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Found 1 result

  1. Important Announcement As has been previously stated in the final post of this thread, Microsoft announced that on September 1st 2023 Xbox Games with Gold is coming to an end and will be dissolved into Xbox Gamepass as a new, starter tier called Xbox Gamepass Core. Current Xbox Live Gold members will be added to this new tier of Gamepass automatically. Find more details on this at this link. As I edit this, it is now September 1st 2023, so this thread meant to keep VGR members up to date with the latest offerings through Games with Gold has become obsolete. There was really two options to choose from when it comes to moving forward. Reorganise this thread into a Gamepass Update thread. Retire and lock the thread. Having considered these options and consulted with my fellow staff members, I have decided to retire and lock this thread once this new service goes live. Trying maintain this thread as a Gamepass thread in such a way that is is useful would be laborious and time consuming. Xbox Gamepass user's receive updates on what is happening with the service that I don't think that a Gamepass Update thread would be worth the considerable effort that it would take to keep it up to date. I would be willing to keep this thread active as a Gampepass update thread if the idea received enough support from VGR members. However, as I type this on September 1st, such a motion has received no support. If there is enough support from VGR members to have a Gamepass thread, I will of course make it so. Anyone who does want to see a Gampepass thread to replace this, please send me a PM. As it stands, this thread is now retired and locked. Updated: September 1st 2023
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