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Investigation committee into Jan 6 terrorist attack and failed coup at the capital

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Testimonies began yesterday July 27. This committee is supposed to be a 9/11 terrorist attack style investigation. The republicans originally blocked the use of an outside independent 9/11 style committee from investigating, so the House is left to investigate themselves. The House democratic majority wanted a bipartisan investigation with 5 republicans and 5 democrats and the republicans said they won't participate. Then as democratic House speaker Pelosi was able to get a couple republicans on board, the republicans demanded they appoint their own, after they just said they don't want to participate. So then the republicans want to add several republicans to the committee who supported the capital attack and election lie which in itself would obviously be an obstruction in the investigation so Pelosi blocked two of them from joining. So in retaliation, republicans threatened to do their own investigation. Yeah, nothing like those denying what happened and trying to whitewash it, go and investigate it. Then to make matters worse, the republican congress members are trying to oust Pelosi to prevent the investigation. Currently, there now are 2 republicans on the committee, while other republicans are trying now to punish those two so they can't participate in their committee assignments or the investigation. 

Republicans have continued to show their fear of what happened to be transparent. Because we all know there is a real chance that sitting republican members of congress will be found to be conspirators. I don't know how much investigation the democrats can actually do though. That can have people give testimonies, but what they need to do is investigate every person involved on that day and all communications. That is why they need an outside investigation committee. How much can members of the House find? They can't dedicate all the time needed on their own. So if this is just a testimony show, then you won't get anywhere. 

But speaking of testimonies, yesterday was the first day and one of the officers, while giving a testimony, received a threatening voicemail. You can hear it in this link.



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Not something I expected, but at the same time it's not something that I'm surprised by either. I'm glad I bought a 12 gauge this week. I also got my Banshee back so that helps as well. I'm still collecting evidence to get the asshole that stole my AR-15 arrested so that I can hopefully get it back.

Here's a stock photo of what a Banshee it. They're .45 caliber, but look wicked.

I have a small arsenal of guns.



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Yep, there is no coming back from the dark side with these far right extremists. I think this country can do without guns, but democrats need to stop trying to pass laws in democratic strongholds that makes it hard to get guns, while republican strongholds are all out open carry. Do they want us to lose a civil war?  If gun laws are gonna get passed, make it in every state so that we don't have a scenario where one side is armed and the other isn't. With this investigation and the way republicans are trying to rewrite the history of that day, we need to make sure we are armed. These republican politicians are aiding and abetting domestic terrorism. They are giving them comfort. They incited it, tried to place blame on others, heroized a terrorist that got killed, trying to cover it up, prevent investigations; that is aiding and abetting terrorists. And I have no doubts republican congress members were in on it. One came prepared that day with armor on. Other republicans gave tours to groups just days before the attack while the capital did not give tours to the public due to Covid. An alarm in a democratic congressman's office was diffused prior to the attack. Someone on the inside did it, whether a congressman or someone in the group that was given a tour. This is serious stuff. More will come to light for sure. 



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The GOP Grand Obstruction Party continues their obstruction to the investigation committee. Kevin McCarthy and crazy Greene both threatened phone companies because democrats are seeking phone records of events that led up to Jan 6. They are saying that once republicans get power again they will make those phone companies pay if they release phone records. Their threats are an obstruction. They are clearly scared. But we will once again see how weak democrats are and bow down to obstruction. 

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McCarthy may just have violated federal law by threatening telecommunications companies. 


But of course, republicans are untouchable by the law. And democrats are too weak to do anything about it except talk and make moaning sounds like the donkeys they are. EEEEHHH HAAAAAA! EEEEEH HAAAAA!

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