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Fox news host suggests congress not fund the military due to their weeding out of extremism

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Laura Ingraham on fox news attacks the the U.S. military and a general for taking a stance on weeding out extremism. Congress has passed funding to help the military get rid of extremism and after bills have been passed by republicans to ban any teaching of racism in schools or the 'critical race theory', republicans are now attacking the military and calling our military 'woke.' A top general Mark Milley has defended that the military should recognize and learn about racism in the military "So what is wrong with understanding — having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?" 

The hypocrisy is pretty clear cut, as Ingraham and others have criticized defunding the police (which even I believe it was wrong, but should have reform and better management of their funding), but now they suggest that congress 'defund the military' by not allocating them funds if they allow teaching of racism or critical race theory. 

What will be left that republicans won't attack when they claim everything is 'cancel culture.' Systemic racism exists. Extremism in the police and military exists. And white supremacy is the biggest terrorism threat now. To call everything cancel culture is complete denial and/or actively support extremism and white supremacy. Ingraham claims the military is going after white evangelicals. If they are extremists or white supremacists, then they should get the boot out of the military regardless of whatever the hell religion they are. 

The republicans have attacked voting and elections, schools, corporations and sports, military, FBI, and just every walk of life that aren't involved in their extremist views. They even eat their own and oust any republican politician that speaks out in disagreement. 

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Cancel culture is ridiculous.    It makes a joke of real cases of persecution.  It's like with the Boy Who Cried Wolf.   

The best thing is to not promote social causes in school.   Anyway, as kids grow into adults, hopefully, some will acquire some sensitive wisdom about life, unfortunately, may never.

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