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Rock climbing

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Ever go rock climbing, even indoors? I haven't but I'd think it'd be interesting. I would try the indoors one first tho lol

I’m putting this under sports as it involves being athletic & having some fitness level to pull yourself up. There’s a place locally that has a Rock climbing wall but I never attempted it as it was always so crowded. Some have even gone so far as to build their own on their property.

I’m curious who all has done rock climbing at a center & who has graduated to rock climbing on actual cliffs. Or even vice versa! I know of a person who loves the thrill & adventure of climbing cliffs.

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I want to try and complete a rock climbing wall but have never had any interest in doing rock climbing outdoors. 
However, I have Sesamoiditis which is foot pain at the base of the big toe, in the ball of the foot.This does not allow me to try climbing. It would hurt my toes too much. 

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I am sports lover, I play soccer as a hobby and also eyeing a professional career in it. My coach takes us at times to the mountain side and a rocky side, to make some runs, in order to acknowledge our cardiovascular endurance, how long we can sustain running wide in a football pitch. 

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