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European Union gets far right president

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Janez Jansa is the new president of the EU and he is the far right in every way. This is scary for Europe. This guy has white nationalist, neo nazi views. He was sentenced to prison for corruption. He attacks the media and spreads conspiracy even agreeing with QANON. He is anti immigration and overall, is a trump copycat. I don't know what is going on in Europe, but you are losing. We feel you in the USA. When it comes time for a world war, it makes you wonder who all the allies are gonna be. The USA is out, we got a civil war brewing. Europe is not looking much brighter. 

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14 minutes ago, Crazycrab said:

For the first time ever I'm thankfull for Brexit! 




Although it has to said the EU doesn't have any real power over the internal politics of any individual nation under it.  It's focus is mostly on the economics of trade and travel.  There's some degree of immigration involed but again immigration controls are mostly internal policies to.  So he couldn't really do any as drastic as let's say... Get Spain to build a wall around Portugal,  so there's no need to worry to much.

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I hear you that it’s mostly economics, but it also sows more distrust in the EU. The affect is to convince more people to support leaving the EU and grow more nationalist views around Europe. That would be the damage. Cause who gains when the economic power of Europe decreases? Our enemies do. And when people get those nationalistic ideas of isolation in their heads, they feed off of hate. At least the position changes every 6 months. But it just seems like everyday some corrupt far right gets a leadership role. I guess everything that happened 80 years ago is forgotten. 

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