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  1. This new Adams Family spin off/remake launched on Netflix on November 23rd (yeah, it was Wednesday HAHA!) and in my opinion, it's damn near faultless. Netflix have admittedly been on a bit of a slide lately with the only a few recent hits like Stranger Things Season 4 and Squid Game. So they needed something on the platform to get people talking and I think this definitely will.... a good thing considering the amount they must have invested in it! As a kid I loved The Adams Family and The Adams Family Values movies. I'm sure I remember catching one or two episodes of the show as well I would say that Wednesday Addams was probably my favourite character (certainly in the movies). I hadn't really been following anything about it, in fact I don't I was aware of this maybe a couple of weeks ago but I got pretty exited. The premise is that Wednesday Addams (played brilliantly by Jenna Ortega) after getting kicked out of school and sent to Nevermore Academy, a special boarding school for "outcasts". In this world an outcast is anyone who isn't a normal human, or "normie". This includes Werewolfs, Vampires, Sirens, psychics and so on. Upon arrival she soon discovers a conspiracy that could bring tragedy to the school and everyone in it and she may be the only one that can stop it. It's also entirely possible that she is the direct cause of all the suffering, pain, and death but, she's Wednesday Fucking Addams, so nothing is going to stop her getting to the truth either way! She is joined in new quest for the truth by a number of her fellow students. Most notably Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), a Werewolf who is was sent to Nevermore by her family because she is struggling to find her bite, so to speak. She's bubbly, sociable and bursting with colourful positivity... everything Wednesday of course is not. The dynamic of these polar opposites playing off each other is incredibly entertaining throughout. I'm not going to go into any detail about the story here, your obviously better of discovering that yourselves. I just wanted to gush about how good this and why I feel it's worth your time. We see a lot of "modern twists" of classic material these days and very often if falls flat and pales in comparison to their original's. Wednesday is very much a modern twist on of the Addams Family and for that reason alone I could see why some people would be put off. However, it's clear that Tim Burton knew what he was doing and had a clear idea of what to keep authentic and what to take in a different direction and in my opinion he made the right choice almost every time. He took the classic character of Wednesday, put her in a modern setting while retaining the same morbid charm and wit that made her such an iconic character. Not that I'm giving Mr Burton all the credit. After watching this performance I now have mad respect for Jenna Ortega: After watching Christina Ricci's (who is in this show as well) flawless portrayal of Wednesday back in the 90's I honestly thought there is no way anyone could do it better without basically playing copy cat... Yeah, I've been waiting years for an excuse to use this clip, bite me! ...but Ortega's dedication to the part is phenomenal she has made it her own. Of course this is the first time we see Wednesday as a teenager and as the focal point so we get to explore aspects of her personality that we haven't go the see before. Her performance feels totally authentic to the character but still feels fresh and new. Not to mention she had to acquire a skill set that give Leonardo da Vinci a run for his Mona Lisa! I mean she had to learn Archery, Fencing, Martial Arts, The Cello, Fast Typewriting and more! I would rip off my underwear and wave it in surrender just listing these! Ethen Hunt would tell these producers to fuck off! So what are your thoughts on Wednesday? Post down below and thanks for reading.
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