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    Regov reacted to Moony Burbage in What's Your Favorite Glitch?   
    The baby on the grill glitch in The Sims 2, which would allow you to grill the baby and then eat it. 
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    Regov reacted to SpaceExplorer in Space games   
    I agree! EVE Online is really good and if you're looking for an MMO, I'd definitely recommend EVE. I play it from time to time. Haven't played in a while, though.
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    Regov got a reaction from killamch89 in What are popular games right now?   
    World of Warcraft is still on frist place, something around 7 mln players.
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    Regov reacted to skyfire in Opening a Gaming Store   
    I think opening a game store in the age and time of the digital download does not sound like good investment. Instead store that hosts the esports tournament. And also charges some fee can be a good option in such case. 
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