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  1. I believe that playing games for fun is more healthy but the line between getting to have fun and addiction is that it's from getting too hooked up with having fun that you begin to get addicted to the game. I'm my opinion, they both interconnected. 

  2. I don't see anything wrong with taking energy drinks when playing games. In fact, if you are a heavy gamer who can go for long periods of time without taking some time off, those energy drinks will be very helpful. My favorite energy drink is red bull or power horse. 

  3. DU screen recorder is my favorite so far. It's very easy to use with no ads and very compatible with almost all smartphone devices. There are some screen recorder that are designed to work well with a particular smartphone device. For example, Moziben works only for Samsung devices. 

  4. Mostly, I find it more convenient for me to use my tablet to watch my favorite YouTube channels for the game videos that will help me to get the best tips on how to successfully play my game well. 

    When you are subscribed to a very good YouTube video game channel, you will be able to learn a lot from it in a very short time to help you out with your gaming. 

  5. Hello everyone, I'm Anachiwo and it's truly my pleasure to be a part of this special forum. I'm very interested in learning more about games and how to get the best out of any game I play. 

    I hope to learn a lot from this community. 

    Thank you all for your help. 

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