.
  15. I hadn't heard of it, but just watched the teaser trailer. I like the graphical style of it. It seemed interesting just from what I saw. I'd have to learn more about it to decide if it'd be something I'd want to play.
  16. I have in the past to play some older Pokemon games without worrying about the little watch battery being dead lol. I also tried downloading Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 for the N64 but I couldn't ever get that to work right with my computer at the time. I could see the game, but the screen kept flashing so that was annoying. I haven't lately. I just don't know where to get the ROMs anymore, and don't feel like it's worth it to look. I still have all the files from when I got those GB Pokemon games and that's all I really needed.
  17. Use weekly: - PC - MacBook Pro (just play a few older games on it when I want to be in my living room lol) - iPad (play all games on here instead of my phone, I don't like having a pocket full of distractions these days) - Xbox One Use less often: - PS3 - PS2 - N64 - Wii U - 3DS - DS Lite - GB Color - Xbox 360
  18. I think that this is something that mainly affects people with additive personalities. That's just the conclusion that I've come to with watching the people I know. For instance, I'm not really an addictive person. I can pick up and leave things pretty much whenever I choose to and it's never hard. However, my husband is the complete opposite. Whenever he decides to play a game, he goes big or goes home lol. Currently he's been playing Civilization IV (he was being bratty about playing the newer games at first so he's just now catching up) and he spends almost all of his free time doing that lately. He does everything he needs to do, so it's not like a problem.
  19. I usually have a "main" console and then I get other consoles for the games. The main console I usually purchase fairly early, but never immediately when it comes out. I'd say a few months after release. With the Xbox One, I waited until I could buy it without the kinect. The other consoles (such as the Wii U) I get at the very end of their life when everything I want is pretty much on sale. The only exception is for mainline Pokemon games. If a main Pokemon game comes out for the Switch, I'm gonna get one then lol.
  20. ^ Love LGR so much lol I watch YouTube almost constantly so I watch it on a lot of things depending on what I'm doing and what room I'm in. PC/laptop, my phone, iPad, Xbox. I have it on in the background almost always even if it I'm not actually watching. I would rather give up Hulu/Netflix/whatever else before I'd give up my YouTube Premium lol.
  21. I definitely agree with this. Because I feel like I'm always just renting an online game. You're at the mercy of the servers. If those go down, you're done lol. The original question about Xbox Live/PS Plus... That doesn't really bother me much. If it's right or wrong, I can't say. But it just doesn't bug me much. What Sony and Microsoft do that does bug me though is shut down the servers for their old consoles. I wish those would work still if you wanted to pay or something lol.
  22. Dungeons are still for groups. But anything you over level you can definitely run by yourself lol. It's a different game than it was 10 years ago. It's more focused on end game than it used to be, in my opinion. I still really enjoy leveling alts and roleplaying a lot though.
  23. OpenOffice isn't a bad choice. I use Google Docs/Sheets a lot as well, just because I use a lot of different computers and having it all synced online is nice.
  24. I've used it sometimes, but not very often. A lot of places here don't offer it or I'd use it more, because it's a lot faster. The only place that I've been to that has it is the hospital, which I'm not sure why but just seems weird.
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