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Qualcomm made a new handheld video game console that you can’t buy

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They should totally release this bad boy, I'd for sure purchase it. I guess they teamed up with Razer to make a dev kit handheld system, and I guess they are allowing devs to get their hands on it only. They have no plans of mass producing this at the moment, but it sounds like this could be a trial run to see if it works well. 

Think this could be a direct competitor to the steam deck if it ever releases?

You can read more on this beast here: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/qualcomm-snapdragon-g3x/ 

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I actually think they should release it too.

I like a lot the direction some companies are taking with their ideas. It's always nice to see innovations like this, and it could be supercool and comfortable to play in one of these.

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I'd have to get my hands on it or see some in-depth reviews before I judge if this thing is good or not. I like that the gaming handheld space is finally cranking out some awesome machines again. I love when companies have competition because it's us the consumers that win.

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