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Epic Games: Free Games with Epic Update Thread

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This is the EGS (Epic Games Store) free games update thread. 


Epic offers two PC games for free each week on it's store with no subscription or anything to pay.


And, that's about that really. This thread is here to offer a convenient place to check what games are currently available at no cost from EGS as part of this initiative they have going. The games available to claim for free and upcoming free games are;





Of course this thread is also available to discuss rumours, games you want to see added and how you feel about the current line up as well as a place to discuss how you feel about the service in general.


Like I mentioned, this is just free games, so no need to go into detail on how this works. Just sign into your/ sign up for an EGS account on the website above, download the EGS Games Launcher, and you're ready to go.


Any questions or if this thread needs updating and hasn't been then let me know, but please don't do so until these games are available, not when they're announced as the thread will only be updated when the games actually change. Also please check out the other threads we have for PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold to stay up to date with those as well. Feel free to keeps using the Video Game Deals to tell the VGR community about other offers you have come across.


Updated: October 21st 2021

Edited by Shagger
Update to Free Games with Epic October 21st 2021
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I'm downloading Motherguship now as it looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to A Plague's Tail: Innocence on PC. Brilliant game if you haven't tried it.

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Yooka-Laylee is coming up, uh? I was hugely interested in this as it was billed as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, but was panned by critics. At least I can get a chance to find out why.

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