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  1. The amount that FIFA was demanding for the name and partnership was absurd. Whilst I don't like the new name they have chosen, I like that they didn't just go ahead with it. Now FIFA can enjoy not having that money because not many developers will be able to quickly start a new football game that rivals EA's version.
  2. I mean, I've been using it on Android and now on iOS and they do pay when they send me some surveys. It might not be much but it does work. On iOS, since you can't spend money on the Play Store, they offer payments via PayPal instead.
  3. Darth

    Last Game Played

    Apex Legends. Tried out the Arenas mode for the first time and it was a lot of fun! I had no idea that they had a 3v3 game mode in it but it's awesome. It's like Valorant which I've tried before but it's better for me since it's on console so I can perform better since I am used to the PS5 controller.
  4. Well by signing up to the Google Rewards app, you're obviously giving them permission to use your location data to ask relevant questions. I mean, I'm sure Google is using that data anyone whenever you turn on your location setting on your phone so might as well get rewarded for it.
  5. The idea is quite cool and the concept of these play-to-earn games are nice as well. But if it's like the other PTE games where you have to invest quite a bit at the start to actually play the game, I would have to avoid it as well. I wonder if they will give away a free horse for people that sign up early when they open registration
  6. The financial aspect would make the most sense. I would imagine gaming companies are just not willing to pay a lot for voice actors and celebrities as voice actors would just be a bit too expensive. I don't mind this, to be honest. I think it's always a bit more interesting to see unique characters that developers/designers come up with
  7. Ignoring any educational stuff, I would probably go for one with a massive open world like Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption 2. It would be crazy to experience such a big game like that when I was younger especially with how good it looks and how good the gameplay is in both games.
  8. I've been using it for a while, both on Android and iOS and haven't experienced that as yet, to be fair. I think they want the data to see what your habits are and what types of things you're purchasing from places that you visit.
  9. Darth

    Last Game Played

    This game on iOS called Learn Poker. Looking to learn how to play it properly so this game will hopefully teach me about the different card combinations and hopefully a few useful tactics. Going to combine that with WSOP soon as well.
  10. Talking about in-app purchases, if you ever want to buy stuff in-game but are reluctant to spend your money, get Google Rewards. They will send out extremely short surveys from time to time based on where you have been recently. They give you Google Play credit which can be used for in-app purchases 😉
  11. Oh yeah, I'm sure there are loads on Android and iOS but I meant like a proper console game. Similar to bus simulator. The mobile games are not that fun to play in the long term especially with the touchscreen controls to drive the car.
  12. With FIFA, I like to just moan about the game and the other player if they're using some awful tactics to keep the win. Sometimes, just speaking out loud can help you calm down and realise how stupid you're being for getting mad at a game, especially a football one lol. Other times, I'll just do something else like watching a TV show to relax.
  13. A proper taxi simulator for console would be quite fun to see. But not an arcade one where you literally have to race around a map, breaking every traffic law there is to make sure you drop off your passenger on time. A bit more of a calm one, where you take your time and drive normally. Like bus simulators but with a taxi.
  14. Crossplay will never hurt a game really as long as PC gamers aren't included in it because of the hacking problem. It will help make matchmaking better since both PS and Xbox gamers will have more people to play with.
  15. It definitely can. I think it definitely helps relieve depression in people of all ages, to be fair but it definitely can be useful for older adults, especially ones that might be living by themselves. Playing games, experiencing a new world, and just achieving things in-game can help boost your mood massively
  16. I think it will. More games seem to be going down the cross-play route now especially with Sony being less strict regarding it. I think FIFA is experimenting with cross-play with the game modes except for Ultimate Team so hopefully we will see that later this year when FIFA 23 releases.
  17. I would guess that controllers would be wider since they could add more buttons to it that we could use. You would still have the thumbsticks and the other things on the left and right hand side. And then some additional buttons and controls in the middle for the third hand to use. Since most people would be used to 3 hands if they were born with it, I guess it wouldn't change much.
  18. A job I guess. The idea of being able to do something you choose and make money from it sounds great. But the reality is, for most people, you do a job that is available to you and you're not always paid what you're worth. And of course, you can't just spend all the money you make on things you like because life is expensive :(!
  19. I don't livestream although it was something that interested me when I was younger. It's just something I never bothered trying though because I didn't know how to get started. And now, it's probably too late since the streaming market is so saturated. I barely watch any livestreamers either, to be fair.
  20. Never. I avoid playing horror games because I know that I'm going to have trouble sleeping afterwards so I don't really have any nightmares from games. And in terms of sleepless nights from games, I don't think I've ever really thought about games whilst sleeping or have dreams related to them.
  21. It definitely depends on my mood and what other things I did on that day. When I'm in the right mood and I've been looking forward to playing a certain game, it can definitely be a very good part of your day. But I'm not someone that actively looks forward to gaming every single day, and for every single hour of that day.
  22. Darth

    Last Game Played

    8 Ball Pool on my phone. It's been a while since I last played it so it's going to take a little while to get used to it. But it's going to be fun trying to get better again especially when you play against real people from around the world. Might have to get a ruler out so I can make my shots accurately 😂
  23. Plus one on Heatman's suggestion to try out Overcooked. Both the first and second title are just amazing to play with family and friends although be prepared to start shouting at them too since it's quite stressful (in a good way :p). You can buy the Overcooked: All You Can Eat version which has both the first and second title and also a few next-gen updates which is quite nice.
  24. Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 for me. The hype for GTA V especially was just massive when it originally came out on the Xbox 360 and it just blew away everyone I think that played the game. It looked great, had a good story, and the online was just on another level when it was released.
  25. A lot of things happening at once I would guess especially in the massive ones like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. There are things going on in the background that we don't even know about. So obviously there are more things that can go wrong
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