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  1. FIFA 20 latest news, David Villa SBC (Squad Building Challenge) honoring his illustrious career was launched Saturday in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. This Spanish striker is known for his time at Barcelona, Valencia, New York City Football Club and most recently Vissel Kobe announced his imminent retirement. Keeping in the tradition, EA Sports launched an End Of An Era card as a Squad Building Challenge (SBC). This card received significant statistic boosts and he is not impossible to fit into teams on chemistry. That being said, but the problem is, is it worth doing? Now David Villa SBC (Squad Building Challenge) Released In FIFA 20: Is It Worth Doing? Now as you can see that David Villa's End Of An Era (EOAE) card is coming in on FUTBIN about 270,000 FIFA 20 coins on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles for FUT players. If now you took Pep Guardiola from the Icon Swaps promotion, then you also should know that David Villa is a strong choice to put up top. If you are also searching for a super-sub player, then David Villa fills that role but that comes in way more expensive than someone like English Premier League (EPL) Player Of The Month (POTM) Jamie Vardy. David Villa is also available until next week so you have one Rivals and FIFA Ultimate Team Champions rewards set to try and catalyze the SBC if you are a bit thin on FIFA 20 coins and players in the club. All in all, for the price, it represents good value for coins. If players do not like the card at the end of the day, then it's a 90 rated SBC fodder card.
  2. First of all, let me offer you FIFA 20 gamers a question, do you guys think that you need for speed at the back? If your answer is positive, then you really should grab these FIFA 20 fastest Center-Backs (usually abbreviated as CBs). You know, they say if you want to compete online, then you'd better have the FIFA 20 fastest Center-Backs (usually abbreviated as CBs), but sadly, this is also the truth. With gameplay in FIFA 20 noticeably much slower than the previous editions, therefore, recovery time is usually critical when it comes to chasing a striker down or moving across to cut out a through ball. So it's much easier to understand that many gamers consider defensive pace to be a necessity. For the next several paragraphs, we will introduce the FIFA 20 fastest Center-Backs (CBs) based on their standard Ultimate Team cards, followed by a list of the quickest CB icons to complete. And certainly, all of the FIFA 20 fastest CBs also can be picked up in Career Mode, too if you are searching for a burst of speed in your backline. Please note: All the Center-Backs (CBs) are listed in alphabetical order: The very first one: Name: Adedeji Oshilaja | Club: Charlton Athletic | Speed: 83 Pace | Rating: 67 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: As of in the middle of October, Oshilaja had only made four league starts for Charlton this season, yet in FIFA 20 game, you should know that he is a tidy silver pick-up, now he is available on the cheap at 500 FIFA 20 coins. His Strength of 84 and 76 stamina make him a must-buy if you are creating an all silver squad just for fun. The second one: Name: Charles Dunne | Club: Motherwell | Speed: 83 Pace | Rating: 65 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Another pretty rare silver card with reasonable stats despite a lowly overall rating of 65. As you can see that Dunne comes with 76 strength and 80 jumping, and he is 6ft 2in tall, all of these stats make him do a job on the right side of a back three, well, at least while you are building towards a top-tier team. Nab him only for 400 FIFA 20 coins. The third one: Name: Costa Nhamoinesu | Club: Sparta Prague | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 72 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Well, first of all, let me ask you a question, which is, try saying that surname with your mouth full of Fruit Pastilles. From Sparta Prague club Zimbabwean defender plays more like a center-back/full-back hybrid than a true CB (center-back), with a pretty much reasonable (for a silver card) crossing rating of 66, but no exceptional defensive stats. You need to keep him in a back three if you really want to use him. The fourth one: Name: Georgiy Dzhikiya | Club: Spartak Moscow | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 78 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Now, with the full Russian League exclusive to PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2020, it's pretty hard to create a quality side around Dzhikiya. However, he is still a cheap gold choice to add squad depth, with 82 defensive awareness, 85 sliding tackle and 86 strength. Now you can purchase him now only for 750 coins, or just get him at discard value on open bid. The fifth one: Name: Gustavo Velazquez | Club: FC Juarez | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 68 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Continuing a theme, I have to admit that Gustavo Velazquez is a rare silver card, available for only 300 FIFA 20 coins, and he also packs a decent pace rating, but he can not be trusted in a traditional CB pairing due to his moderate height (5ft 11in), stamina (60) and strength (74). Still, he is pretty worth picking up as a future investment. If and when a Liga Bancomer MX set of squad building challenge drops, then his price will skyrocket into four figures. The sixth one: Name: Ike Opara | Club: Minnesota United | Speed: 84 Pace | Rating: 74 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: He is always a popular choice for FUT players over the past several years, given that he has a decent height (6ft 2in) and physical stats (strength 85, jumping 90) to go with his rapid feet. Don't forget that he is also affordable. Ike Opara's rare silver card can be grabbed for 1000 coins. A solid, affordable super sub. The seventh one: Name: Jeremiah St Juste | Club: FSV Mainz | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 74 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: If you have any doubt about how high pace is valued as a FIFA 20 commodity, then how about considering the price of St Juste’s Halloween card: 125,000 FIFA 20 coins, with an overall rating of 84. Yet its speed rating (84) is only two higher than that found on his rare silver-based card (82), which can be bought for a far more palatable 5K. The eighth one: Name: Jinzhao Chu | Club: Tianjin Quanjian | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 59 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Between Chu, Ominami and Wan Gyu Gwon you now have a solid base on which to create an all-East-Asian bronze side, therefore, in fact, it's a shame that there are no longer bronze-specific tournaments in which to enter them. The Chinese stopper, a pretty rare bronze, will set you back at least 650 coins. The ninth one: Name: Kostas Manolas | Club: Napoli | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 85 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: If you have already followed our FIFA 20 coins guide and that means you should have 20,000 big ones to drop on Napoli’s Greek god of defending by now, and I can assure you that he will not let you down. As well as being beautifully light-footed he also owns 86 interceptions, 86 jumping, 87 standing tackle, and 89 standing tackle. Just as imperious as Poseidon, but of course, without the attached water danger. The tenth one: Name: Raphael Varane | Club: Real Madrid | Speed: 83 Pace | Rating: 85 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Now if you find Opara is affordable, then Varane is anything but - then again, this is not a card you are snapping up in order to see out the final 20 minutes of a close game. Varane costs in the region of 210,000 coins, and boasts 87 defensive awareness and 86 strength alongside his 83 pace. All in all, in a word: ELITE. The eleventh one: Name: Takuma Ominami | Club: Jubilo Iwata | Speed: 83 Pace | Rating: 59 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: Now we are back to bronzes here, and the fastest center-back in the Japanese League can be snaffled for just 200 coins, although there is a reason he's so cheap. Aside from sprint speed, Ominami still has only one attribute rated above 80 and that is his jumping (rated: 88). And you have to wince at his positioning rating. It's just 22! Last but not least, the twelfth one: Name: Wan Gyu Gwon | Club: Sangju Sangmu | Speed: 85 Pace | Rating: 63 Overall First of all, let's take a look at him and get a general impression: The fastest center-back player in Ultimate Team is a one that you have never heard of. The 6 feet tall Wan will set you back just need 200 coins, but, unfortunately, there the good news ends. With ratings of 55 heading accuracy and 60 defensive awareness, he is a liability in all areas other than pace. My gosh. Here Are The Fastest CB (Center-Back) Icons In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Listed In Alphabetical Order: Carlos Alberto | Nationality: Brazil | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 87 Overall Fabio Cannavaro | Nationality: Italy | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 87 Overall Lothar Matthaus | Nationality: Germany | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 88 Overall Marcel Desailly | Nationality: France | Speed: 84 Pace | Rating: 87 Overall Paolo Maldini | Nationality: Italy | Speed: 82 Pace | Rating: 92 Overall Rio Ferdinand | Nationality: England | Speed: 84 Pace | Rating: 85 Overall Sol Campbell | Nationality: England | Speed: 84 Pace | Rating: 85 Overall
  3. Even though we are all striving to have the best of the best in our Ultimate Teams, starting out with a few bargains is always important and necessary. The more money (in this game we call coins) you save, and of course, the quicker you'll be able to create your dream squad. With that in mind, we now have already put together a list of some of the best FIFA 20 Ultimate Team bargains. Let's dive into this, shall we? What's more, all of these amazing players are available for 1,000 FIFA 20 coins to buy or less. Here Are 11 Cracking FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Bargains For Under 1,000 Coins(Players Listed In Alphabetical Order): Abdou Diallo - PSG (Paris Saint-Germain): First of all, let's see his basic information: According to what we see from above, we can get a conclusion that with the exception of shooting (his score is 37), none of Diallo's stats drop below 70. That is remarkable for a center-back and particularly one with his price tag. Donny van de Beek - Ajax (Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax): First of all, let's see his basic information: How should we say, the Eredivisie seems to be the league for bargains in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team game, and check here, Donny van de Beek is the perfect example of that. We all know that a jack-of-all-trades midfielder is always key in Ultimate Team, and what's more, with none of his ratings dropping below 71, this Ajax man certainly fits that bill without a doubt. Geoffrey Kondogbia - Valencia (Valencia Futbol Club): First of all, let's see his basic information: Geoffrey Kondogbia is a FIFA favorite, having been a very expensive player in the past several editions. That makes his rock bottom price tag in FIFA 20 a bit of a surprise, but, anyway, we are certainly not complaining at all. James Maddison - Leicester City (Leicester Fosse Football Club): First of all, let's see his basic information: James Maddison has been so fantastic in the Premier League this season, with that 79-overall rating looking a bit low as a result. In FIFA 20, he is still excellent, capable of laying on a lot of goals for your forwards and also notching a few himself to boot. Jean-Philippe Gbamin - Everton (Everton Football Club): First of all, let's see his basic information: In FIFA 20, a high energy defensive midfielder is key to any successful Ultimate Team and fortunately, Jean-Philippe Gbamin is capable of fulfilling that role so smoothly. When you consider the inflated prices of Premier League players, you should know that he is a real bargain. And you should pick him up right away. Joaquin Correa - Lazio: First of all, let's see his basic information: Anyway, Joaquin Correa is a pretty cheap choice up front and he shouldn't be found lacking. The only weakness of his is his physicality, but even that he is not too bad for a player in his position. Kevin Gameiro - Valencia (Valencia Futbol Club): First of all, let's see his basic information: Kevin Gameiro is always a perfect selection in FIFA, and this year's game is also no different. His pace is fantastic as it always, with his other stats ensuring he will be able to put it to good use. Koen Casteels - Wolfsburg (Verein für Leibesübungen Wolfsburg): First of all, let's see his basic information: In FIFA 20, there is no shortage of quality Bundesliga goalkeepers, and just because of that, it has caused a number of bargain choices. Few are more enticing than Casteels, with an 83-overall goalkeeper for under 1,000 FUT 20 coins, he is a perfect option to have. Mario Hermoso - Atletico Madrid (Club Atlético de Madrid): First of all, let's see his basic information: This is common-sense that Atletico Madrid is never short of a few quality defenders and Mario Hermoso is also no exception. He is very quick for a center back, but doesn't lack in defensive chops or physicality. All in all, he is a wonderful option to have in the squad. Moussa Marega - Porto (Futebol Clube do Porto): First of all, let's see his basic information: If this guy was in the Premier League he would cost an absolute fortune. Check these three stats, 79 shooting, 88 pace, and 90 physicality. He is absolutely an outrageous beast. Of course, he will be an absolute nightmare for those opposition defenders. Last but not least, Steven Bergwijn - PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging): First of all, let's see his basic information: Steven Bergwijn has a phenomenal player item in this year's game and he acts as a massive threat out wide. His pace and dribbling are apparently fantastic, but some other stats ensure he isn't lacking in any areas. Less than 1,000 coins, you should purchase him right away.
  4. If you can get something very good for very little money, why do not? Now step this way for these bargains that will not set you back a silly amount. Quite interested in this, right? Keep reading. I, personally, think that no one hates a good deal, right? You, Me, and Harry Redknapp. I am pretty sure that in FIFA 20, you will be focused on some of the cheap and cheerful selections to start your Ultimate Team stint this year. Whether you want to make use of the early FUT 20 coins boost, or just fancy making some savings to put towards packs instead, here are some of the best FIFA 20 Ultimate Team bargains that you can nab for under 2,500 coins. You should know that this kind of opportunity does not come too often. Now we are about to list ten amazing FIFA 20 Ultimate Team That Will Cost You Less Than 2,500 Coins (FUT Listed In Coins Order). Please Note: The Prices Below Are Correct As Of Writing And Might Be Subject To Change. The Very First One Is: Rafa (LM) This one cost 1,400 coins. Information you need to know: Rafa is low-key profile but one of the best wingers in this game, and also a must for Portuguese hybrid teams. The 94 Sprint Speed is eye-catching enough, but most of his dribbling stats hit the mid-80s, and what's more, he comes with four-star skills to boot. You certainly will not want to look anywhere else for your wing wizardry. Cause he is the perfect one. The Second One Is: Harry Maguire (CB) This one cost 1,700 coins. Information you need to know: Surprisingly, the world’s most expensive defender doesn’t cost too much in Ultimate Team. If you shop around, you can get him for under 2,000 coins (To Farm these FIFA 20 Coins are quite easy). 90 Strength and 87 Heading make him huge in the air; in the meantime, both his Short Passing and Long Passing stats are above 75, meaning he can comfortably ping passes all over the pitch. The Third One Is: Gylfi Sigurdsson (CAM) This one cost 1,900 coins. Information you need to know: A potent attacking threat who will not break the bank, Sigurdsson is blessed with outstanding dribbling, passing and shooting, all of these making him a must for most early Premier League teams. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the new set-piece system too, with his 86 Free Kick Taking stat. The Fourth One Is: Sergi Roberto (RB) This one cost 1,900 coins. Information you need to know: Although getting a downgrade this year, one of La Liga’s best full-backs is still cheap. His above-average defensive stats may not inspire confidence, but his passing – including 84 Short Passing and 83 Crossing, means he’s always going to help in the final third. The Fifth One Is: Andrej Kramaric (ST) This one cost 2,000 coins. Information you need to know: Once you finished earning 2,000 FUT 20 coins, then you can get one of the best strikers, yeah, that sounds possible. Go on then. Kramaric’s shooting attributes are remarkable: 85 Volleys, 85 Long Shots, 86 Finishing. What's more, his 80+ rating for Agility, Balance, Ball Control, Dribbling, and Reactions makes him a real handful in a game that, this year, favors the onrushing attacker more than ever before. Throw in a four-star weak foot and he can just about score from anywhere. The Sixth One Is: Mario Balotelli (ST) This one cost 2,100 coins. Information you need to know: Can you really say no to having the firework-loving forward in your team? Now he’s moved back to Italy, Balo stands out as a solid choice for Serie A aficionados saving coins for some of the bigger names. This is a quite nice alternative choice. The Seventh One Is: Vincent Kompany (CB) This one cost 2,300 coins. Information you need to know: Do not worry, he will not take over in the dugout. The current Anderlecht player-manager is still a formidable presence at the heart of the backline on this year’s FIFA. Combine with compatriots Youri Tielemans and Jan Vertonghen to squeeze him into a 100 chemistry Premier League squad for a real throwback. The Eighth One Is: Andre Onana (GK) This one cost 2,400 coins. Information you need to know: He might not play in a league that often gets used in Ultimate Team, but that doesn’t mean you should pass up the opportunity to have last year’s Champions League semi-finalist between the sticks. Onana’s 86 Kicking (of all things) is the standout, with long punts downfield now a very useful tactic in FIFA 20 game. The Ninth One Is: Erik Lamela (RM) This one cost 2,400 coins. Information you need to know: Those looking forward to building a Premier League team early on in Ultimate Team this year will notice that there’s a real dearth of quality RMs. Lamela is a nice stop-gap: 80 Free Kick rating, 82 Long Shots, 83 Ball Control, and 84 Dribbling, means he’s a multi-faceted threat. Throw in a High Attacking Work Rate and he’ll give left-backs something to think about every time. Last But Not Least, The Tenth One Is: Pablo Sarabia (CAM) This one cost 2,400 coins. Information you need to know: He might not stand out among PSG’s galaxy of stars, but the silky Spaniard will add a cutting edge to any Ligue 1 hybrid squad in Ultimate Team. Every major attacking attribute, from Vision (84) to Dribbling (86), makes him a worthwhile buy even months down the line. Slap on an Architect Chemistry Style card and he becomes one of the best passers in the game, too. 99 crossing, anyone can do that better than him?
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