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Reality vs Adventure

Lara Trump joins Fox News

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That would be funny if everyone in Fox news gets a facebook, twitter, and youtube ban for their lies, conspiracies, and endangerment to national security. Due to trump's ban, he is trying to use Lara as his voice. But now facebook says that any voice of trump from anyone else would be banned also. I say give them one chance and if they at fox news says anything remotely dangerous that can incite violence then give them a ban also. 

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"State Run" is a term that often means corrupt. Fox is a republiKKKlan corporation. They don't report actual news, they are a right wing heavily biased fake news company. They are heavily run by anti-Democrat, anti-democracy, fascists. These people are wanting to get a system where Democrats are imprisoned, or at the very least barred from being able to vote or run in any elections. They are the same treasonous terrorists that attacked the Capitol on January 6th. They called the attack a "heroic action to save America."

They incite the right wing lunatics to pull shit like this, as often as they can, because they are right wing lunatics themselves. It's treason, terrorism, and war.

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2 hours ago, m76 said:

I don't understand, how is Trump still the state? Are you suggesting he is still running the state or what?

If any politician or close family of a politician is hired on to a news agency, especially in this case where Lara is trying to be the voice of trump who is banned from social media, and who is still a possible run for the next election, is state run. Fox news is the voice of the republican party. Fox is the voice of QANON who believes trump is still president and QANON is in congress. And now Lara can be the voice for trump's next run. This conflict of interest is state run. And they better be careful to see where money flows. You don't have to be the current seat of government to be state run as long as one of the two major political parties endorses Fox. And they have clearly mentioned that they still support trump, and QANON, who has infiltrated the senate, says trump is still president, all of that adds up to state run media. They need to follow the money on this one, especially around campaigning time. 

Fox now has to have disclaimers added to their news lies, due to lawsuits from Dominion Voting Systems which Fox, Trump, tried to discredit.

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5 minutes ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

I like Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. 

She mostly reports politics though. So if you want local news or non political world news, then any of your local stations is ok, just not Fox. They have lost credibility with their disclaimers and hate speech and all that. Steer clear of the poison. Be happy. 

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15 hours ago, mont86 said:

What's your news media of choice ? I don't follow that close anymore..

I watch NBC. I watch our local news, and the NBC Nightly News. Other than that, I get my news online from a few actually reputable sources.

A YouTube channel I'm subscribed to that has reliable sources and gives unbiased credible news is The Humanist Report. His news is well worth watching, and he covers everything from politics, to pop culture. I watch several of his videos daily.

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