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What is your favorite sport to watch?

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Do you go all out with a big party, inviting all your friends over?

My husband is the sports person here. He just prefers to watch it at home. There’s been a few times years ago he’s gone to a friend’s house but there’s nothing like having control of that remote lol

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We aren't really sports people but there are times when we do like to sit down and watch a big championship or tournament. When the Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan on the team (his early days and then his return after retirement), we would watch almost every game we could! That was really exciting for us and we had some friends over at times to hang out and watch.

Other than basketball, I like watching women's gymnastics and that's because my daughter was really good at gymnastics. If we had the money back then I would have had her in competitions, but it's way too expensive to get into that scene.

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I watch Formula 1... and that's about it.


I refuse to watch my nation's favourite sport. That being Football, aka soccer. That is football. No question.


I don't support football in Scotland because there's too mush bigotry. However, I need to make clear the kind of football we support, as a nation, is the version where people actually use thier feet to control the ball. Unlike the American version where people use thier arms to move around an egg, we play REAL rugby. A sport where players don't wimp out by having the players wear 40lbs of protective gear, all form a nation that takes more pride in virility than anything else.

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The thing that hockey and soccer fans have in common is that we will and do attack each other at just about every game. Fans are either far too passionate, or far too much of a candy ass to admit defeat. Especially during the cup, both World and Stanley.

I don’t like when the Red Wings lose, but I not going to push someone in front of a car. Which is something that actually happened a few years ago at a game. I don’t remember what two teams it was between, but a fan of the team that lost was so pissed off, that he shoved a fan of the team that won in front of an oncoming car. No one died, but he was facing attempted murder the last I knew.

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