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Do you adjust your brightness to night mode?

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23 hours ago, Heatman said:

It's really why I'm finding it very difficult to leave using Android for iPhone. Yes, the security of iPhone is great but I simply love android features better. 

Yes the expensive iphone is not worth it. besides it's more like chase for status quo instead of the userful device usage. 

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I used to use Flux to control the brightness of my screen based on the time of day, but that became a bit much for me. I usually just have a constant brightness setting these days. It may not be the best for my eyes or sleep or whatever, but it is what it is. ^^

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On 11/29/2021 at 7:41 AM, skyfire said:

Windows 11 seems to have a way to do this but they may not be shipping the final update as they want external apps to take care of this part. 

Does Windows 11 have this feature for their smartphone or is it strictly for the laptop/PC 💻

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