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Cozy Grove

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I remember posting about the cozy grove and they recently posted the update for the new season. So thought sharing about the summer date they made for the switch users. 


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I've been keeping an eye on this game ever since I heard about this from someone on reddit but I'm concerned about the performance issues. I like to put LOTS of furniture/decorations in games like these, and so with this update that they are doing might ajust those things, so that's good in that respect. with that in mind, I'm not sure if this game would run smoothly the more I decorate in it still though?

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On 7/7/2021 at 9:54 AM, Shole said:

Is this like somewhat of a Stardust Valley copy or Animals Crossing? Cuz it kinda reminds me of a hybrid of those two.

I think it sure looked like a hybrid of Animals Crossing looking at how the game was set up and tasks assigned in it. 

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