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  1. So, I record for my YouTube channel with PS Share. Ghetto but works. 

    Now, I'm wondering if anyone knows if you can use PS Share with games you play via Playstation Now?

    I've already done the trial in the past, so I'd have to spend money to find out. LOL. 

    I've tried googling with zero answers found. So PLEASE, someone let me know!!

  2. I saw the worst game advertisement thread (Which I'm very much enjoying reading), and it gave me a thought. I figured I'd make a whole thread about it.

    We've seen MANY games suffer from bad advertising/promoting from their developers and/or companies that are over said developers.

    Is there a certain game that comes to mind that stands out from the rest?

  3. I think it comes down to a couple of things.

    1. Are you a small time developer getting a game licensed through you from a big time developer, such as Bethesda?

    2. Are you brand new to the scene as an individual? I think in that case you take anything you can get lol.

    3. Is it possible that you signed onto a project that you originally were told was gonna be lengthy in development, but then you get word that it's shrunk?

    I don't know, just food for thought!

  4. From a score standpoint, either the previously mentioned Skyrim,

    Halo 2 (Seriously, that level where the Breaking Benjamin song came on during a big fight was bada$$), 

    Zelda OOT (I still will randomly whistle Saria's song to myself for no particular reason haha), 

    OR Banjo-Kazooie (Simply for the cartoonish style that was awesome to listen to as a kid)

    From a music soundtrack standpoint, for sure Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. That game got me into some killer music as a kid!

    Honorable mentions:

    Pokemon red/blue, Madden NFL 06, Zelda Majora's Mask, Super Mario Bros (It's the first gaming music I can remember), Super Mario Odyssey, Dragon Age: Origins, Previous Elder Scrolls installments need love too.

  5. GREAT topic. I had to really think about it. I had to look over all my vast video game collection. Lol I've always had good luck doing research about games before I buy. That being said, I can give some thoughts:

    Watch Dogs 1- Everyone knows what went wrong with this game. Graphics not what they were supposed to be, average story telling, features promised that weren't there. I hear Watch Dogs 2 really improved on things, so maybe I'll check it out one of  these days. Especially, since Watch Dogs 3 is expected to be announced at E3. Anywho.

    Mass Effect Andromeda- Yeahhh....the game was broken. I went in before release having low expectations and it hit. Graphically speaking, it was a shIt show. Story was horrible in comparison to the original trilogy. If it was a stand alone title with no other game to compare to.....not a terrible story I suppose. Anyone that has played this game AND the original trilogy, know all about this. If I had bought this for $30 after all the patches, I probably wouldn't have even listed it here.

    Call of Duty WWII- I should of known better. Lol. Campaign, especially in comparison to World at War, was super PG and almost romanticized war. Maybe that's just me. Multiplayer was terrible. My first COD since I believe Black Ops 2? And my last since. I. Should. Have. Known. Better. 😂

    That's all I got out of my collection of Xbox One and PS4 games. If I still had all my older gen games, I'd probably be able to think of more. I'm sure others will post and remind me. 


  6. Like the title says, I preordered World War Z in order to post gameplay on my YouTube channel. I went today to go pick it up from Best Buy and they didn't have any copies. She even asked me a second time to make sure I actually preordered it. Then, I suggested, "Well, why don't I just pick it up in the city next to ours? I'm heading that way for my night class anyway!" She then tells me that none of the Best Buys in the district have a copy.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else...? Ever? Haha. I know it's not a TRIPLE A game, but still! 

  7. 6 hours ago, UleTheVee said:

    Anyways, I didn't complete the last post. The TALOS Headset has noise supression and the microphone doesn't catch any sounds that aren't from my keyboard (Tbf though, it's pretty loud). So yeah, this is the deal. My headset costed me only 800 pesos (40 USD) so I am pretty sure you can find that kind of headset on your own.

    Talos huh? I'll check it out! Thanks so much!

  8. 21 minutes ago, UleTheVee said:

    It depends on what you do with your headsets. Like, if you have the fandirectly pointed at you, the mic will pick up the sound inevitably unless you have Noise Supression enabled.

    The AC vent is pointed to the wall of the tv. Like parallel to me. If that makes sense. Lol. Do the mics themselves have the noise suppression option?

  9. Not sure if this is the best place for this question BUT,

    I use PS4 Share to record Gaming Walkthroughs for my YouTube channel. I use a cheaper Turtle Beach headset to do Audio for it. That being said, it picks up pretty decent feedback from the AC vent in my apartment. Would upgrading to a better quality of headset help with this or is it irrelevant?

    Any input would be super helpful.

    Thanks guys!

  10. Hello everybody! I'm a 27 year old from the Gulf Coast area that goes by Memphis online! I've got an Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch.

    I've also got a YouTube Channel called, Bargain Bin Gaming, if anyone would like to check it out! 

    I'm looking forward to discussing all things gaming!



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