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Do you, or anyone you know gets anxiety playing games?

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Do you or anyone you know get anxiety playing games? I will be honest, and say that I have been anxious when it comes to some games. One game that comes to mind, is Metal Gear Solid 3. Back when it came out, I stopped myself from playing it from time to time, because I couldn't get into the controls. I loved the game, but I would literally get anxiety if I thought about playing it. I don't know why. Maybe it was the challenge, or the controls, or something else. 

Anyway, do you know anyone who is like this? Or maybe you are too? I'm not like this anymore, but usually for me, it was with horror games, but even games that weren't horror, I would get anxiety while playing. Is that weird? Maybe. I think it's just that my skills are lacking, and I hate to suck at video games lol. 

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I have anxiety issues anyway, so yes, most definitely certain games can exacerbate those anxieties.  I still play a game even if it does trigger me a bit, because I want to be able to get through things that challenge me.

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