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  1. Not at all. I think gaming is for everyone as long as you're interested in it. There are literally games for adults so I would think it's quite silly for people to think that games are only for little kids.
  2. The first one I ever played was Agar.io and it was quite funny. I've tried a few of the other .io games but never really played them a lot. It's fun for a few minutes but eventually it just gets boring. It's like this - https://agar.io/ Basically games on websites that have a .io domain extension
  3. I know it's not as popular since Modern Warfare was amazing but Cold War isn't too bad. It's quite fun. I didn't bother with Vanguard really because I prefer a modern setting for my shooters so hopefully the next COD will match that need
  4. I tend to play multiplayer games so I don't bother with design flaws or bugs to beat my opponents. It would just be boring and not fun to beat others by "cheating". I have use meta weapons/strategies to win though but I guess that is not really exploiting anything.
  5. It really does depend on what the task is and who the group is. Some tasks can be a lot better by yourself when you can just focus on what you need to do. Other times, it can be a lot more fun and entertaining to do it with other people to chat with and work alongside. That's as long as you're not stuck with a group that won't do any work of course.
  6. Darth


    As a kid, I loved reading fiction books especially fantasy based ones. I loved reading books from the Percy Jackson and Gone series and honestly, I could easily read them now without getting bored. I don't really read much books now due to a lack of time but I like to read biographies when I do have some time
  7. I've never really had any issues with walking or running in open world games. But it really does bug me when the game restricts your speed during a mission. It's usually when you have to follow another player who has to lead you somewhere and you're not allowed to walk faster than them.
  8. It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the future. Whilst as a kid it would be pretty cool, I'm not sure spending some school time on eSports is going to help much in the future especially as the eSports and content creator market is highly saturated right now.
  9. Do I like it? Not really. But honestly, it's not something that would result in me completing ignoring a particular game. As long as it's done in a tasteful and non-intrusive manner, I don't mind it (for now anyway). The problem of course is that this is only the first step. I'm sure they will trial this out and then slowly make it more intrusive and annoying for gamers.
  10. Darth

    Last Game Played

    Played a bit of F1 2021 again on the Xbox Series X after a long while. It feels a bit different to 2020 so it's taking a bit of time getting used to it. I decided to go for a driver career instead of starting a new team in the Team career mode.
  11. Unless it's someone special retro console, I just don't see the point in keeping them, to be honest especially with modern consoles being backwards compatible. I recently sold my PS4 because if I ever wanted to play a PS4 game again, I can just do that on the PS5. That way, I get a bit of extra money for the old PS4 and I clear up some space in my house too.
  12. It sounds amazing but it's not something that I take part in and honestly, not sure I would bother in the future either. I only keep gaming controllers that I actively use so if it's for an old console I don't have or it doesn't work, I will just get rid of it.
  13. I have a Samsung Galaxy Fit2 which I bought just because it was on sale and it was available at a great price. I've been using it almost every day as a sort of way to just remind me to stand up from time to time since I am working from home. It's sort of a temporary thing until I figure out whether or not I want a smart watch
  14. Tough one because there are some great racing games out there. But it would probably have to be Forza Horizon or F1 for me. It's hard for me to pick one out of the two I have mentioned since they are quite different. But Forza Horizon is amazing for a more arcade-like experience and then if you're in the mood for F1, that has a more realistic approach to racing which is quite fun
  15. Not sure if I have ever encountered a bug that has stopped me from completing playing a game. But I have encountered a few bugs that has stopped me from progressing in a certain part of the game where it requires me to start again to progress. Those are very annoying and if it keeps happening, I'll just quit and hope that it's a bug that will get resolved very soon by the developers.
  16. I mean, everyone loves different things so there's nothing wrong with not liking Red Dead Redemption 2. I'm not sure I agree with your point on westerns all feeling the same though. I honestly can't think of that many western games. And the truth is, so many other game genres have games that all feel the same so it can be hard to differentiate but I thought RDR2 did it well.
  17. Darth

    Last Game Played

    Some more Grand Theft Auto Online. I've been trying to focus on the missions from the new Agency DLC and it's really fun. It's quite nice to do some missions for Dr Dre since he's an actual person. It's been great to listen to some of the new music that he released exclusively for GTA V too.
  18. I'm trying to think of pets in games that I have played and I don't think there are many. The only one I can easily think of is Chop from Grand Theft Auto V. He was a pretty badass dog for Franklin and the fact that it's a realistic pet choice means I would probably pick him.
  19. I never played it but just watched some gameplay. Honestly, it's not even that bad considering it's on the PlayStation 1. It must have been really fun back then. I do play the modern F1 games on the Series X though since it's available for free on the Xbox Game Pass. It's amazing to see how far games have come when you compare the two
  20. It's crazy to see that Minecraft was the best selling game of all time. I know it was popular but I honestly would have thought it was Grand Theft Auto V considering they have managed to re-release it as a "new game" for two new console generations.
  21. Are there any recent examples of this that you could point out? Out of the major consoles, I honestly can't think of any that hasn't had a big enough upgrade to justify it being a new generation of consoles.
  22. I have not bothered with it but I know quite a few YouTubers like to do it to troll people around the map. I wish there was a consistent way of hiding your location on the map so that you don't have to keep calling Lester to hide your blip. That would make it a bit easier to do this in a lobby.
  23. Yeah, it's honestly amazing what they have done with it. And the developers that have taken full advantage of it have mostly done a great job too especially with racing games where you can feel the engine. Hopefully the next Xbox console has something like it as well.
  24. I'm just going to rate the ones that I have used personally. These are controllers I have either owned or have tried out a few times. DualSense (the best for me) > DualShock 4 > Series X > Xbox 360 > PS2 > PS1 > JoyCons.
  25. As someone mentioned near the top of the post, somewhere in the middle is probably the best place to be. It's always fun to start a new game where you are right at the bottom and have to work towards the top. GTA is a pretty good example of this. And it's fun to keep growing as you become a higher level.
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