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Reality vs Adventure

How it feels to be biracial multiracial in today's world

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Love of culture. Hate culture. Tolerate culture. Two parents from different worlds. Born. Hated. No understanding. Adulthood. Understand. Anger. Harmony. Racism. Forced racism. Hate. Hate back. Bullied. Fight back. Hated. Why. Majority. Minority. Both. Loved and hated. Fit in and exiled. Bush-thorn. Civil war---------------a misunderstanding. Lies. Born. Hate. Raised. Race war. Awareness. Civil war. Fight back. A part of you is committing genocide. What do you do? A part of you has already committed genocide in the past. What do you do? You are both worlds. You are all worlds. Fight for who? This world is unkind to impurity. But we are all impure. Genetic diversity is nature's survival kit. Supremacy is death. Where do you stand? I'm hated. Always have been. Nothing like part of your own blood wanting to annihilate your kind. That's insane. 

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