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  1. Eh, they don't really seem to like people in multiplayer hiding that much from each other. I'm just glad you can have your apartment or garage as a starting point in the sessions if you wish. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be against it. Although to be honest, I'd rather see more variety on the ones we can access already, a lot of apartments and garages look almost the same. So long they can add more unique stuff to those new buildings it would be pretty cool.

  2.  So guys, something I really like playing videogames is that sensation when you can crack a puzzle that seemed difficult, defeat a very hard boss, doing something really smooth and badass or simply having the luck of the Irish trying to wing something out, haha. 

     For example, long ago back when I was with my Gameboy, I remember being stuck in a room full of Jars while playing Link's Awakening. I tried many things. I tried to find the dumb switch or the hidden puzzle everywhere. It just eluded me. At some point, I decided to smash a pot against that damn door, and straight after I just hear the the door being unlocked  with the right-answer fanfare. My frustration melted with laughter.

     I am sure you all got some of those moments to share too, those moments that made you feel really good and proud. So share them with us. 
    Anything that made you feel proud. Those crowning achievements of your gamer life.

  3. I think a vertical tower might not be very practical for some Television cabinets. With Smart TVs getting bigger not everyone got space at the top. Hopefilly alternative positions can be used, like happened with other past consoles that could be used horizontal or vertical.

    That said, I am here for the games, so I don't really care that much if the shape is too appealing or not, so long it works well and the ports make sense and won't cause problems for the console or ourselves, I am happy. I just don't want it to be difficult to connect stuff and that it runs smoothly.

    I think that having a bigger console in exchange of proper back compatibility is more than fine if it means that will work without shortening the life of the console unnecessarily. It'll help clear space and give use to the games I got and might want to get from past consoles.

  4. I guess different strokes for different folks. I didn't know about the suicide rates, but it is not hard to make sense of it. I would imagine that to think a game, even one aiming for realism , cannot compare to the real stress of having your and livelihood and family well being depend on how well or bad it goes with some many elements out of your control you have to be prepared to mitigate as best as you can. In that sense, I guess it won't be that big of a deterrent for some.

    As for the appeal, well some people that have heard about farming but never had any experience with it might be curious and really want to experiment and live a fantasy of starting witha farm and learning some of the things that would involve the daily and seasonal routines.

    For other people might be that they actually grew up near a farm and games like this brings them some nostalgia. 

    Then some people might really like to feel accomplished and independent and this game might appeal to them because it helps them feel like they are doing that.

  5. On 11/6/2019 at 12:43 AM, kingpotato said:

    Those are good points, I personally I'm still thinking about getting the Switch lite , I dont know I think its the portability design that attracts me , but getting the regular switch makes more sense.

    Hahah. I think if you don't think you'll miss the dock and are okay sacrificing a few features for that portability, I think that's alright if you think you don't need to spend more.


    On 11/6/2019 at 2:42 AM, Alyxx said:

    The joycon drifting issue has been extremely overblown. A very small number of people actually experience them afaik.

    Well, I can't talk for others but I haven't had a good experience with them. I got the console in launch, and the joycons lasted over 6 months. Some say most of the problems were with the first batches of them and that Nintendo reinforced them. So after almost two years with the switch I cave in when the drifting happens in both joycons and finally buy myself another par. Mind you I would clean them, recalibrate and try the tutorials, nothing really worked because for many if the drifting is not because of dust it is just the dome that protects some parts bends and causes false inputs and dead zones, if I understand correctly. If I treated my first pair okay I can ensure you I was almost keeping the yellow ones I bought next with extreme care, yet by two months in I had the same issue. I dunno if I got unlucky or it is something by zone, where some areas might be more susceptible to get weaker joycons. Or heck even if no matter how much I cover them, clean them and treat them gently I am missing something here. But in my experiences the quality that Nintendo used to offer has gone really down with these things and that Nintendo decides to go ahead creating a console where you can't take them off without first ensuring to fix that problem was very surprising to me. So I don't think it is as small of an issue and it is a huge turn off for me, because since I don't live in the US I can't just mail my console for free if that happens.

    Anyway now that the console has been out for a while, if you guys got it, do you feel it was worth it?

    Do you think it might be a good alternative from the original switch?

  6. Various of these emulators are mostly focused so you can play mobile games in your PC. Some even offer options to map a controller. Surprisingly there are quite a few options and many of them free. I haven't tried them yet but I am very tempted. A friend dabbling into speed running, recommended me to use Bluestacks, since she uses to capture her gameplay on the computer so I am thinking I might give that one a try.

    A while ago I had another interesting application called "Andy" that was like a stream of the screen of my mobile into my computer. Back in the day I got it because it seemed cool to just use the mobile as a control while I saw the game in a bigger screen. I'm sure it's changed since I last tried it, but I am still interested on it, simply because that means I could use all the communication apps thought for the phone including having WhatsApp video calls while on my computer, since the actual PC version of the app doesn't offer that.

    Back into the games I haven't had anything too demanding for my phone so bluestacks could help me test more action oriented games too.

    Have you guys ever tried a mobile emulator on your computers?

    What games did you play with it?

    Did the emulator work well for you?

  7. Oh, that gets my attention because I am just getting into the franchise, though it doesn't seem like it is showing something too pulling other than a few weapons. The areas themselves doesn't seem that unique in comparison to the ones I saw in Diablo III.
    I guess it is nice that it is going to be some month before we hear more about it, haha. This works in my favour so I can progress with the one I got. I doubt I would be buying it from release. I'd only do that to play with my friend.

    On 2/9/2020 at 1:38 AM, The Blackangel said:

    Diablo and Diablo II were great games, while Diablo III was a rancid piece of festering dog vomit. So I'm not putting much faith in this one. It does look like it has possible potential that it could be an ok MMORPG, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

    I am pretty interested to hear on your comments and the community regarding why Diablo III was so bad. I unfortunately never tried the console and I only got Diablo III a few days ago, but I've seen my friend play for quite a bit. I'm doing the campaign. What things have changed that the first two games had? What do you wish it was back? I would really like to know what was that change of direction and and, from what you guys see, how come it is not working out.

  8. Hey guys, I was wondering what are some of the games you like to pop up into your devices when you are feeling frustrated and need to lower your levels of stress or frustration.

    For me a game I go to for that is Hyrule Warriors. I like making quick missions and just kills hordes of enemies. I think that really helps when I am frustrated. I just got recently introduced to Diablo III by a dear friend and boy,  the game seems so much fun I had to buy it  as soon as I saw it at a discounted price. I saw it and knew it could be another option to just kills stuff around, haha.

    If it is about trying to calm down then I try relaxing things like some farm life simulators such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Anything no competitive and soothing. Specially if I am worrying and anxious. I think Breath of the Wild has also helped me with this.

    What about you guys? What kind of games do you like to play when you are feeling frustrated or stressed out?

  9. Well, I was pretty sure I had read Nintendo relaxed a bit on that.I found an article from The Verge


    “As long as you follow some basic rules, we will not object to your use of game play footage and/or screenshots captured from games for which Nintendo owns the copyright in the content you create for appropriate video and image sharing sites,” a statement on Nintendo’s website reads. [...] Those rules include providing unique commentary or “creative input.” That means Let’s Plays or live-streams that include some original commentary are acceptable.

    As for the Dolphin I haven't really used it, then again right now all my computers have Windows 10 installed.
    I recently visit one of my best friends and he uses it so he was showing me some gameplay from Xenoblade Chronicles.
    I'm curious about the emulator, so maybe I'll give it a try later on.

  10. I think I lean towards the idea that is not worth it, at least not for me.

    One of the reasons that makes me hesitant is that apparently the joy con drifting problem is present in these consoles too. At least in a normal switch, buying another par of joycons can be an option but with the Lite, they are part of the console, so you are stuck with them.

    many of the points @Alyxx makes also I find them as reasons to stick with the original switch. Portability is already there, getting it second hand you might get more than just $100 discount and if you make the habit to dock it while it is not in use, you will have it charged whenever you need to go out. 


  11. It is not easy to find a good balanced game, you can see how many of them are just trying to hook you in order for you to grind forever and decide to spend real money with some of their rare articles and stuff.  There are a few games I've kept playing for years and some others I just stopped once I changed devices. I don't really do hard graphics gaming experience, I am happy with little platforming, puzzles and such.

    I never tried Q*bert but it is my understanding it is a classic o I am definitely checking that out.


  12. Console wise, yes. WE just got a lovely original X-Box that is working well so I intend to juice the hell out of that. I skipped this console back in the day so it is ice to have a touch for it. I bought an Atari 2600 game too from my childhood: Skiing. 

    Now about games, I had a fixation for Final Fantasy 9 because back in the PS days, we accidentally broke our third disk for the game and that was really heart breaking for me. I bought it digitally where I could until I realized what I was doing and had to keep myself in check with it, with the remakes of FF coming to the Switch I can't deny it is tempting...

    Tht said for many of the switch games, they are usually cheaper in the other consoles, steam or older devices, so I think it is better to compare before spending our money.

  13. I am not sure what to expect, it is nice that Capcom is involved,  though I don't understand why lately it seems to be a fixation for videogames to be "live action". I am not sure how they will adapt it. Even Disney remakes are falling short because they are not sure how to take advantage of the medium they are choosing to retell their stories, so I really hope they can capture the essence of the series and can translate it well rather than just blind action sequences. 

    Between that and Monster Hunters, probably the second would be easier to adapt. I guess we'll have to wait before we can get to see some images on what Megaman and crew would actually look like.

  14. I'm sure we all have an idea of how we rank the different controllers we have come across during the years. From the Arcade ones all the way to this generation. Some controllers adapted better to our hands and felt smooth while some others became kind of a pain to hold for long. 

    For many Smash players, it seems like the GameCube controller is still their absolute favourite. When you stop and think that it is going to be almost 20 years since the controller came out and it is still being manufactured for the switch, it must stand with good cause many regards it with as much regard.

    So guys, If you could choose only one controller that you could plug on every console and computer to play every game you ever wanted, which control would that be?


  15. I don't know how common this is, but I was talking with my friend and discussing how things have changed with gaming since we were little, and he mentioned to me about a skating game that basically if you went to buy it today from a retro shop you'd be screwed, because it turned out the disc only had half of the game and if you didn't download the remaining half online then you simply wouldn't be able to start and play a game. Basically, without it, that game is a useless piece of plastic.

    Then on the switch a few years back we heard of the Basketball game, that even if you bought physical, you still needed a big chunk of space to download in your console. In this case, some case can be made about the cartridge format, then again we've seen gorgeous games running well on the switch, so it still seems like a bit too much for me.

    I just really hope this is not something will be on the raise, I can't help my suspicions that perhaps some companies do this as a way to combat trading older copies once they move to the next generation so we can buy their virtual versions.

  16. There are some games that have the reputation to have artificial or fake difficulty. For many people real difficulty is challenging and rewarding, because it feels you are in control, many times you understand the theory but the practice requires you to build skill and you know that when you fail it is because a mistake you did.

    When you die and feel the game is being unfair to you, it might be a fluke of bad programming in a part, but if you often feel like the game wasn't being fair then it could be relying a bit too much into artificial difficulty.

    Some examples of cheap difficulty:
    - A game deliberately spaces more than expected save points in order to force you go through a hard portion of it again.
    - Missions that depend on luck.
    - An article that you can only get the first time and otherwise is missable.
    - Being forced to beat a level with an specific character for not other reason than increase the difficulty.
    - The boss has a wipe-everyone movement activated by luck.
    - Changing genres in the middle of the game.
    - False edges to jump onto, depth perception tricks.
    - Only being able to pass a zone by trial an error (in essence you'll have to die to uncover the right answer little by little)
    - Extreme Rubber-band where the AI has to do things that are not possible in order to catch up with you.
    - Different physics for you and AI characters (for example your attacks won't pass through an asset but theirs will)

    Do you guys can think of any games with artificial difficulty? Maybe there's a moment that has stuck with you. Or maybe tehre is a game that you know is pretty much known to be difficult through cheap difficulty.

  17. I think for me hate is a strong word, there were consoles I liked more than others and quite a few I skipped either willingly, for lack of money or for ignorance of their existence.

    From the consoles I ever owned, I think the Nintendo DSi would be the one I really didn't see the appeal of it at all. The Nintendo DS already had a "Lite" version, and then a year after Nintendo reveal DSi, that had a better camera and few whistles. Not long after that, the next portable came out to be the 3DS which added more to that feeling of unfinished that the DSi had for me. I think it was just the prototype for the 3DS and that for people that just spent on it it probably felt bad seeing a new console being released and realizing the shed money on upgrading a console that was for a generation on its way out.

    If we include everything, including what I haven't played in that list of what I dislike, I think the PS1 Mini could be a good example of recent time console that doesn't get what worked for the trend emerging and instead gives the impression that it tries to make quick buck by thinking on their base as chumps that will pay anything for the nostalgia and still miss bring the catalogue of games that actually would wake up said nostalgia.

  18. It is kind of silly to expect people to get from the beginning the rules that will work on everything. There will always be new situations that were not placed into consideration before and being able to recognize them and adapt is very important to keep the scene fresh and fair. People pre[pare really hard for these competitions and you don't want as a viewer nor them as the participants to feel cheated out of their places. 

    For people like me, not too much into competitive fighting like that, many of those rules might seem a bit too strict but most of the times are because I ignore what type of unexpected play brought them into action. Even when a rule is brought up to prevent a past controversy, the new rule might need to go through a few matches of trial and error to ensure it is not restricting more than what it is trying to preserve. 

    Patches and new techniques make it a necessity to keep reevaluating rules and making sure they still apply. 

  19. We tended to play games recommended for our age for the most part so I didn't have to deal with that worry directly.

    There was a time where Anime was sweeping Mexico and rumours about being it and other cartoons being satanic shook up many homes. However I did have fear of losing my games back in the Nintendo 64 days. One day coming from school I found my anime stuff gone, including some Dragon Ball Z and Ranma 1/2 posters I really cherished. Since my mother threw everything by proxy, with pokemon being one of the targetted franchises as satanic in a time where the Internet wasn't as widespread so people believed the most outlandish claims like Pikachu meaning 1000 times better than God (when it is more play on the onomatopoeia of the noise of the thunder (Pika) and the squeal of a mouse (chu). I thought because of it My Smash brothers would be in danger and if that was the game by proxy any character including Link, so I was terrified for a while she'd get rid of my Zelda games. It never came to the case and once I explained to her whatever little I know on how a lot of the claims were all made up, she really didn't mind me watching anime or playing games and she even saw the appeal of the cartoon. 

  20. I hadn't even considered the game but I seriously enjoyed seeing how they introduced him in that trailer, as I did enjoy that he did the presentation, he seemed nervous but he handled it really nicely, even catching that compliment and giving it right back, haha. Pretty neat. And the second trailer with the release date was what seemed to be closer to actual gameplay. 

  21. Do you guys actually do parties and use functions like Share Play?

    I tried it a little with a friend and it has come in handy. the only downside, although I figure is by design, is that it creates copies in the menu to start the games you see someone else share with you, regardless if you own them already or not. if you don't own them they'd have a lock.

    If you guys use share play, what kind of games do you usually use it with?

    In share, it is also possible to pass the controller, as a host , have you let a guest get the controller?

  22. So, apparently, Shenmue 3 is releasing in November of this year. Which is pretty exciting for fans that enjoyed the original two games in the Dreamcast, or enjoyed the recent posts. I know there's a collection of the two past games on the PS4, so it is pretty neat the third game will also be available in the PS4.

    On the PC version, it seems things are not going so smoothly. The game has come to fruition in part because of a Kickstarter in which there was a survey asking where they would rather their copy to release on the PS4 or steam with a confirmation on their emails. Apparently on the emails where they detailed the requirements to run the game the included the Steam launcher. So the recent announcement where it has been confirmed that for the PC Shenmue 3 will be exclusive at launch for Epic game store did not sit well for many backers. Some of them are asking for either Steam Key on day 1 or their money back.

    This is their kickstarter statement:


    PC Version Epic Games Store Exclusive!

    We are happy to announce that Shenmue III for PC will be will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Development for Shenmue III has been moving forward using Unreal Engine and the support we have received from Epic has been excellent. But most importantly, in looking for the most enjoyable experience on PC, it was decided together with Deep Silver after much discussion that the Epic Games Store would be the best distribution platform option.  

    Anyway, what do you guys think of the game and the whole Epic Games Store situation?

  23. There will be a Pokemon Direct very shortly by Nintendo.
    It will last 15 minutes and will be about information concerning their newest Pokemon games for the switch:
    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

    I'll leave the link to event in the Nintendo Youtube Channel.

    I am too tired, so I don't think I will watch it live, still, it will be interesting to hear your thoughts on whatever they reveal here.

    Did you end up watching it live? 
    Did it change your perception of these games?

  24. On 7/22/2018 at 3:05 PM, fantanoice said:

    Also the controller is a lot bigger than NES / SNES, with an analogue stick that pokes out. That would make it difficult to make a 'mini' version.

    I hadn't even thought about that. The controllers are a bit heavy and chunky but if they make the controller lighter or smaller then it won't feel like the original console. Not sure how would they proceed.

    On 4/30/2019 at 3:33 AM, Excalibur said:

    Yeah, the whole thing is pretty unlikely as it is, but assuming they could work out something with Rare / Microsoft, then if Nintendo were to get in any hot water because of Conker's content Nintendo could always just say it was part of the deal with Microsoft or something like that, I agree though, they probably would try to leave it off to avoid any drama.

    The thing is that not including CBF while other rare games make it would also lead to drama, hahaha.

    As for me, I don't think it is coming at all, and I pretty much think without Rareware I probably won't be that interested. I rather just get the real console and play that instead. 

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