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Go to games to relax

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What are you go to games when you just want to chill, without worrying about learning controls, or figuring out any systems.

For me there's two:

Sonic 2. Know it inside out. Simple controls, I know I'll complete it, and the levels just fly by. Metropolis Zone sucks still.

Streets of Rage 2. On normal or hard. Haven't tried Mania that would probably be more stressful. Again I can cruise through and it's always a blast. Great tunes too!

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Forza Horizon is a great game to play when you want to relax. Instead of racing, just pick your favourite car, put some music on, and drive around the map the way you want to. Very relaxing especially if you just drive normally without being reckless. 

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For me it's usually a Zelda game or FF8. I know virtually everything about FF8, and the same can be said for the Zelda games on NES, SNES, and N64. The only exception is the SNES Zelda. I actually do know everything about that one, with one single exception. I still don't know who the hell Chris Houlihan is. Needless to say, I've played it way too damn much.




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This may seem silly to some but I love to play Farm Together on the Nintendo Switch. I find farming and the music so relaxing! The repetitive controls and objectives is a nice balance I feel for feeling like I'm accomplishing something without really needing to think too hard about what I'm doing. It's awesome!

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