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    Kaynil reacted to kingpotato in What do you think of Reggie resigning?   
    We will never forget the memes "my body is ready"😆
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    Kaynil reacted to Folk Artist in Health Problems and Gaming   
    I would not worry about getting to a sweaty gym everyday to workout so much, but just try to include exercise into your daily routine - and you could start out at just 30 minutes a day. You could ride your bike to the store or hike to the park, or just exercise around your house to simplify your daily routine.
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    Kaynil got a reaction from kingpotato in WHY???   
    I think there are different reasons for people not to keep their past systems, some of them might find easier to afford the new system by trading the old one to make the gap smaller. Then you have the people that have to move a lot so they can't really juggle all the consoles even if they wanted to own them. There are other gamers that are more of one time experiences and are satisfied passing the games once so once a new console comes they most likely feel they have juiced the console to their satisfaction. I guess we all just don't see gaming in the same way, it is not wrong, just different.

    As for me, I love my classics. I moved countries and I still tried to hunt down the consoles and games from my childhood. There is something, some joy I can get from holding a genuine controller and cartridge. It helps me retreat to my safe zone. I am lucky my partner feels the same way because our living room is basically a modern and a CRT TV plugged to a bunch of different consoles from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Switch. 
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    Kaynil reacted to DC in Hide your pottery   
    Welcome to VGR! 🙂
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    Kaynil reacted to Alexander. in Hide your pottery   
    Welcome Kaynil. Glad to see you have joined us here at VGR Forums. 
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    Kaynil got a reaction from DC in Hide your pottery   
    Hey guys, how is it going?
    I'm Kaynil and I enjoy gaming, especially Nintendo. I am having a blast with my Switch!
    I bet you'll never guess what's my favourite franchise from them. 😂
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