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  1. Heatman

    Among us

    Seriously, should they do that with among us 2 with all the possible mods, it's definitely going to be better for them as well.
  2. Personally, it's the games graphics that first lures me to it and then getting me to play it afterwards. With poor graphics, I'm already a runner.
  3. It's always fun when you get to play a loved one and kick things up with the mix. To play it on mobile gives it flexibility.
  4. Heatman


    I don't own PS5 yet, so it's definitely not going to be easy for me to recommend any solution for your problem or challenge with your console.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, PS2 is the only PS console that I played more than other ones. It was fantastic for me when I was growing up.
  6. Well, it's definitely going to be wining 11 for me because of how it impacted on my childhood. I literally played it every day of my teenage years.
  7. Seriously, you never liked PUGB games? Which one would you love then if not PUGB? They are the most awesome games out there.
  8. Seriously, that meme completely explains my feelings about this silly game called Candy Crush. I hate it with passion.
  9. For the fact that it's available on mobile devices (Android) is one of the reasons it sold well at its early stages of release.
  10. That's one thing that I love about the United States of America 🇺🇸, they don't mess around when they believe that there is going to be security breach.
  11. Yeah, Pac-man 256 is a great recommendation by all means. I'm definitely going to get it for my friend who's asking for one to play.
  12. Exactly, it's definitely not an adult game as far as my preferences goes. My niece would definitely kill for the game, maybe I should get it for her next birthday.
  13. I would never forget Mario in a lifetime because it's one the very first games that I played with Contra.
  14. I actually never liked it then but my parents enjoyed it. It ended up in my siblings hands who destroyed it out of annoyance.
  15. Well, as of this moment, I'm playing Top Eleven Football Manager and I have a match by 10:30am this morning and it's a champions league match.
  16. It's the RAM that determines the best device for gaming. Whether it's on Android or iOS, the RAM is the key.
  17. This is actually a trend now as I usually connect mine to my 72" inches Samsung television and it's way too awesome because I see everything like I'm inside the screen.
  18. Blackshark is a standout device that can be used for gaming. It offers you everything you need to have a great gaming experience as far as I'm concerned.
  19. Well, I'm a big fan of Android no matter what Apple throws at me or the world with their upgraded designs and softwares.
  20. I really don't think that ipads are a thing lately. It all looks odd to me and I have actually moved on long ago. There are better devices now.
  21. Haha, it always gets very frustrating when you can't seem to succeed at a stage. There are so many games that I dumped as a result of this.
  22. Damn, with 18GB in store for RAM, this smartphone would be the best thing to ever happen or come across any gamers life.
  23. Exactly, it's not on Google Play store. Maybe they are yet to list the game there. Let's see what happens in the future with the game.
  24. Exactly, it's how strong and durable the phone is that made me purchase it for my mother who always allows her phone to slip through her hand but with this one, it's no longer an issue.
  25. Seriously, they are too expensive as far as I'm concerned. Even Samsung's are quite expensive too and I keep asking why would they be so expensive?
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