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    Kaynil got a reaction from Rebel-scum8298 in Share Play   
    Do you guys actually do parties and use functions like Share Play?

    I tried it a little with a friend and it has come in handy. the only downside, although I figure is by design, is that it creates copies in the menu to start the games you see someone else share with you, regardless if you own them already or not. if you don't own them they'd have a lock.

    If you guys use share play, what kind of games do you usually use it with?

    In share, it is also possible to pass the controller, as a host , have you let a guest get the controller?
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    Kaynil reacted to Crazycrab in Xbox Series X Shape   
    From what I understand the unit will sit hoirzonally allthough I could see allot of issues with width for many TV units.
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    Kaynil got a reaction from Crazycrab in Xbox Series X Shape   
    I think a vertical tower might not be very practical for some Television cabinets. With Smart TVs getting bigger not everyone got space at the top. Hopefilly alternative positions can be used, like happened with other past consoles that could be used horizontal or vertical.

    That said, I am here for the games, so I don't really care that much if the shape is too appealing or not, so long it works well and the ports make sense and won't cause problems for the console or ourselves, I am happy. I just don't want it to be difficult to connect stuff and that it runs smoothly.

    I think that having a bigger console in exchange of proper back compatibility is more than fine if it means that will work without shortening the life of the console unnecessarily. It'll help clear space and give use to the games I got and might want to get from past consoles.
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    Kaynil reacted to skyfire in Best defense against video game rage?   
    I think not expecting much from games and the players in it. That's the only way we can avoid rage. That's what we do in real life too. We don't hold much expectations from people and system. And so we control our rage in real life. Same applies in games too. 
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    Kaynil reacted to killamch89 in Best defense against video game rage?   
    I just remind myself that it is a game, it is meant to be fun, don't take it too seriously and it has helped me deal with all kinds of situations while playing video games for years.
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    Kaynil reacted to The Blackangel in What would it take to get you to play an online game?   
    It would take one simple thing to get me to play online. A minimum of one million USD, PER HOUR.
    If that psychotic sum doesn't show people how much I hate online gaming, nothing will. But if some jackass is willing to pay it, then all I will ever play is online games.
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    Kaynil reacted to kingpotato in The Elder Scrolls Blades   
    Yep basically you need to pay for loot chests you already earned in a quest.
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    Kaynil reacted to kingpotato in What to expect for the Free games of Play Station PLUS on 2020   
    Fuck yeah it is Bioshock the collection!!! I'm going to be playing Bioshock 2 and Infinite first, I already own the first Bioshock.

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    Kaynil got a reaction from StaceyPowers in Cheap Difficulty   
    There are some games that have the reputation to have artificial or fake difficulty. For many people real difficulty is challenging and rewarding, because it feels you are in control, many times you understand the theory but the practice requires you to build skill and you know that when you fail it is because a mistake you did.

    When you die and feel the game is being unfair to you, it might be a fluke of bad programming in a part, but if you often feel like the game wasn't being fair then it could be relying a bit too much into artificial difficulty.

    Some examples of cheap difficulty:
    - A game deliberately spaces more than expected save points in order to force you go through a hard portion of it again.
    - Missions that depend on luck.
    - An article that you can only get the first time and otherwise is missable.
    - Being forced to beat a level with an specific character for not other reason than increase the difficulty.
    - The boss has a wipe-everyone movement activated by luck.
    - Changing genres in the middle of the game.
    - False edges to jump onto, depth perception tricks.
    - Only being able to pass a zone by trial an error (in essence you'll have to die to uncover the right answer little by little)
    - Extreme Rubber-band where the AI has to do things that are not possible in order to catch up with you.
    - Different physics for you and AI characters (for example your attacks won't pass through an asset but theirs will)
    Do you guys can think of any games with artificial difficulty? Maybe there's a moment that has stuck with you. Or maybe tehre is a game that you know is pretty much known to be difficult through cheap difficulty.
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    Kaynil reacted to kingpotato in Dolphin Emulator for Nintendo Games   
    Well a little to late for me to know that 😆 well back then my pc was not in the best conditions and it wasnt worth it anymore so I just opted for the quickest and cheapest option.
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    Kaynil reacted to Alyxx in Switch Lite worth buying?   
    Depends on several factors. The biggest question should be if you think the lower pricepoint is worth it for sacrificing the dock ability. If you're only gonna use the console in handheld mode anyway then yes, it's worth grabbing.
    Thing is you can grab a second hand regular Switch for even less than a new Switch Lite if you make a good deal and get more functionality for less money so I dunno. It just depends on what you want I suppose.
    And if you already own a regular Switch and want a secondary Switch to only use in handheld mode then I suppose it could be worth it for that but why waste money on that when the regular Switch's entire selling point is its portability?
    I dunno, it's up to you and your particular needs.
    Just beware that the Lite cannot do anything the Switch cannot do. It's literally the same system. There aren't any exclusive games for it.
    And personally I've never had issues with the original Switch battery life. I only use it for short periods of time on trips anyway, it supports USB which means I can take a power bank with me and charge it on the go if I need to. And in docked mode the battery life problem is basically non-existent since it's being powered so.. that whole thing is a non-issue for me.
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    Kaynil reacted to The Blackangel in Good mobile games   
    I got Q*Bert recently. I never knew it was available on mobile. Since then I've been playing it constantly. Which is nothing new. I have it on Atari and NES. I've played it like a fiend since I was a kid. It's way up on the list for all time favorite games for me.
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    Kaynil reacted to killamch89 in Video Editor for Android   
    I have tried both Adobe Premiere Clip and Filmora Go and have found those 2 to be the best in terms of offering a great video editing experience on a mobile device. My pick would go slightly in the favor of Filmora as it is the more affordable option.
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    Kaynil reacted to Alyxx in Most referenced video game lines you use in ordinary conversation?   
    "Your base are belong to us." - Zero Wing
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    Kaynil reacted to killamch89 in Most referenced video game lines you use in ordinary conversation?   
    "Ah shit. Here we go again" - CJ GTA San Andreas.
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    Kaynil reacted to StaceyPowers in Most referenced video game lines you use in ordinary conversation?   
    Are there any video game lines you incorporate into conversation a lot?
    For example, I have a tendency to say “would you kindly” when making requests a lot, although only people who played BioShock know that I am making a joke. Everyone else has no idea why I seem to say it in italics.
    @Alyxx @kingpotato @The Blackangel @killamch89 @skyfire @Executor Akamia @DylanC
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    Kaynil reacted to killamch89 in Absolute Worse Games In History (Not By Opinion)   
    Quite the contrary, if you read the comics you'd know that Superman is incredibly overpowered to the point he can phase through objects. The game is just replicating that...🤣
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    Kaynil got a reaction from Aerielle del Rosario in Games that were inspired by a true story   
    I don't know any, so I was coming hoping to find some information on some games and how they were inspired by a true story.
    I am sure there must be some games that have an origin by inspiration like that.

    That Jonestown Massacre is a sad story. When it seems that even babies and kids were part of the mass suicide. A lot of abuse was going on too. 
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    Kaynil reacted to StaceyPowers in Lines from video games you say constantly IRL   
    Are there any video game dialogue lines that you’ve heard so many times you say them habitually IRL?
    For me, there’s this line that your character says constantly in Dragon Age: Origins if you pick the “aggressive” voice: “Let me get you a ladder so you can get off my back!” I find myself saying that at the slightest excuse day in and day out.
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    Kaynil reacted to SpaceExplorer in Keanu Reeves In Cyberpunk 2077!!!   
    I'm excited about the April release, but I was half expecting it would be released on July 7th. You know, 20/7/7. 🙂
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    Kaynil reacted to SpaceExplorer in Keanu Reeves In Cyberpunk 2077!!!   
    I'd release it as soon as possible, tbh, but I was talking about the game being called Cyberpunk 2077 and it being released on 20/7/7. It's basically free marketing (as if they need it anymore). 
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    Kaynil reacted to killamch89 in Hide your pottery   
    Wait so why should I hide my pottery again? Are you some kind of pottery smasher? - you fiend!🤣
    Welcome to VGR mate.
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    Kaynil got a reaction from kingpotato in Pokemon Direct   
    There will be a Pokemon Direct very shortly by Nintendo.
    It will last 15 minutes and will be about information concerning their newest Pokemon games for the switch:
    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

    I'll leave the link to event in the Nintendo Youtube Channel.
    I am too tired, so I don't think I will watch it live, still, it will be interesting to hear your thoughts on whatever they reveal here.

    Did you end up watching it live? 
    Did it change your perception of these games?
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    Kaynil reacted to DylanC in Have you ever completed 100% on a game?   
    I probably need to get our more, lol.
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    Kaynil reacted to The Blackangel in Have you ever completed 100% on a game?   
    I could almost say Ocarina Of Time, but my problem is that I'm a lousy shot with the bow and slingshot. So, I've never gotten the biggest quiver or seed bag. But that also kept me from getting a couple heart pieces as well. So I'm almost there, but not quite. Hell just killing big poes to get the 4th bottle was a pain in the ass for me.
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