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The Blackangel

Republican Congressman Caught Admitting Republicans Want 'Chaos' In Washington

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We already knew that. Who left is there to convince who actually gives a damn? War has already been declared in this country. It's just not official yet using weapons. If there is any middle ground people left convincing of the neo snotzies that are invading democracy, then shame on them for being so dumb at this point for not knowing. It's all in the bills, everything they say, and the constant obstruction of justice, the latest being the republican terrorists in congress blocking the investigation committee of the Jan 6 attack. This is a cold war. Who will shoot first? They have already staged a failed coup attempt. They are not here to govern. They have no policy. They are a nazi organization hell bent on a dictatorship. They want a Myanmar. Think about that. Our very lives are threatened by these nazis. I have no doubts at all, with all their hate and craziness and racism, that they will commit the next genocide. This is history in the making. And if they get their way, everyone can look back on this, while I will be dead, and my ghost will say-I fucking told you so. 

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Every day the indications of the coming civil war become more and more obvious. It's time to pick sides. Whether you're the political type or not. Ask yourself, DO YOU CARE ABOUT DEMOCRACY? Your answer to that question will tell the world which side you're on. The sad thing is that it's starting to look like the majority will say NO. At least however, we have the US military on our side since there's a Democrat in the White House. We have that on our side, and the soldiers have no choice but to do what Biden tells them to do. The commandant of the USMC has no choice but to do what Biden says. And trust me, the guy is an entitled asshole.

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Republican Rick Santorum caught on video saying that republicans:

"No no no, we don't want the will of the people to be done immediately because you have the passions of the majority, that remember our constitution was set up to protect who? The minority rights. Not the majority rights."

Last I remember is that a democracy is the majority, not minority rule. But republicans have it in their head that the minority population should have more rights and should govern. And the electoral college gives them minority rule, along with their voting oppression bills. How can a country go forward with this kind of thought? That's why they don't like fair elections anymore. That's why they are against the fundamentals of democracy. How much more do they have to be caught saying? They are telling us. They are saying that the majority and democracy no longer matters to them. 



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