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3 hours ago, skyfire said:

Yeah the gameplays and the walkthrough would be releasing based on the gamers who pick it up. For now this is what I found. 

Yeah - That's actually how it is at the moment, so we'd just have to wait for more clarification or more detailed trailer. 

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On 10/19/2021 at 7:54 AM, skyfire said:

I think if they are into sequel and also have a storyline and some community around then it's worth going for as well. 

If the sequels are made perfectly by them, it's definitely going to impact on how most people would view the game. 

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43 minutes ago, skyfire said:

I hope so. some of the time you may not like the sequels that happens for most of the games. 

If they put in more effort into making it something that gamers would love, it's definitely going to turn out to be good. 

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