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Who likes to play Tetris? Many years ago, we had bought a computer. I mean the old kind where you had to boot it up lol We never could figure out how to use it but it did come with Tetris built in. No colors though. I got hooked on it! Years later when my husband & I bought Nintendo, one of the games was Tetris. Much better with the graphics & colors! 

Do any of you like playing Tetris? I find it's an easy game to learn for all ages. 

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On 7/7/2021 at 3:51 AM, Family sedan said:

You'll find that this forum has some Tetris haters, but I'm a fan.

There is no way a game wouldn't have its haters or critics. In fact, it's what makes the actual fans of the game to really appreciate the game big time. 

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2 hours ago, Family sedan said:

Right, you can like or dislike anything you want.  Most opinions are valid.

Exactly, there only that matters to me is constructive criticism when there actually something to be genuinely criticized in a game, then I'm all in support of it. 

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