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Have you ever discovered a new favorite band or composer by gaming?

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I did find one of my favourite albums through a videogame, but I must be honest it wasn't until years later that I recognised it for what it was. The game was Carmageddon and the soundtrack was an instrumental version of Fear Factory's Demanufacture album.


Here's the song "Zero Signal";


  • First the version from the game.



  • And the version from the Album itself.



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4 hours ago, Family sedan said:

Are you a fan of Dragon Force?  I listen to them sometimes and their music is supposedly heavily based on gaming.


They consider old video game soundtracks to be a major inspiration, and you can here it in thier music. The last album though the went all out on the gaming theme.






And here they are on tour with that album (The other band on stage here was thier main support band on that tour Lovebites, who are fantastic, btw, and one of my favourite band atm)




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22 minutes ago, killamch89 said:

Metric in Test Drive Unlimited is one of my favorite of all time - I still play it all the time. I also got this song from Fifa 2005: 

Emma Warren - She wants you back


FIFA 2005, oh my how the football game have developed and evolved so far is unbelievably insane. This just juggled my old memories. 

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