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  1. As is known to all, now we are in the midst of Bethesda's Fallout 76, and as in much older Fallout games, there are a lot of guns to find, including one-of-the-kind Black Powder Rifle. In Fallout 76 game, what is the Black Powder Rifle? And where can I find the Fallout 76 Black Powder Rifle? Keep reading, all you need to know about the rifle has been listed below. What Is The Black Powder Rifle In Fallout 76 Game? The Black Powder Rifle is not a Fallout 76 legendary weapon, but it is quite powerful, particularly for the early stages of this Fallout 76. It is largely a long-range version of the equally powerful Black Powder Pistol. It has got a nice range, and meanwhile, it can cause a great amount of damage. But please NOTICE, it would only fire one bullet at a time, with a relatively slow reload speed. Now In The Fallout 76 Game, You Can See The Full Black Powder Rifle Stats Below (In Alphabetical Order): *Accuracy: 71 *Ammunition: .50 Ball (can hold 16 bullets) *Damage: 180 *Fire Rate: 1 *Range: 204 *Value: 62 Fallout 76 Bottle Caps *Weight: 6 In Fallout 76 Game, Where Is The Black Powder Rifle Location? The very first thing that you need to know about the Black Powder Rifle is you can only find it as long as you are Level 15 or above. You can find this in the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. Now we have already highlighted this above in a map for you, so now you must know where we are on about. You can find the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery right towards the top of the map, almost directly in the center. It would be very easy to find. However, finding the Black Powder Rifle within the Cemetery is totally a different story. In Fallout 76, enter the building you see at the Cemetery and then take out the enemies, you will see a bunch of glass cabinets that you could open up and you could take whatever they include. There are cabinets on the ground floor, in the basement, and upstairs, of course. If now you are Level 15 or even higher you might find a Black Powder Rifle in one of them, if you can not find this weapon, which means somebody might just have taken one before you got there on the server. So in order to solve this problem, just reload the game and respawn into a different server until you find this incredible weapon.
  2. We all know that communication is vital to any healthy relationship. And I get a lot of news from the internet. said that since the release of Fallout 76 on November 14, 2018, the relationship between Bethesda and their fans has been more and more unsteady. That's very unfortunate. For the game itself, it seems there has a cyclical process of updating Fallout 76. New updates come out, some unexpected bugs appeared, bugs get exploited, players get punished, and then new updates roll out again...and the game is always doing the same repetitive thing. In order to change this situation, this time, Bethesda is using a different approach. They have claimed that the Fallout 76 community team is going to start livestreaming on Twitch and Mixer for their fans. The announcement came in the studio's latest "Inside the Vault " blog post; alongside details of the upcoming patch and the new 'Wild Appalachia' PvE content release. And Fallout 76 community team will be doing a Live stream on Twitch and Mixer and it will take place at 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET on February 22nd; this Friday. Anyway, this movement would absolutely help Bethesda to gain better communication with fans. So far, with five major bug-fixing patches have already released, and most of the game's biggest problems seemingly fixed; it seems that Bethesda is finally able to start working on post-launch content. The latest information we got is the new “Survival Mode” PvP (Player VS Player) mode is planned to release in March. And this is the first of the “Wild Appalachia” update. The latter one is obviously to be Bethesda’s first major content release of 2019. It will consist of weekly PvE updates spanning several months. Luckily, we are happy to see Bethesda will be able to use these Fallout 76 live streams to know what fans want to see going forward. Of course, after Fallout 76 released, the reputation of Bethesda studio has taken a severe blow. They urgently need to repair that relationship with their fans. However, the success of a recent patch which wiped out leftover duplicated items from a highly-problematic Fallout 76 exploits seems to have left fans pleased. And now this is probably a perfect time to start opening more directly communicate with fans and hearing from them about what the studio should aim for next and for me, as a super fan of Fallout 76, I hope they will not make the same "Fallout 76 caps glitch " mistake, cause when that bug appears, the bottle caps in your account would probably zero clearing or if they really make that mistake again, I sincerely hope they do not punish our accounts because that is not our fault. And we do not know whether those Fallout bottle caps are legal or not in advance, so why do we have to pay for the bill?
  3. As we all know, Fallout is one of the most popular RPG (Role Playing Game) video game series, this series games are set in post-apocalyptic America. A while ago, Bethesda just purchased Fallout and then they started off with the immensely popular Fallout 3 RPG game. Unexpectedly, this game quickly became a very success amongst both reviewers and players selling billions of copies and basically printing money for Bethesda. After creating such a huge accomplishment, Bethesda followed up with another success Fallout: New Vegas, but after this Fallout series, the Fallout series has been going downhill ever since. Fallout 4 did not do very well and for the next game of this series, Fallout 76, to some extent, it has been a massive failure. Now, if you are still wondering if Fallout 76 has gotten any better, here is the review you should take a look at it. First Of All, It's Too Similar To Fallout 4 In the game of Fallout 76, one of my biggest problems is that game is so similar to Fallout 4. In terms of graphics, the only thing thing that has changed in Fallout 76 is the lighting. All Bethesda did was give the game a little bit better lighting and some vegetation to offer us the impression that its different from Fallout 4. While I was exploring the wasteland in Fallout 76, I was shocked to find out that the items and buildings look very similar to the way they did in Fallout 4. Based on this point shows that Bethesda did not even bother to actually improve the graphics or make new textures. They just simply placed a skin on Fallout 4 and then rename it Fallout 76! How Is The Multiplayer In Fallout 76 About this point, I have to admit that I was really happy when I realized that Fallout 76 is actually going to allow us to explore the wasteland with strangers on the internet. I was able to make some friends along the way. The fabulous part is that Fallout 76's community is very helpful and kind. When I first start out, a lot of gamers were willing to help me on my mission for no reward. And I even found out that no one called me a noob or cursed me out which usually happens in most multiplayer games. That's really a wonderful experience. Playing this game with friends makes your adventures 10x more fun and potentially a lot much easier. In the game, there are also a lot of events that cause a bunch of gamers to come together in one point of the map and try to complete the objectives. That's a new innovation in the Fallout series. These events made the game much more fun for me as I was able to do missions, get rewards, level up, make friends, and most importantly have fun. If you are tired of exploring, there is usually an event happening somewhere on the map which you can fast travel to by paying a few Fallout 76 bottle caps. There are massive different events but, after a certain point, the events probably get a bit repetitive for some players. Of course, there are enough events that you will not get bored for a very long time! In the game of Fallout 76, the PvP part was one of the big talking points. Searching for other players happens a lot in this game but, most of them do not attack. As I said previously there was only one guy who tried to fight me in my playthrough. In my point of view, Bethesda handled PvP really well in Fallout 76. When a player shoots you and you are above level 5, if you shoot back you can engage in PvP. Honestly, I really did not fight anyone. The closest I came to PvP was when I and my friends were trying to catch another players outpost. The thing was that my friend was level 100 and the enemy player was only level 40, so my friend was easily able to one-shot him with his sniper. This sort of thing is why no one does PVP. No one would try to fight you if you are at the same level or higher level than they are. What If I Want To Go Solo In Fallout 76 Another good news is that even though you want to go solo, you still can have a relatively good experience. There were a lot of times when I was going solo and my problem was the fact that it felt so much like the game of Fallout 4. Frankly, to me, while I was playing alone, Fallout 76 felt like an expansion for Fallout 4. You should know that playing alone makes doing missions a little harder cause you do not have help from another player. And if you enjoyed exploring the wasteland in Fallout 4, you will enjoy exploring the wasteland in Fallout 76. What About the Bugs In Fallout 76 Unfortunately, Fallout 76 is still a buggy mess. When Bethesda dropped Fallout 76 everyone started hating this. Even though this game has been out for a quite long time, the Bethesda has not really done much about the bugs. This game has some seriously annoying bugs. For instance, I was doing a quest in which I was supposed to steal a certain kind of meat from a Super Mutant camp and then use this to make an explosive bait. I have collected all the stuff and when I went to craft the explosive bait, the game said that I did not have the items to make it. This made me very confused because it showed that I had all of the necessary items in my inventory. If I wasn’t playing with my friend this bug would have been a huge issue. When I told my friend what had happened I dropped the meat I got on the ground so that my friend could pick it up and then craft an explosive bait for me, but when I just dropped it on the ground it disappeared. And of course, this kind of situation happens a lot in Fallout 76. What's worse, the glitches do not end there. NPCs (Non-Player-Controlled Character) look really weird in Fallout 76. The scorched look very unnatural. While they are holding a weapon it seems that they are kind of bent over to their side. It is not very easy to describe but you will understand what I mean when you see it on your own. Another problem is the fact that a lot of times hostile NPCs that are supposed to attack you literally don’t move at all, they just stand there. You can kill them so easily and which makes the exploration a bit boring. Is Fallout 76 Worth It Even though Fallout 76 is a bug filled mess right now, you still can have a lot of fun playing it. If you are fond of playing Fallout 4, you would most likely enjoy playing Fallout 76. And if you are keen to the story and do not really care about the exploration part of the game, then the Fallout 76 probably is not the perfect game for you. All in all, if you are fine with the bugs and like exploration with friends or alone, you should choose Fallout 76. Cause it's not a perfect game, meanwhile it's a terrible game, either!
  4. In the game of Fallout 76, crafting always plays an important aspect of survival. Once you get the right resources, you'll be able to create, repair or upgrade your own weapons, armor, and even shelter using workbenches and your Vault-Tec supplied CAMP. Here we'd like to show you how to collect springs in Fallout 76. The Usages Of Springs: In Fallout 76, the springs are used to build and repair various items. But one of their most useful applications is for mods at workbenches. The springs are required for most mods in the Fallout 76 game, whether for weapons or armor, you'll notice that you can quickly run low on such a crucial resource. Some other mechanical items, like turrets, require them, too. Ways To Get Springs: You can find the springs by breaking down certain junk into scrap in Fallout 76. Here are the most common items that can give you springs. (In alphabetical order): ●Alarm Clocks ●Clipboards ●Cameras ●Fishing rods ●Flipping lighters ●Handcuffs ●Toasters ●Typewriters ●Watches These springs are randomly found around the wasteland in Fallout 76, so please make sure you vigilantly check any containers you may encounter. You can also trade players for items and buy them at vendors. Here we can provide as many as Fallout 76 items and Fallout 76 weapons. With much reasonable price and better service, and meanwhile, we also accept your items and trade them to us. Some of these pieces of junk may be a little heavy. So please make sure to break them down into the scrap at workbenches whenever possible to lighten your load or drop them into your STASH to retrieve later. To get even more springs, you even can also equip the Scrapper perk card. You can learn more about how to equip perk cards here or even view our complete list of perk cards. That's all the information about how to get springs in Fallout 76. If you are an avid weapon or armor modder, please keep an eye out for these pieces of junk while you are traveling around this wasteland.
  5. When it comes to Fallout 76, a lot of players may not so satisfied with this game and would say something not nice. Last week, on the game's one month anniversary, we saw some writers recapped a number of them. But as I tried to relay in my review of the game, there's good to be found in Bethesda’s multiplayer survival game as well. When this game works and the gamers are able to use tools and systems to express themselves in the post-apocalyptic sprawl, it's quite lovely. One player's monorail campsite is a perfect proof of that. It would be very hard for you to know this campsite, created by Fallout 76 player Burtehead, was not intentionally placed there by Bethesda. On the map's southern edge holds some of Fallout 76’s more beautiful and haunting monuments to the past: the remnants of a great monorail. Burtehead built their camp inside one of the remaining pillars. This project took them dozens of hours to finish according to what they posted on Reddit. "The space here is about 5 pixels wider than the floor pieces, so it was very difficult to get it lined up just right,” Burtethead wrote when describing the front entrance of the camp, which is wedged between two huge, rusted red steel beams. “But 18 hours later here we are (finished that huge project).” The narrow dwelling is a celebration of tiny post-apocalyptic living. And the Burtethead managing to make the most out of the platform’s limited square footage. So much of the game Fallout 76 is big and open, which lends itself to player-built camps that are messy and strewn about. Since the moving campsites require packing everything up, there's an incentive to not get too fancy, too. But for Burtethead, it has already pulled out all the stops. That's particularly obvious in the second story loft area, a makeshift study that doubles as a workshop. And Burtethead somehow manages to cram every important type of crafting bench into the same small room. They even created a large porch area farther up the pillar and compete with a set of instruments for impromptu jamming. But, for us, the favorite detail is every single switch for all the lights hooked up to the power generator. The setting makes it possible to go into the blackout mode immediately. But according to what Burtethead said in the post that this is to avoid attracting attention if they see other players getting too close on the map. And keep all the players' away from life-threatening. Due to recent fixes to Fallout 76's building system, the Burtethead's creation was made has been permanent. Previously, the players never knew whether the campsite they'd spent hours constructing would still be there while they are logging back into the game. If the camp where they'd constructed it was already taken (or destroyed by the Fallout 76 weapons) by someone else when joining a new server, the camp would be broken apart automatically and put back into storage. The Burtethead pointed out that this same thing happened to them early on in the creation of their Monorail bungalow. The Burtethead wrote in the post "Build here if you want, it can't be destroyed anymore like the first two times.” If other players are ever in the right server neighborhood the Burtethead would guide them where they can find this architectural wonder. We have to say, that there still exists some problems with Fallout 76. But the base-build is not among them. While there remain issues with players being able to build and hang out together, cool solo projects are not impossible, though few will be lucky enough to ever encounter something like Burtethead's out in the wild.
  6. In Fallout 76, you can use the nuke codes to launch nukes targeting various parts of the world map: Appalachia. The nuke codes are updated every week and require the players to work together and decrypt them first before using them. You also have to get the Nuclear Keycard before you can use these nukes. In Fallout 76, once you get the nuke codes, it means that you can launch nukes targeting various parts of the world map: Appalachia. And that's probably the only reason gamers are still playing through Bethesda's latest foray into the post-apocalyptic world. The nuke codes are updated every week. Usually, the codes for Silo site Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie are insanely smart and hard to decrypt unless you have a degree in cryptology. Luckily, now we’ve got the Fallout 76 nuke codes for the week commencing December 10 waiting for you to discover down below. Here Are the Fallout 76's Latest Nuke Codes From December 10 to 16 Here, we thank again to NukaCrypt, whose team of boffins and/or programs constantly to surprise us with their speed and accuracy when it comes to deciphering the Fallout 76 nuke codes. We are just in here to offer you a push in the right direction. The effort does not belong to us. ·Silo Alpha: 97591524 ·Silo Bravo: 17507386 ·Silo Charlie: 94963240 How To Use Fallout 76 Nuke Codes? In Fallout 76 game, though you do not need to go to a specific silo to launch the nukes, site Charlie still seems to be the easiest of the three to find. Just go south of the Mountainside Bed and Breakfast (which is east of the Uncanny Caverns) and then you'll notice the silo site tucked away on the east side of a mountain range near route 102. For the site Alpha, meanwhile, you can find east of route 105 and west of Sugar Grove. Last but not least, site Bravo, can be found northeast of the Grafton Dam. Once you have found the site you want to enter. You're going to have to fight all your way through to the control room, and then protect the crew chief robots as they help with the launch. Once you take down all the enemies, type your launch key on the left of the panel and your codes on the right. Only then can you fire a nuke. It's a tough quest, but it's well worth it. Aside from that, if you are mining for rare resources, the nuke codes are also beneficial. On the map, those places that are hit by the nukes are the best place to farm for these rare resources. With these precious resources, you can craft your powerful fallout 76 weapons and many other Fallout 76 items. What's more, you even can use the nukes to wipe out an area of the map and then get a completely different experience there. If you are happened to know that someone who has set up a camp there, it'll also be wiped out with the nuke. When will the Fallout 76 Nuke Codes Reset? The nuke codes reset every single Monday, that means you'll have to keep an eye from December 16 for your next batch of launch codes.
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