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Sticky threads in "Game Deals" section for PS+ games, Games With Gold, Free Epic Games ect

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I thought about this, and if the community wants it, I would create Sticky threads in the Video Game Deals sub-form with the purpose of keeping people up to date on what the latest games on offer through PS+, GWG and other such services are. It would be laborious and I'd think most people get that information in good time anyway, but if the community thinks this would be helpful, I'm all for helping out. It would also be a place to discuss what games you want to see, discuss rumours and post your thoughts on the games these services are currently offering.


So tell me what you think. Do you think this is a useful idea or not and what services you want to see included if we go ahead with the idea.

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I think it's a great idea. It would give a place for everything you mentioned that wouldn't get bumped back by new threads, and lost in the forum. We all hear rumors, and don't know if they fact or not. Also PS+ is something I've been looking into and need advice on (among other things) about it and other services.

So I say do it.

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