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The Blackangel

Gun Maker Subpoenas Disciplinary Records From Children Killed In Sandy Hook Shooting

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The disgusting sick twisted reasoning behind it is to put a monetary worth on the deceased from the lawsuit Remington is sued for. They are trying to use a child's report card and disciplinary records for a court to decide their worth. Fuck them to hell then fuck them to tortured hell. Imagine a family having to have Remington and the lawyers and courts debate the value of their murdered child due to a god damn report card or attendance. We can't subpoena a politician for treason, but we can get report cards and school records for a murdered child. 

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Hate to bring up a topic like this, but I feel it's important to discuss a new bill republicans are trying to pass, House Bill 1072, that would allow any politician at any given time to access schools and all student documents. Any faculty member that doesn't comply will get penalized as a misdemeanor. What does that have to do with this topic? This bill goes against the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that is supposed to protect student privacy and only parents are allowed access. Republicans are arguing that they need to see how students are being counseled and if funding helps 'special' students.

Let's say there was another school shooting, and another lawsuit. Republicans would be able to politicize it and gain access to student victim records and demonize them. And it could be any type of court case where a student is involved and could have gained media attention, and politicians could go in there to muddy everything. Politicians should never have access to student records. What next? They gonna collect all student homework to see if they said anything about race in it? Or to make polarizing surveys to divide students/schools if they have access to their records? This kind of thing will get exploited. Looks like the republican fascist school police is getting desperate to get into your business. 

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 It's like on the Michael Moore movie Sicko where a mother could not pay, and then her daughter died.  I mean, why is it always "business is business"?  Where is the heart?


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