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Found 5 results

  1. Halloween is slowly creeping up. Many people tend to gear themselves up to play horror games for Halloween and some have a specific one they like to play when the day comes around. When it comes to Halloween, what game do you like to play during it?
  2. We are almost at the spooky month of October and with that comes Halloween. Many may say it is too early at the moment to be thinking about Halloween but with how fast the months seem to be going by, we may see it come around a lot faster than we think. Do you have anything planned for Halloween this year?
  3. Halloween is slowly creeping up with the spooky season only a week away now. With the spooky month of October comes the excuse to watch horror movies and movies that are great to watch around Halloween. When it comes to the Halloween season and the month of October, what Halloween movies do you enjoy watching?
  4. I was watching something on YouTube today that my son showed me and he got an advertisement for The Exorcist: Believer which is going to be releasing on October the 6th 2023. The trailer did look good but I can't help but feel like because of the society we live in now, the movie will be quite dumbed-down as opposed to the exorcist movies we have seen in the past. Will you be watching The Exorcist: Believer when it releases?
  5. Monster Mash, the Halloween theme song for pretty much all of them (same creepy piano music).. and then there's that one that goes something like.. 🎶 cuz every day is Hallowee-ee-ee-een..🎶 .. ..and I dress this way just to keep 'em at bay cuz every day is Halloweeeen.. You guys know that one? ^^ What's your favorite Halloween song? 🎃 Best one played at parties? 🥳
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