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Reality vs Adventure

Is restoring licenses for ps4 safe?

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I've been trying to play Legends Mode in Ghost of Tsushima and it says to download the free DLC which the system says has already been downloaded. I looked for help and supposedly I have to restore the license in account management setting. I guess that restores all the DLC bought digitally. Is it safe?  

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I'm going to assume this also applies to things like the bonuses for RDR2 in the Ultimate Edition? I don't play online, but it comes with a code that allows you extra stranger missions and free items and other goodies.

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On 6/21/2021 at 9:45 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

That worked! Legends is bad ass!!!

I'm glad you could fix the problem with the recommendations you got here, it's definitely helpful when we got each other's back here. 

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