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The Blackangel

Body vs Mind

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You are given a choice between two rewards.

The first reward is to be twice as intelligent as you are right now - you will be able to read twice as fast and remember twice as much, the size of your vocabulary will double, and you'll be able to solve intellectual problems with twice your current aptitude.

The second reward is that you will never again feel sick (even when you are) and you can always be whatever weight you want, regardless of what you eat or how little you exercise - you can simply imagine the body you would like to have and that is the weight you will magically become.


Which reward to you choose?

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I've been extremely sick before and it's absolute hell and being twice as intelligent as am now won't guarantee I'll be able to come up with some kind of invention to overcome my physical limits. Not feeling sick while being sick will still guarantee death so I'd go with the intelligence.

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