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What are some good video games for kids?

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On 7/27/2021 at 10:45 AM, calm-gamer said:

Putt Putt is the childhood you never had, so I'd say make sure your kids at least end up having it. Putt Putt Goes To The Zoo and Putt Putt Travels Through Time are some of the best ones with hand drawn animation. Putt Putt Goes To The Moon is great too, and the DOS graphics make it one of the most endearing ones, not to mention Putt Putt's voice in that one. You can tell the voice actor was still very young and the sound quality isn't the best, both of which only add to the charm. I would say it's nostalgia, but I'm immune, so have fun, and not just as a kid. As I said: childhood you never had. Doesn't mean you can't still have it.

It's an older series, hence the DOS statement, but the entire collection can be found pre-emulated on Steam. Not for free, but I'd say take a look. Freddy Fish is great too. And Pyjama Sam There's No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside is an absolute classic.

Some of them are even mildly educational, although not all that much, and more so depending on whether your kids enjoy the aspects that are. They mostly teach kids how to be polite - and math, if they choose to take a few math lessons from a starfish in one of my fave Freddy Fish games. Nowadays I can even do the advanced ones with relative ease, but then again, I am 27, so obviously I'm the smartest fish in school.

Sorry, that was way too wordy. I can't edit posts in some places for some reason. Maybe they changed the requirements for the feature to be used recently and it hadn't been applied to the entire forum yet.

In any event: a lot of the Humongous Entertainment games are very much worth it for kids and kids at heart.

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