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  1. Today is the release of Darksiders Genesis in PC and I really want to buy a key for darksiders genesis game. I saw the trailer on youtube and good comments/reviews about the game and I really think this could be a great game to play. This is honestly my first time to play darksiders and the story seems to be really exciting. I am also planning to buy the Darksiders Genesis Nephilim’s limited edition. Can anyone tell me if it's worth the buy? By the way, I am planning to buy the Darksiders Genesis key at steamkeycode site coz they sell it in a very low price and they seems to be legitimate. What yah think guys. Please give me some clue? Some of my friends preordered there already and is now very excited to get the key tomorrow to play the game. I am so damn jealous!! Lol! Source: https://steamkeycode.com/darksiders-genesis-cd-key-code-steam/
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